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Tenchi Universe- Paternity (NSFW parts)

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The sun had risen over the Masaki house and shrine. It was time for everybody to wake up and come together for breakfast. As was usual, Sasami prepared the meal and everybody gathered in the dining room. It was a nice and peaceful moment.

“This meal is nice and all,” Aeka said, “but I have just one question.”

In perfect unison, Aeka and Ryoko suddenly stood up and pointed in the same direction.

“WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE???!!!” they both shouted.

They both pointed in the direction of a brown-haired beauty that sat next to Tenchi and was arm-in-arm with him. This woman was a familiar face to all of them, for they recently went through a rather major ordeal that she was the cause of.

“I will be staying with all of you from now on.” Haruna announced.

“But, I don’t get it. Didn’t your spirit move on and get over Tenchi?” Kiyone asked.

“That’s what I expected to happen. However, what actually occurred is that when Yosho cut open the tree containing my illusionary world, instead of causing my spirit to move on to the afterlife, it completely resurrected me.” Haruna explained.

“Anyway, now that I’m back, and since Yosho is too old by now, I want to go back to copulating with Tenchi once more.” Haruna went on, “I wish to have lots of children with him!”

“YOU LEAVE TENCHI ALONE!!!!!!” Ryoko and Aeka roared in unison, “AND JUST WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY COPULATING ‘AGAIN’?!!”

A drop of sweat appeared on the side of Tenchi’s forehead.

“Oh dear.” the Masaki boy whispered to himself.

Yosho and Noboyuki looked at each other and nodded with mutual approval. Tenchi had finally become a man.

                                                                    * * *

 In a dark secluded alleyway behind the streets of Okayama, a tiny tremor struck. At the epicenter of the tremor, bolts of electrical energy shot off in all directions, seeming to come out of nowhere. At the heart of this energy burst, a glowing orb manifest. It and the energy surge vanished as quickly as they appeared.

Standing where the glowing orb once was, a lone nude figure knelt. Coming to his senses, he stood. He wasted no time. The newcomer ran from the alley, and and looked at his surroundings. He was in the right place. But was it the right time?

A lone middle-aged woman came strolling down the sidewalk. She was startled when, all of a sudden, and young-looking boy with an unusual hairstyle and no clothes darted out in front of her.

“Tell me, lady, what year is it?”

“Ummm, well, it’s 1999.”
The boy sneered and then ran off, leaving the woman extremely confused.

‘I’m in the right time period. Now I just need to find him.’

Yes, the one who could lead the boy to the power he sought. The one named Tenchi Masaki.

Chapter 1

 Slowly, the boy regained consciousness. Bit by bit, his memories came back to him.
 The boy’s mother constantly warned him not to go out as late as he was prone to do. In his last memories, he had once again disobeyed her and snuck out of the house at night to go party with his friends.
 At some point on his way to meet them, he got the sense he was being followed. However, he just brushed this feeling off and continued on his way. When an arm wrapped around his neck from behind and put him in a blood choke, he didn’t have time to think before all went black.
 The first thing he noticed when he came to were the voices. Some manner of chanting. Once he took it in, he didn’t like the ominous sound of it.
 The boy tried to move. That was when he realized that his arms and legs were being restrained by chains.
 Then he saw it. By instinct, the horrible thing caused him to scream. A gargantuan ape monster. Its features, particularly its huge jaws and crooked teeth and its sagging feminine breasts, were hideously deformed. To top it all off, the back of the monster’s head was covered in unusual spikey punkish hair.
 Once the boy got over his initial fright, he soon realized that the monster was made completely out of stone. A statue. He only had a few seconds to take this in before a hooded figure loomed over him. The boy’s eyes widened when he saw the gleam of the dagger that the figure held. He had no chance to scream before the dagger was plunged into his chest…….

