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Trace Carter:
It was a quiet day for once in Nekomi, Japan.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing, but all this would change as two people arrived in the city, two people that were similar yet opposite and would cause many ripples to spread through this world and the rest.

((I wasn't looking to play here, but fine.))

Ian McGovern, in fresh from the coast of Maine on a full free ride at Nakomi Tech prepared to find the school.  His Japanese was very basic, and he was having more problems than he cared for at this point.  Wearing a Red Sox Cap, a Bobby Orr Bruins sweater, and blue jeans, with his entire life in two sea bags really made him stand out.  He, however, had no idea just why he was here, or what fated him to be in Japan in the first place.

Trace Carter:
(I thought it would be easier than making a new rp)
Walking out of a train station, Kazi Carter, or Z as he preferred to be known as, looked around at the small town and smirked.  He could feel the magic lingering in the air and he looked at the address on the paper in his hand that was the home of the person he had come to see.
(I invited people to come)

((Okay.  This is post marriage, by the way.))

Lind made sure that he was misdirected properly and arrived at the temple at a time where there would be no return bus to get him back on track.  He was dumped outside the temple steps, forlorn and lost as to what to do next.

Trace Carter:
(who was misdirected?)


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