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Takahashi City, Japan

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Takahashi City, Japan
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I have check on the Google Earth Site for a map of Takahashi City Japan.  The images from the map are mostly associated  with A.I.: TENCHI MUYO.   A clue from OVA 3 suggests Tenchi's residence must be near a town with a train station.  The train station can be located anywhere in Okayama Prefecture.  The Hokku train station was feature in A.I.:TENCHI MUYO.  The station is located on the Hakubi Line. The Hokku train station is the one located near Nimii City.

There are two attached images from Google Earth.  The images help to describe what the area around Tenchi's residence and the Masaki Shrine may look like in real life.  Tenchi's residence is located  in a valley.