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Waifu2x - for upscaling photos


kikai ninjin:
I just want to let you all know that there is a program called Waifu2x that can be used to upscale low resolution photos. Of course it cannot do miracles, but in some cases this program can help a lot. It uses Nvidia's CUDA technology to do the trick. I used it a few times, when applicable. It's FOSS, so just download it, choose your options and start "improving" those pictures! There is also an website that does the same, but just up to 2x upscaling. Both do the job very well, but for more options, I would suggest to use the program.

Waifu2x on line:

Info about the releases here (program):

Video on how to use it (program and website):

You can dowload it here (for Windows):

That's cool. Now, I can make my waifu life-size.  Thanks! :discoursechef:

kikai ninjin:

--- Quote from: Lоиεѕомεиεѕѕ on May 07, 2021, 11:33:01 PM ---That's cool. Now, I can make my waifu life-size.  Thanks! :discoursechef:

--- End quote ---

Lol  You r welcome mate


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