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Hi everyone! I've technically been a member here since 2016, but have been hiding in the background anonymously. I've loved Tenchi Muyo since it first came out the '90s and I really have appreciated everyone here helping us all to connect with the newer and less USA-accessible Tenchi content, such as the GXP novel translations, doujinshi and newer OVAs. Definitely appreciated the recent APB on the upcoming new animated series this summer, I would never hear about that any other way. Also, thank you for alerting us to ways we can support with $ from afar, e.g. Crunchyroll and the Seven Seas TT novel translations, etc. I'll try to speak more but not sure I have much value to contribute. Just wanted to let you know I tune in regularly and appreciate y'all!

Hi, and welcome, and OMG, I LOVE your avatar!!


hey and thanks!


Howdy there!


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