                                                                      * * *

 “So, what are we gonna do about about this? We can’t just let her do whatever she wants with Tenchi!” Ryoko whispered.
 Ryoko and Aeka were huddled in a shed behind the house discussing the situation with Haruna.
 “It won’t be easy to get rid of her.” Aeka whispered back, “I don’t think Grandfather Yosho will approve of us doing anything bad to her, and she certainly seems to have Lord Tenchi under her spell.”
 Aeka thought about it for a moment.
 “What we need to do is convince them that she’s up to no good. We need to….”
 The two them suddenly each felt a hand touch their heads.
 “Now now, what could you two be out here doing all by yourselves?” a voice said, “I certainly hope you aren’t up to any trouble.”
 The two of them looked up. They had no idea how Haruna figured out they were both out here. They also didn’t know how she was able to sneak into the shed without even opening the door.
 “I think you two better get yourselves on back to the house before the others start getting concerned about you.” Haruna said.
 There was a bit of a threatening tone to Haruna’s voice. And then Aeka and Ryoko both felt it- a mammoth surge of Jurai Power emanating from Haruna the likes of which the two of them couldn’t hope to match.
 “Yes, Lady Haruna!” the two of them said, sweat drops forming at the side of their heads.
 As the two of them hurriedly exited the shed and made their way back to the house, they didn’t realized that they were being watched from afar.
 “Oh yeah, shake that sexy thang, Aeka!” the watcher said as he viewed them from his binoculars.
 He pulled himself away from such thoughts and plotted his next move.
 ‘It’s too risky to go in while everybody is still awake. I’ll have to do my search at night.’ he thought to himself.
 While he made his plans, he didn’t realize that he was being watched.

                                                                * * *

 “Well well well, it looks like we have a guest.” Washu said, looking at her monitor.
 “I think before I let the others know, I’ll sit back and see what this newcomer may be up to…”

                                                                * * *

 A short while later, it was about time for Sasami to prepare lunch for the household. As she got all the cookware ready, and prepared to grab all the needed food ingredients, she felt a hand upon her shoulder.
 “Now, Sasami, you know a mere child shouldn’t be doing such work by herself.”
 Sasami turned her head back to see Haruna standing behind her.
 “I can take over from here.” Haruna said, “Now scoot, skedaddle.”
 With Haruna gesturing her to leave, Sasami slowly and hesitantly made her way out of the kitchen. She made a slight grimace as she looked back and saw Haruna already setting to work.

                                                               * * *

 As everybody waited in the living room for Haruna to finish preparing their meal, they all couldn’t help but notice the unhappy look on Sasami’s face.
 ‘Wow, Haruna managed to piss off even Sasami.’ Ryoko thought to herself.
 Yosho felt that the mood in the room should be lightened a bit, and he knew just how to do it.
 “Sasami, why don’t you tell everybody about your new boyfriend?”
 Sasami’s cheeks became as pink as her eyes as everybody turned and looked at her in surprise.
 “Grandpa!!! That was suppose to be a secret!!!” the girl cried.
 “What do you mean, Honorable Grandfather?” Aeka asked, her eyes wide.
 Yosho adjusted his glasses before he explained.
 “For the past month or so, there has been a handsome young boy about Sasami’s age who has been visiting the shrine regularly. It seems that he and Sasami have taken quite a liking to each other.”
 “That’s wonderful, Sasami.” Tenchi said with a smile, “What’s his name?”
 “Sai. His name is Sai.” Sasami said, her face still flushed.
 “Now, Sasami, you know such a thing cannot be.” Aeka said, “It is not your place to get romantically involved with an Earth commoner.”
 “Oh, you’re one to talk!” Ryoko snarked, “This is coming from the girl who tries to hang all over Tenchi!”
 “Oh, ho ho! I’ll remind you that Tenchi has royal blood in his veins and is no mere commoner!” Aeka shot back.
 “Yeah, a lot of good that does you!” Ryoko said with a smirk.
 “What was that?!” Aeka shouted.
 “You know what I mean.” Ryoko said, “We all know that it wasn’t exactly you that Tenchi was thinking of when he was in Haruna’s world. I think the real reason you don’t want Sasami to get involved with this other kid is because you’re jealous that your little sister has been getting more action than you’ll ever get!”
 “HOW DARE YOU!!!!!” Aeka roared.
 Aeka’s battle logs began to manifest around the room while Ryoko began to charge up an energy blast from her hands. Everybody in the room prepared for the impending explosion.
 “Well, what do we have here? Are you two getting in trouble again?”
 Everybody turned to see Haruna at the entrance of the living room.
 “You girls better start behaving yourselves. You wouldn’t want me to discipline the both of you.” she said. While the look on Haruna’s face was pleasant, they could all feel the energy swelling within her.
 “Oh, we’re fine! No problems here!” Ryoko and Aeka said in unison as they quickly settled down.
 “Now, then, lunch is just about ready, so you you can all get settled at the table.” Haruna announced.
 As they all made their way to the dinner table, Washu made a quick glance at something in the palm of her hand. Kiyone took notice of it and quietly moved up to the scientist.
 “I noticed you’ve been checking your monitor a lot in the past hour.” Kiyone whispered to her, “Is it anything we should know about?”
 “Maybe.” Washu whispered back, “I don’t want to say anything until I know more, so don’t tell anybody anything yet.”
 With that, Washu left Kiyone both confused and more curious than before.

