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I got tired of the idol anime stuff eventually. I like the first Idolmaster and Love Live was mostly fun. If made to watch more, I'm sure I wouldn't hate. I think the last I gave a chance to was Wake Up Girls, but I didn't really like the girls much.... but your description intrigues me. Maybe it's time for a little more Idol magic.
Yeah, Cinderella Girls is pretty good. Same universe, but different cast of characters and a different source of conflict in the second half of the show (Corporate meddling rather than a rival talent agency). I'm really hoping they do a season 2 eventually, because the source material for Cinderella Girls actually has the largest cast of any single iteration of the entire IM@S franchise. There's plenty of characters to pick from there.

Elsewhere in the franchise, there's also an anime adaptation of SideM. This one features boy idols, yet for some reason it's only one cour unlike the original and Cinderella Girls which are both two cours. An anime adaptation of Million Live!, which will also feature a new set of idols, is on the way. The idols in ML! are with 765 Production with the original girls, so yup, that one's a direct sequel. No word on if and when a Shiny Colors anime is coming yet, but that's inevitable at this point honestly. Based on what I've read about SC, Kaho is already best girl in my book given that she's a tokusatsu geek, LOL.

As for Wake Up Girls. That wasn't even on my radar, so I can't comment on that one.
Need to finish Cells at Work eventually. Not really sure why I stopped watching it.
You might want to get on that ASAP. Season 2 begins at the beginning of January. Also keep in mind that Code Black (Which also begins airing in January) is not set in the same body, will be darker, and will have more mature subject matter. It'll be interesting to do a compare and contrast as I watch both, honestly.
Mob Psycho 100
I'm on it as soon as I can find the time to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Mutters something about being disappointed that his recommendation to watch Symphogear was glanced over

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