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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / It's been a year since OVA 4 ended.
« Last post by Ryo-Okay on September 16, 2018, 11:54:56 AM »
Only 9 more years until OVA 5.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: GXP and paradise war translation updates/discussion
« Last post by Fap_fapperson on September 15, 2018, 04:31:12 AM »

no chapter 8 update cause its a big chapter... but the interview chapters are so intense i had to rush them out first.

I'm so glad to finally be able to start to show these off THIS IS WHY GXP  the anime's editing WAS A FUCKIN CRIME practically...
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
« Last post by Fap_fapperson on September 13, 2018, 12:32:02 AM »
ok resuming quicker then expected

seina realizes the stone waifu can touch him and  then in typical tenchi she forces his hands on her breasts and he feels the warmth and her heartbeat all in his head very strongly.

"Can you feel my heartbeat? "

thump thump

" Washu was my mother technically did you forget she was a philosopher? I I don't have to just be a virtual image in front of you, its possible to make men and women and children using the medical culture tank in the kamidake, we could even use your genetic information to have a kid♡ would you like to try that? "

and then seina realized she isn't real just in her head. and if he actually did bang this waifu it would look super weird to anyone who saw cause it would just be him... also he realizes it would be no different from how kenneth used to have virtual sex with sex robots using people's personal data.... I thought that was always just implied but here it's explicitly stated.

Men and women's work is also an event in the brain to the last. It is real just for himself, same as virtual sex Kenneth had illegally had. Anyway, if we do not hold back, dignity as a person will be pulled up by everything.

"No i couldnt do that.when you think of it objectively that's too empty. and there's no way i could ever justify that to kiriko or any of the others"

the stone tries to convince him that she may just be in his head but she exists too.

"Why are you so set on this?... wait... are you programmed to be that way?" seina remembers NB's dubious programming

"To begin with, I was made for helping Mr. Seina. I exists only for you, to serve you ... and I am a woman. does that help you make a conclusion? "
"I'll admit the first two statements are correct but as fro the third why are you even a woman in the first place?"
"I'm a mechanical assistant i build myself around your tastes, and that's how i interpreted things when you asked me to speak more normally to you."

"yeah but i was expecting you to be more of a guy..."

"would you rather i be an old man or a shota? or where you thinking more of one of your friends? do you really want one of them in your head?"

"The bride in the brain has various problems! Beyond that there is still room for friends in the brain to have sympathy for this situation! "
Having a waifu in my brain will just cause various problems! besides that I wouldn't mind having my friends in my brain at least they would have some sympathy to offer me for being in this situation."

the thing basicly says she is a woman by nature and instinct not by design and she can not change that.

then it brings up something like (i think) how seina's luck is corrected by certain women so naturally if she has been created it was because she was one of those meant to fix his luck.

and the she hits him with

And we are all equal. Unlike other wives and wife's candidates, they are together at any time. Then do not you think that it would be better to love each other than to catch up with one another? "

we are all equal. However unlike the other wives and wife candidates we are together at all time, don't you think that it would be better if we loved each other (i dont understand the rest possibly: considering that we don't have to ever catch up with one another.

"STOP IT DON'T SAY ANYTHING MORE OF THIS." seina says unconsciously and forcefully which conveys exactly how he feels to the stone waifu

"but... I..." she gets sad
""If ...... if really I bother you  Seina-san then that is that...... You hate me ......  If you like i have a self-destruction function, it will leave only minimum functions is enabled"

"Is it  a self-destruct? or is it like a Reset .....? "

"Some auxiliary functions are self-destructive. it will Destroy and delete the functional parts of each one   and will leave only the minimum response functions like before. Data and functions that can not be accessed now should recovered soon .... So "

"eh? ...... but what about you? "

"... I 'm sorry. I can not help you ... I 'm sorry. Even though my mother made me with high performance intellegence. Even though I tried hard, and studied a lot to help Mr. Seina ... and even though only 52 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes and 35 seconds have passed since I was born "

---- you know how i rant on how anal kajishima secretly is about the tenchi timeline...  he just put an exact number on how much time has passed since seina gxp 14 and GXP 17 down to the second--------

the stone waifu bursts into tears.

but you said you don't need me... I'm sorry."

It's not that! I didn't say i don't need you but don't you think talking about having children with me is going too far? and this suddenly too"

by this point seina no longer acknowledged her as his NB and now recognized her as a real person

"since my sister Fuku became a wife of Seina, I also wanted to be that, ..I wanted to be that ... ... But I can not help you"

(oh is that so?)