                                                                   * * *

 Night had fallen. Tenchi was about ready for a good night’s sleep. Even though Haruna kept Ryoko and Aeka out of their usual trouble, he still felt tired. He figured it must be the stress of having all the girls upset at him for letting Haruna stay. It was something they would have to deal with, because it wasn’t like Tenchi to turn somebody away.
 ‘I’m sure they’ll get use to her eventually.’ he thought.
 He lay down and pulled his covers over himself. It was long before he started to drift away. It was not to last. He didn’t know how long he was out before something pulled him awake. Something or someone grabbed the collar of Tenchi’s shirt and violently shook him out of his slumber. He awoke to see eyes in the dark glaring at him.
 “Tenchi Masaki.” the figure said, “Tell me, where is the Graygem of Gargath!”
 “Wha….what are you talking about? Who are you?” the Masaki boy asked in a daze.
 “Don’t play dumb with me, asshole. I know you kno….”
 The door to the room burst open and the lights were switched on. Washu and Kiyone stood in the doorway and Kiyone pointed her gun at the intruder.
 “Stop right there, or I’ll….” Kiyone began to say until the sight before her gave her pause.
 The figure that sat on top of Tenchi was a young boy, approximately in his early teens. His grey-green spiked hair and his gold eyes were eerily reminiscent of Ryoko, but that’s not what gave the two women pause. What gave them pause was the fact that this boy who was on top of Tenchi was completely nude.
 “Oh….my. I guess that explains why Tenchi has never chosen a girl.” Washu said.

                                                                    * * *

 The commotion had woken everybody in the household up, and soon they were all gathered downstairs in the living room, surrounding the boy (who had been given some of Tenchi’s old clothes) who sat on the couch with his arms crossed and a disgruntled look on his face.
 “This boy was doing what with Tenchi??!!” Ryoko and Aeka cried in unison.
 “Hey, don’t start accusing me of any gay shit!” the boy said, “I just didn’t have the opportunity to grab any clothing when I came here!”
 “So, kid, who are you and what are you doing here?” Kiyone asked.
 “And why are you so devilishly handsome?” Ryoko asked in turn.
 “I….can’t say.” the boy answered.
 As this exchange was going on, Washu looked over the results of the tests she ran on the newcomer. Her eyes widened as she took in the information before her.
 ‘Oh my. Things could get rather….interesting...around here if I told everybody what I just discovered.’ she thought.
 “Well, now, since it seems this boy is a long way from home and with nowhere to stay, I say he stay with us for now.” Yosho suggested.
 “Father is right. We’ve certainly never turned a stranger away before.” Noboyuki added upon seeing the disapproving looks of the girls.
 But...what room will he stay in?” Aeka wondered aloud.
 The boy grinned as he eyed the princess hungrily.
 “I think I’ll stay with you for the night, sweet cheeks.” he said to her. The look he gave her made her feel very uncomfortable.
 “Actually, I was hoping he would stay with me at least for tonight.” Washu suggested, “I think he and I will have much to discuss.”
 “Eh, heh, yes, I think that would be best.” Aeka said as the boy continued to eye her.
 “It’s settled then, our newcomer will stay with Washu for the night.” Tenchi announced.
 “Damn.” the boy said under his breath.
 As Washu grabbed the new guest by the arm and dragged him off, Kiyone and Mihoshi received a signal on their wristbands. A message from Galaxy Police HQ. The two of them nodded at each other and then told the others that they needed to go to the Yagami for some business.

