New upcoming Kajishima Q&A

Started by Dr.Soviet, February 18, 2024, 05:43:51 PM

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This year is Tenchi Muyou. We've partnered with the official twitter of Mr. Kajishima and have lots of plans prepared for you Kajishima Anime fans out there.

梶島先生への一問一答はその第一弾です。結構突っ込んだ質問でも答えていただけるそうなので、ぜひ今まで気になっていた疑問質問をご応募ください🌈 #天地無用

Our first activity is a Q&A session with Mr. Kajishima. He's willing to even answer the craziest questions so if you've ever wondered something about Tenchi Muyou, please send us your comments. #TenchiMuyou

Courtesy of @Akiko & Amane on discord
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It's cool to see them get a chance to interview Kajishima.

This is so cool! I'm excited to see what people ask about.