(Nevertheless, it is still impossible to determine whether the program's quasi-personality is human or whether it is a program or not... how toublesome)

I'm troublesome?

you can read my thoughts?

Anything you think
seina still continues to think to himself though

(It feels like I'm thinking desperately for excuses  ... but ... if the marriages continue in the future It's just that ... ... )

Even if there was a choice to refuse in the first place, the reason why she does not accept her sinking in front of her is already lost. After all she was a "thing" created for Seina, and became a "person" who could be said to be Fuku 's younger sister.

In any case, he should educate her properly in the future, Seina has that duty.

"I understand. You do not have to self-destruct. matters not whether, there is an astral. I can not kill an ego that germinated my heart "

"I'm happy! Thank you very much. So, please give me a bride ... "

"Wait a minute! calm down. Shouldn't we begin by knowing each other first, before you use the word bride? I think we should have a firm  foundation established before say anything like that "

"But I know lots about Mr. Seina. From the day i was installed,  I knew what you did felt and saw, I was there when you woke up in bed with soure, and all those times you ran to the toilet this past week. "

It seems that it was recorded not by function but by instinct.

"aaaaaaaaaagh! Do not speak any more! it's making me reconsider the self destruction thing "

Seina, who once again knew that he was all known unilaterally, including black history, seemed to be a little scared of its innocence of honesty, the existence of a wise maker stone (provisional) with individuals It is.

"That can not be helped. Even if I look back, I have something to come by far. It's okay! For young men it is normal "

" ... .... Thank you for comforting me. I'm glad I want to cry ... ... But now you will not be able to do any secret ... ... "

"That makes me feel easy. Accepting yourself is a matter of growing. I also have that role "

"Anyway, do you understand that you don't need to hurry? Man and women relations, children, and so on are not things for right now. "

"If Seina will accept me, I will wait. Me and Mr. Seina are always together at any time. so there infinite time for it "

"good... also what about your name? "

" will you give a name ? "

she said a smile that looked like a sunny day outside.

"I came up with it just now, but how about 那由多 (nayuta) cause your way better then Nana. (7 but also the kitsune kobald) "

1. an extremely great number (often said to be 100 million)​Buddhist term, From Sanskrit “nayuta”
2. 10^60 (or 10^72)​

Of course,  it is a unit of numbers, but also, a nice feminine name.

"Yes! Yes! It's a nice name. I'm happy. I'm happy. "

"I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad ... .. but this is going to be a problem to explain to Kiriko ... ... "

"I'm the same as Miki and Kirche . NB has a will, isn't that enough to explain it to her?"

" ... What? Wait a minute! Is it the same as Kirche ? "

"What's wrong with that? "

"well, ... assuming you have an astral, you can not get married to the person who created the program."

Of course, that's only until after a certain amount of time.

"I call " Washu" my mother? So even if I'm acknowledge as an Astral AI, there will not be any problem with marriage "

"Well, that ... ... That's good"

"Yes ♡ " it ws the same as the expression that Kiriko showed at the wedding

Spoiler: show

"Even so, I know him. Certainly Washu 's access to the data bank is not possible, is not it? Are you also instinct? "

"Yes. The fundamental knowledge necessary for everyday life is maintained, and access to the personality domain of witchcraft is possible, so that data bank can be used. The substitution of the lost function will become possible by magic in the future "

Nakuta dropped an oversized bomb again, finally calm down.

" ... ... Ha? ...... Now what? I feel like I heard something amazing? What? "

"Access to the area that monitors and monitors the sorcerer system becomes possible and became friends with the personality that is there. But first of all, you made a chance to give Mr. Seina a chance? You do not remember? "

"I? ... ... Well , that sinks with a magic caught ... ... Oh! Come to think of it as something and astral linking. So I heard a voice ...... How about a sorcery "

seina then asks what systems are still functional and she drops a bomb on him and tells him that while her science data systems are no longer available she now has access to magic ones... and she has access to the magic system and the personality he made friends with inside of it when he was unconcious."

"oh right! the astral link!".... so what your saying is... you are now an encyclopedia of magic?
"yes... and that means you can use some amazing magic if you just ask."