                                                                 * * *

 Aboard the Yagami, Mihoshi and Kiyone read the report from HQ. Mihoshi’s eye swelled with tears. Another child killing. This time on the Martian colony, just a planet away from where the two of them were. It had all the markings of the string of killings done by a cult that was growing in influence across the known galaxy.
 The Cult of Oryo had struck again, and now it appeared they were right in Mihoshi and Kiyone’s backyard.


Chapter 2

“Well, this really blows.” the boy muttered.
 Deep within Washu’s extra-dimensional laboratory, the newcomer to the Masaki household found himself in an awkward position. He was bound up and hanging from a wall while Washu ran tests on him. The scientist grinned as she looked over her readings.
 “So, kid, what should I call you?” she asked in a slightly snide manner, “Ryoko Junior? Or Tenko, perhaps?”
 The boy grimaced at that last one.
 “AH HA! I thought so!” Washu exclaimed, “I always knew that Ryoko planned to give the kid she had someday with Tenchi that name. Although, I would have thought that she’d reserve it for a daughter rather than a son.”
 The boy, Tenko, sighed.
 “Alright, bitch, ya got me. I suppose you also figured out that I’m not from this time period.” he said.
 “Indeed!” she replied, “It was all too easy for a genius like me to figure out!”
 Washu’s two mini-bots appeared on her shoulders.
 “You are brilliant, Washu!” Bot-A exclaimed.
 “You are magnificent, Washu!” Bot-B cried out.
 ‘Dear fucking God. All those stories my mother told me about how annoying this woman was are true.’ Tenko groaned in his mind.
 After a few seconds, Washu finally calmed down a bit.
“So, now, Tenko, let’s get down to business. Why did you come back to this time period?”
 “Huh, like I’d tell you.”
 Washu crossed her arms and tapped her foot in slight frustration.
 ‘Sadly, it looks like this brat takes more after his mother than his father.’ she thought.
 “Very well, then. If you don’t want cooperate, you can stay here for the night.” she told him.
 Tenko remained silent as Washu walked out of the laboratory and left him hanging. As the lights were switched off, he smirked.
 “Like I don’t already have a backup plan…..”

