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Good news for OVA 5 EVERYONE!

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Re: Good news for OVA 5 EVERYONE!
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Will Tenchi have a boy or girl?

Tenchi does have a son with Washu.  The name of Tenchi's and Washu's son is unknown. Sometime in the future, Tenchi's and Washu's son will have a relationship with Masaki. Masaki is the sister of Jurai's first King.

It will make sense for Tenchi to have sons.  At the present time, Tenchi has only one confirmed son. I do speculated that one of the conditions imposed by Ayeka's father to allow Tenchi to married Ayeka and Sasami is to name is Tenchi naming Ayeka's and his first son after Azusa's father, Kazuki.  Tenchi's and Ayeka's first child is a girl. 

A propose name for one of Tenchi's daughters should be after his mother Kiyone.  Since Ryoko has Tenchi's first child and daughter, the daughter's name is likely Kiyone. 

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