"wait does it know why I've gotten such a large magic organ"

""First of all, I will explain from what kind of person she is. She was born and was lonely because she was not recognized by others until today, she wanted someone to know of her existence "

"  the conjecture that magic was a system of life support is correct. it is a thing  made by a scientist living in a certain era of the universe which has already passed, it is a thing which was made by a scientist, but that scientist also did not know until the end how the thing called magic was made "

"Then how did they make magic? "

"There were several satellites on a planet of ice of  in a solar system found durring planetary exploration, on one there was atmosphere but it was sparse. The location from the sun was far, the planet was not ice though, even without a heat source, etc. there was mild and mossy life breeding "

"In other words, that moss generated magic and prepared the environment? "

"Yes. Fortunately the scientist was a plant-based higher life, so it seems that something it was able to have some form of  intelligent communication with the magical plants that can be said to be the original species "

----------- sounds a bit like maybe what's going on in those odd tenchi ifs called I havent grown anything since elementary school---------

"like a royal tree? or like a dryad?"

"a detailed record is not left. However,  the scientist and their team who knew that the original species was generating water and heat necessary for life tried to use it for planetary development. they noticed the infinite potential of magic and succeeded in incorporating it into their daily life support system. However the compatibility with scientific civilization was bad and it began to erode the original civilization gradually "

"Many civilizations have been destroyed by the erosion of the magic, but the human race has not been destroyed. they simply abandon science civilization and switch to a life using a magic system. However,this results in regression an early civilization, but when the improvement was applied by the disciples of the scientist later on, they were shocked to find that with advanced scientific places it didn't erode . so they incorporated her into the system for that purpose and to keep an eye on things "

"I see. So that's why you do not see it on planets other than ones with early civilizations ...... What does it mean that no one knows her existence anyway? "

"Since it is a surveillance program in the first place, it had no personality to begin with. It came to have advanced intelligence by accumulating and evolving a lot of information as universal collapse and re-birth occurred several times. But since the magical civilization is stable, it does not develop beyond the initial civilization class. But since she was built with interstellar navigation level technology, the sorcerer civilization has no way to access her with anything in the first place "

"So since i had the philosophers stone ... but isn't there an incompatibility? Even if I am from an early civilization, my Bio-Enhancement makes me one of the people from a developed civilization right? "

"She said" it was a miracle. " just like you're personal data did with Kirche, you passed through a hole in her system and reached  her center "

"huh... ... you mean when i joined the academy ? ... Is that something that happened? "

"Her wish is that she wants us to cooperate in problem solving "

"Cooperation? Is that possible? "

"magic is currently used only in early civilizations. However, there was never a limit intended in the system. Do you remember what it said when you first talked to it? "

"increase your seeds. To the earth. To the stars. Fill the universe. My children are going to lay paradise. "

"Yes. The original purpose of the magic system was to enable activities in all places. If there was a thing called magic, in theory you could live even in outer space. The universe itself would become a place for life. "

Spoiler: show

"That is to make the cosmos full of magic ... ...why does it need my help? Why isn't she doing it? "

"She is a surveillance system. Moreover, Mr. Seina is her only point of contact with outside. And it is the driving force to spread magic to the universe, its part of the survival instinct of the plants which originally became the origin of magic"

"so ...... magic and the and system are like cars, she is a GPS, no driver's license, no intuition but she can give me a sense of direction? "

"Because it is a precious fantasy world, will not you express it a little more emotionally? In other words, write a new item to the magic encyclopedia and make it completely indispensable to enable activities in the universe. That means Mr. Seina wants him to live as his owner, a magician "

"Well, that expression is more fantasy, is not it? ... But I waited for a moment! I am certainly in a position to get science and technology, but it will yakes a tremendous amount of time to make such a thing to make science compatible with magic ... .... "

At that time Seina remembered what tenchi told him, Tenchi  and him would infinitely continue to exist, and he remembered things about his own body.

"That's right. That's why she said that it was a "miracle""

" ...... I always get  involved in ridiculous things"

" Do you really think so? Seina you said that developed science and technology is the same as magic right? Seina previously went into space with the power of science.  now you just have to go out into space with magic "

"To space, ... ... certainly I was really excited at that time. I felt like my world was expanding all at once, and I was able to go to places impossible to reach by earthlings "

more then that he was also able to go to places that were impossible to reach even by those out in space.

"Now you can  accomplished that with your own power. Don't you think thats kind of romantic? "

"I will not deny it. But what about compatibility issues with science civilizations? That turned out to be the biggest bottleneck, and what if i cause a major magic pandemic ... ... I'm confident that because of my bias in probability I will do so. "

"your confidence is sad. Although we call it external magic, and internal magic,

the original name  for external magic was mana, internal magic was ena.

