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Trace Carter:
Z chuckled and spoke in fluent american English, "I've heard that odd people have been about the town, so I just thought I'd ask.  I'm looking for the residents of this place."

"This?" he said, hiking his thumb towards the entrance, "Looks like an old abandoned park to me.  I don't even know where I am, or what's in there.  Kinda looking for a phone or map, or something.  Trying to get to Nakomi Tech before things close up there and get myself registered and in the dorms."

Trace Carter:
"The college is just down that street," said Z, "though it's about an hour by car."
Suddenly mechanical footsteps were heard and a strange robot walked up.

Ian's eyes went wide, and he said, "Okay...  Different!"
He tried his Japanese again, saying, "Lost.  Need help."

Trace Carter:
The robot glanced at Ian before glaring at Z.  Suddenly missile launchers emerged from the robot and fired at the cambion. Z barely managed to dodge.


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