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What video games are you currently playing?

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As the thread title entails, discuss what video games you're currently playing and whatnot.  You can also post to keep everyone posted as the weeks, months, etc go by.  (Seriously, I'd write a better intro for the thread, but I'm just being plain lazy right now as far as that's concerned.  :duck: )

I'll start the discussion by listing what I'm currently playing.

xBox 360
Virtua Fighter 2 One of the best games in the series, definitely worth the 400 points they ask for it.  Includes both the 2.0 and 2.1 versions of the game, with the final boss (Dural) being selectable in 2.1.

Sonic the Fighters Another 400 point game.  The characters' movesets aren't as in depth as VF2... but they did include the option to play as both of the bosses (Metal Sonic and Dr Eggman) and a new character (Honey the Cat), which were not available in the first console port of the game (Sonic Gems Collection for GameCube and PS2 was the first console appearance for this one).  I just wish they had included Bark and Bean in other Sonic games and given them an actual backstory.

Marvel VS Capcom Origins 1200 points for this one, but you get both Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel VS Capcom for one payment.  I remember playing the you know what out of these in the arcades as a kid... and they're still fun today.

WWE 13 Haven't been playing this one as much as the other games on my list, but I was lucky and haven't encountered too many of the supposed bugs in the game yet.  I also bought the Fan Axxess pack for this one, which has the most DLC out of the WWE games so far.  I'm thinking of starting a simulated season with this game's Universe Mode which I'd log on this very board.

PC: World of Warcraft, Company of Heroes, Elder Scolls V: Skyrim

Vita: The Pinball Arcade, Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend, Persona 4 The Golden, Street Fighter x Tekken

Tenchi Ryu:
Well we do have a Video Game section, and I posted a number of stuff I was into there....

But for the most part, I'm usually playing some NBA 2k13, some Black Ops 2 and maybe a little Street fighter x Tekken or Marvel vs Capcom 3.

At other times when I'm in a RPG mood, I'll switch to PSP mode and play Monster Hunter, some Phantasy star or some other kind of magic game.

On occasional nights when I'm in a Fighting game mood, I'll bust out the dreamcast since I like to use my Arcade stick when playing older street fighter/ King of Fighter classics

I'm a handheld junkie these days, so...

3DS: Code of Princess (beat main storyline, just unlocking characters, etc. now)

DS:  Just finished 100% completion on Devil Survivor 2.  I picked the game back up a week or so ago when the anime was announced.  Currently, I'm doing a quick playthrough of the original Devil Survivor for 100% completion also (there was one route I didn't do before I rested the game).  I completed all of Overclocked a while ago.

There's also my always in-progress Dragon Quest IX mega file...

PSP: Eh, nothing at the moment, I barely touch the damn thing.  I do plan to go and play the Snow Queen Quest in Persona eventually, as well as finally dusting off that copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin I have...

PC: Supreme Commander
Europa Universalis lll

Honestly I cheat so much in these games. And yet I play it legitimately when it comes to Japanese games that are ridiculously hard.


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