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Surgeon Of Death:
Anyone have the game already? Its really fun quite different from other Life-Simulators. I'm really having fun with this more than AC:NL. I'll be sure to upload some AR Codes for some of my Miis if anyone is interested.

Oh yes, I'm looking for a man like this, and I think it's great.

I do!  And yeah, MUCH more fun than Animal Crossing: New Leaf... in fact, I like it more than the recent games in The Sims series (On which note, The Sims 2 is, and always will be, the GOAT in said series).  *Hands SoD a +1*

And hoo boy, did I EVER get a bunch of QR codes done for this game.  Managed to put together several of the Tenchi cast (Using the Miis from the QR codes I posted before noless; used the hair spray and so forth to give them their correct hair colors in-game while I was at it) along with a bunch of others (The main human cast of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters as well as several characters from ToHeart 2 for starters; I made several others which I will also be posting at some point).  Once I start playing the game again (It's been a while since I've gone near my 3DS for anything let alone Tomodachi Life TBH; definitely gotta get back to Appmon and Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission X as well when I do), I'll be sure to get QR codes generated and posted up.  :)


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