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Things which characters will never say.

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Imagine what a character in any of the Tenchi series wll say if they are given the chance.

Here are a few examples.

Sasami- "If I continue to fix the meals around here, I will call Child Welfare."

Sasami- "Noike, thanks for your help when it comes to fixing most of the meals. Now, I can focus on going to school."

Kenshi to Seina- "Seina, are you really serious of changing places with me?"

Kain- "I am really anxious to appear in OVA 4."

Mihoshi to Washu- "What happens when I press this button label Doomsday?"

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Washu to Tokimi- "Stop trying to be the pesky kid sister."

Nakita to the Marshall- "Next time when you let my son to borrow the Chobimaru for a date, make sure that all of the weapon systems are offline."
Mitoto to President Obama- "All I have to do please Sentor McConnell is to keep his ofice floor as shiny as he likes it."

Sasami- "If any of you is tired of garlic in your food, blame Ryo-Ohki."

Ryo-Ohki- "It could be worst. I could have been addicted to Garlic."

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Tsunami to Washu-  "I wished that our sister Lady Tokimi had not establish a base on Earth."

Washu to Tsunami- "Why, sister?"

Tsunami to Washu- "Well, she place a whoope cushion on the chair in the kitchen."

Funaho to Misaki- "I wonder where we should go on  Earth during our trip?"

Misaki-  "I will like to go to a cinema."

Funaho-  "Why?"

Misaki- "For the popcorn on Earth tastes better than the replicated stuff on Jurai."


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Kiyone- "I have wish that I have gone to the Galaxy Academy."

Nobuyuki- "Tenchi, you have another sister who is older than Tennyo."

Seto to Washu- "Washu-chan, I think that I am related to your best friend."

Shank-  "Geez, the Space Pirate Guild had offer me better benefits and a planet of my own to control."

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Misaki - "Funaho, during our next visit to Earth, let's trick Azusa into visiting a mixed onsen."

Funaho- "Azusa, do you remember the night when we drank some of Washu-chan's special sake?"

Funaho- "Yosho, I have some good news."

Katsuhito-  "What's the good news?"

Funaho -  "You are going to have two kid sisters."

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