In fact it is mana alone that is erroneous,  and incompatible with science and technology "

"Oh ... ... Is it a  in the magic difference whether it is taken in the body or not? "

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: GXP 16 and 17 pictures and quick read though summaries
« Last post by Fap_fapperson on September 12, 2018, 09:50:13 PM »
seina wonders if the magic has finally corrupted the philosopher's stone installed in him.

"Well ... ... i certainly might be broken. In sence that,I can no longer function as a "philosophers stone", I can no longer access Washu- sama's data bank "

Hey, hey! That's bad .... "

"Yes, there are some other problems too. I can't tell our current location. There are also magical and other influences affecting me in this regard, as for the topographical data on ZINV's location, the basic data is still present in me  but it is an inaccessible state.
and as I reported earlier, my detection functions are malfunctioning. "

"Is it possible to restore those functions? "

"not at the present stage. I am broken as NB but i have changed into something else ... No, it may have evolved. an independent personality has formed "

"an, independent personality !  Maybe you're an AI with an astral like Kirche and Miki senpai? "

"There is no way to distinguish in this place whether or not i have an astral. However, the presence or absence of an astral is only an indicator of how others will treat me legally. what's important is that I recognize the existence of myself as an independent being. the only thing that matters is  how you perceive that. "

"well i guess... you think therefore you are."

" I am sorry but I seem to have formed due to the past input into your NB and the philosohpers stone..."

"Well... i was kinda hoping i would be free of airi's funny acting NB but so much for that..."

"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault."

"we need to decide on my appearance... should i use tsukiko as the base?"
Suddenly the appearance of Tsukiko appeared seina's vision. philosopher's stone (tentative unnamed) was sending visual data directly to his brain.

"Hey... HEY!"
seina covered his own mouth though as he hear someone come up the stairs.

Nana came up to check on him

"are you alright? i heard you talking to yourself."

"Oh no... I'm fine, Please don't worry about me."

nana left.

"He is cute, what a lovely man! But Seina, that is a Baron Gal 's demon, so don't go getting any strange feelings for it. "
"Don't say such things with tsukiko's appearance and voice! it's creepy!"
"that is already my first priority I am just going to use tsukiko as a base."
"ok understood... good to hear... but why are you using tsukiko as the base."

"I wish to use the ideal base to appease you're senses"

"that's weiiiiiiiird"

"what... do you not like you're wifes mother? aren't you going to be married to her in a hundred years or so... around your 5th or 6th wave of brides?"

"Don't speak like its just some preset event... and where did you get such a high number!"

the first round was 4 people... seina had no doubt hakuren's crew would be second.... and third fuku's crew.... there were a few stragglers after that but nothing all that solid anything after the third round just didn't seem realistic to him.

"oh but it is. ... hmmm maybe i should borrow from some of the others you like too... maybe from Souren, he's an elf right... maybe I'll throw in some elf features."

"some fantasy creature elements would be cool... but..."
the image changed . the ai was a breath taking beauty now.
"hmmm ms. washu is my creator i should adopt some of her features too."
her golden hair quickly changed to red.

"is this face ok for you?"

she turned to seina with mischievous smile common to washu and airi but it was different from airi's in that seina felt no evil intent from it.

she then adopted amane and gyokuren's body shape and seina was taken a back.

"oh what's wrong seina? i'm only a picture." the ai reached out to him"

"" ...... Ah ! I can feel you're hand! "

----------I hate to say it but... im guessing that philosopers stone is the 4th older woman teir waifu-----

to be continued

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: C94 Tenchi IF V
« Last post by antvasima on September 10, 2018, 11:56:15 AM »
Thank you very much for the scans. :)
Other Anime / Re: What Anime are you currently watching?
« Last post by WarOmnimon on September 10, 2018, 07:18:41 AM »
Okay, so this is a massive post; hopefully, everyone can keep up.

