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This is a translation (that I made) of the talk between Mr. Kajishima
and Mr. Ikegame and they are talking about the gems.  I hope this
clarifies some points that are argued...

Ikegame: She made 2(replicas) in the cave? Or if she is able to get the
              energy from outside she can produce much replicas as she wants
              to, right?
Kajishima: She can produce many as she wants but she thought it would
                  be better to get the real gems back (from Tenchi) since she
                  has escaped from the cave.
I: But if the replica she created in the cave is that weak isn't it better
   to make a new one?
(Before this, Kajishima explained that the replica she made in the cave
was far weaker than the normal replica she can make)
K: But she only needs to fight against Tenchi, or a normal human (thats
    what she though).  She though that the one (crappy) replica will do
    the job.
I: So she can't summon Ryo-oh-ki with the replica?
K:  She can summon Ryo-oh-ki, but she didn't feel the need to.
I: So she can summon Ryo-oh-ki with a replica.
K: Yes.
I: But she really sounded desparate for the (real) gem even though she
   had a replica on her ear, why is that?
K: Well, if the real gems are in front of her she wouldn't have to use
    the replica.  Also it was Aeka who was chasing her, she probably
    thought that the replica wasn't strong enough to compete with her.
    If she was able to get the 3 real gems back (from Tenchi) she'd be
    able to defeat Aeka easily.
I: But she only got one back.
K: Yes, but she though it was far better to have 1 real gem than having
    to use the replicas.
I: So replicas wouldn't really serve as a substitute for the real gems,
   would it?
K: If  the amount of power a real gem can produce is representd by the
    amount of electricity that flows from a socket, a replica would be
    represented as a normal (1.5 volt) battery.
I: Well....I don't really understand it but I'll say I did.
K: (laughs)
I: But the story about the gems didn't seem that important. Afterall
   she (Ryoko) wasn't able to get the 3 gems back.
K: If she had 3 gems she can compete with Tsunami.
I: You mean if she was with Ryo-oh-ki, right? What about Ryoko
K: Well, if she was able to get inside of Tsunami (she will be able
   to destroy it). But Tsunami is a ship, thats why Ryoko also needs
   a ship (Ryo-oh-ki) to become even with her.
I: I'm suprised that Yosho was able to defeat Ryoko if she is that
   powerful, he only had a 1st generation ship (Funaho).
K: Well... thats because he was really skilled.
I: That sounds really vague (laughs).
K: Well according to the setting I made Ryoko and Ryo-oh-ki wasn't
    able to fully contrll their powers when they fought with Yosho.
I: That sounds odd, I though they were quite experienced since they
   were going around as space pirates.
K: She did have some experience but she didn't have enough.

-Yagami's point of view: No wonder, she was strong as Tsunami back
then (even though she wasn't able to fully contol the powers). What
kind of "experience" would she have have just raiding a normal cruiser
or something? Probably something near 0 if represented as a decimal

I: So there was no way she could have controlled all the powers. So the
   fight was basically between Ryokoand Yosho along with Ryo-oh-ki
   vs Funaho, right? Sounds like a fair game to me.
K: But Funaho was seriously damaged and Yosho was wounded as well
    (even though they were able to seal Ryoko).
I: So Ryo-oh-ki was unhurt?
K: Yes, it was unhurt. It fell to the ground (what is now the pond in
   front of the Masaki's) and fainted (or cold-sleeped).
I: So it would be sleeping forever if Ryoko didn't call for it?
K: Yep, it would be sleeping forever.  Afterall, Ryoko lost all her
    gems and she was sealed in the cave (she can't call Ryo-oh-ki).
    Even though Ryo-oh-ki wasn't damaged it was the 1st generation,
    or it was imperfect (can not move by itself).
I: What does that mean? So evey time Ryo-oh-ki regenerates it gets
   stronger or something?
K: Thats right, by stroring the datas it gets stronger as it regenerates.
    The foundation has to be good if you want to improve something,
    right? The same reason why you can't make a large house in a small
    land. Regenerstion in Ryo-oh-ki's case is improving the foundation
    and basically reconstructing of the ship. Basically it is going through
    a new stage of evolution evey time.

-Yagami's notes: I hope this part makes sense, it sounded really weird in
Japanese and I just translated word for word (which isn't the best idea)-

I: Does the same logic apply to Tsunami and the other Juraian trees?
K: Yes, thats the good part about living space-ships.  It can improve

--and cut!--

After this they talk about why Ryo-oh-ki is shaped that way, and
about Kagato .

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