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What are you listening to?

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Gasolin - Jailbait

I'm sure all the sensitive pussy people today would love this song.


I used to listen to the sounds of the rain that are very reassuring

Nonsuch Ned:
BY chance, I just wrote the following in another forum, so copy+paste.

I've always had a variety of interests that get my  attention. One is that I am a little bit of a music snob... although these days I am very behind on the times. If I look at a "best of the year" list on Pitchfork it's lucky if I recognize 10% of the artists. But at one time I was the late-night director of my college radio station and had shifts as a Folk/Americana DJ in the daytime.

[start of paste]
So, as always, my "now listening" is an eclectic mix.

Some recent obsessions

... really, a bit confused as to why I like Future Island's exaggerated phrasing and affected vocals, but I keep coming back to them:

This Nola band, Tank and the Bangas, just popped up in a random mix on my Amazon Music.
They change musical styles like they're going out of style.

The Uncluded, bizarre mix of alt-rap and alt-folk. This is not Jayzee and Beyonce.

and some polyrhythmic math rock from Foals.


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