Leading up to the super stacked Autumn 2018 anime season (I will talk about those shows once that season starts and we get to start watching them), I've been watching My Hero Academia Season 3, Grand Blue Dreaming, High Score Girl, and Kamen Rider Zi-O (That started last week).  I've already spoken on Academia, Grand Blue, and HSG (All 3 are awesome).  As for Zi-O... it's basically everything Decade (Which is very similar in base concept to Zi-O; both are anniversary seasons for the Heisei Riders, and Decade, Zi-O, and Geiz's form changes are all based on previous Riders) wishes it could have been, albeit with time travel instead of world hopping.  As one person elsewhere said, Zi-O is basically trolling Decade and saying "I'm doing everything you did, but better".  Granted, Decade's flaws mostly stemmed from it being a shorter series, but still... a better series with the same base concept is still a better series with the same base concept.  :)

On the other hand, I unfortunately ended up dropping Ultraman R/B.  I was loving it, but the release for English subs hasn't been consistent at all.  *Shakes fist at Crunchyroll for NOT licensing R/B even though they licensed Orb and Geed*

As for catchup.  Fully caught up on Sword Art Online (GAAAH, that second half of Season 1 was just SOOOOO cringy; I can see why people hate on it, thank goodness Season 2 stepped back a bit on doing stuff like that so frequently!) in preparation fo Alicization and am also caught up on as much as I need to be for JoJo (Watched all of Parts 1 to 3 and most of Part 4).  Unfortunately, with Index and Railgun being almost 100 episodes put together, I don't have time to catch up on it now that I'm watching 4 shows at once (Admittedly, I'm behind on both Grand Blue and HSG), and I didn't start catchup yet... so yeah, had to drop Index Season 3 from my Autumn 2018 watchlist.  I'm also catching up on Kamen Rider Build, and have watched 31 episodes out of 49 so far, so I'm almost done.  I'm also going to play catchup with Senran Kagura Season 1 before Season 2 kicks off in Autumn 2018, which should be VERY easy (Only 12 episodes; MUCH easier and actually possible to finish with this little time than Index and Railgun's almost 100).  I have also been watching Hajime no Ippo here and there whenever I get a moment where I'm NOT catching up on other stuff, current or not; if you want to blame something for me jumping into Ippo, blame how awesome Megalobox was.

Gonna close it out with some bullet point lists for stuff I'll be watching for various reasons at various times...

My Autumn 2018 anime season checklist
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (JoJo Part 5)
-Sword Art Online: Alicization
-Goblin Slayer
-Golden Kamuy Season 2
-Senran Kagura Season 2
-Release the Spyce
-Fist of the Blue Sky Season 2
-SSSS Gridman
-Kamen Rider Zi-O (Yes, it's tokusatsu and not anime, but I'm still putting it here as I always do)
-My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
-Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Older stuff that I want to catch up on or rewatch and am doing so right now
-Kamen Rider Build (Almost done here, starting Unlimited Blade Works afterward)
-Hajime no Ippo

Older stuff that I want to catch up on or rewatch but won't do so until the Autumn 2018 season
-Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (Gonna start this after finishing Build)
-Kamen Rider Gaim (Very likely that I'll start watching Gaim at some point after finishing Fate)
-Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Been meaning to rewatch this for a while now, actually)
-Comic Party & Comic Party Revolution (Same deal as with G Gundam)

I'd put the usual goofy speech about a wall of text doing overkill damage here... but I'm leaving for breakfast shortly, so NAAAAH.  Not this time.  :P
Vidya Geams ^_____^ / Re: Tomodachi Life
« Last post by WarOmnimon on September 10, 2018, 06:54:08 AM »
I do!  And yeah, MUCH more fun than Animal Crossing: New Leaf... in fact, I like it more than the recent games in The Sims series (On which note, The Sims 2 is, and always will be, the GOAT in said series).  *Hands SoD a +1*

And hoo boy, did I EVER get a bunch of QR codes done for this game.  Managed to put together several of the Tenchi cast (Using the Miis from the QR codes I posted before noless; used the hair spray and so forth to give them their correct hair colors in-game while I was at it) along with a bunch of others (The main human cast of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters as well as several characters from ToHeart 2 for starters; I made several others which I will also be posting at some point).  Once I start playing the game again (It's been a while since I've gone near my 3DS for anything let alone Tomodachi Life TBH; definitely gotta get back to Appmon and Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X as well when I do), I'll be sure to get QR codes generated and posted up.  :)
Vidya Geams ^_____^ / Re: Tomodachi Life
« Last post by Doksomhen on September 10, 2018, 06:10:24 AM »
Oh yes, I'm looking for a man like this, and I think it's great.
Fan Fiction / Re: NSFW My favorite Harry Potter stories
« Last post by Doksomhen on September 10, 2018, 06:09:56 AM »
I think this message is a good one to follow.
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki / Re: C94 Tenchi IF V
« Last post by blackwhite256 on September 09, 2018, 10:48:30 PM »
Thanks a lot for scanning. :woop: Hope that OVA 5 will follow suit.
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