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Kajishima Doujins August 2022

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Kajishima Doujins August 2022
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جبريل 無道

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Tenchi Zinn writes:

梶島温泉さんの見本誌公開されてましたー!(B5/16P)お祭り前日の夜平成版1のリバイバルでC54くらい?表紙はAICクロニクル巻頭ポスターの女性ですね。URLから中身が確認できます! #天地無用

Kajishima Onsen's sample magazine has been published! (B5 / 16P) The night before the festival About C54 in the revival of Heisei edition 1? The cover is a woman from the poster at the beginning of the AIC Chronicle. You can check the contents from the URL!

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