                                                                 * * *

 Morning came. Everybody (minus Kiyone and Mihoshi, who said they had an assignment,) was gathering at the table for breakfast, when Washu suddenly burst in. She was breathing heavily, and had a look of urgency on her face.
 “He...he escaped…”.
 “You mean…?” Tenchi began to ask.
 “Yeah!” Washu replied, “Our newcomer got away from the...accommodations...I made for him!”
 “That...can’t be good.” Tenchi said, suddenly thinking about the awkward position he had found himself in with the kid last night.
 As Washu opened her mouth to speak, the doorbell rang.
 “I’ll get it.” Haruna said.
 She walked out of the dining room to answer the door. The rest of them paid it little mind and continued eating. That is, until Haruna called out.
 “Oh! Aeka! Sasami! I think this is for you!”
 The two princesses looked up in surprise and then got up to see what Haruna might be talking about, and, out of curiosity, the others joined them. When the others came to the main entryway, they all saw Sasami and Aeka standing there, almost frozen. Then they all saw what had the princesses frozen in their tracks.
 The pair standing at the door were an attractive couple, Tenchi mused. The man looked barely older than Tenchi, with slick sky-blue hair that was tied back in a ponytail. But, it was the woman who made Tenchi’s eyes widen even more. The purple-tressed beauty was a dead ringer for Aeka, right down to having the same hairstyle. The only differences were that this woman was a bit taller, and the chest area.
 “Mommy! Daddy!” Sasami cried, finally breaking the silence. She then ran up to the blue-haired man and gave him a big hug.
 Aeka walked up to them and gave a formal bow.
 “Mother, Father, this….is certainly a surprise.” the first princess said.
 “Come now, Aeka, why don’t you give us a hug as well?” the mother said, “It’s not like I’m going to rip your face off of anything like that!”
 Aeka nervously approached the pair, and, after a bit of hesitation, finally gave in and embraced her mother.
 “Well, then, it looks like we have even more guests.” Haruna said, “Why don’t you two join us and formally introduce yourselves?”
 “We’d love to!” the father said excitedly, “We have quite a bit to discuss!”
 Tenchi sighed. Yet more colorful house guests, he thought to himself. He wondered what his grandfather, who had been strangely silent this morning, had to say about this. But, when he turned and looked around for Yosho, the Masaki patriarch was absent.

                                                                     * * *

 “Damn! It’s not here, either.”
 Tenko was getting more and more frustrated. He searched all over the the grounds of the Masaki Shrine, yet he could not find the item he was looking for. The cave he stood in now was the last place he could think to look.
 “Looking for something?”
 Tenko turned his head back and glared at the source of the voice.
 “Yosho Masaki. Figures you’d show up to try and stop me.”
 Yosho calmly adjusted his glasses.
 “If you’re looking for the Graygem, it is no longer at this residence.” Yosho told the boy, “And my grandson knows nothing about it, so you can leave him alone on the matter.”
 “Well, then, I’m guessing you’re not going to give up the information on its whereabouts peacefully.” Tenko smirked.
 A swirl of orange energy manifested around Tenko’s right hand, taking shape into a large energy blade. It was enough to unsettle Yosho a bit. The Masaki patriarch could sense that this power the boy wielded was something beyond the normal Jurai Power, possibly a mixture of the latent power within Tenchi mixed with that of Ryoko.
 “Well, now, Great-Grandpa, shall we begin?”

                                                              * * *

 “My name is Zyggi Jurai.” said Aeka and Sasami’s father.
 “I am Aeka Jurai I” said the mother, “My first daughter was named after me.”
 “Wow, this is a bit funny, because Aeka and Sasami never told us about you guys, and we never thought much about it.” Tenchi explained.
 “Yes, I think Aeka here is a bit embarrassed about us.” Aeka I said with a chuckle, “We also were out of contact for a long while due to being in hiding from Kagato.”
 “But now, we’re here on an important matter.” Zyggi announced. He stood and then walked over to Sasami. “Sasami, my dear, we’ve gotten your letters telling us about your new boyfriend, and I just want to ask you… can you go off with some other guy when you are betrothed to me??!!”
 A long silence. Aeka buried her face in her palms. Aeka I smiled cheerfully. Sasami sighed and kept her composure.
 “....the Hell?” Ryoko finally said.
 “Now, Papa, you know that I was only a tiny little girl when I said I’d marry you someday.” Sasami explained, “I didn’t entirely understand what I was saying back then.”
 “Oh, Sasami, my love, you break my heart.” Zyggi cried with tears forming in his eyes.
 “Hold on just a minute, here! Sasami is your daughter, and she’s only 9! And you’re already married” Tenchi yelled.
 “Juraian noblemen can marry more than one woman.” Aeka I explained, her cheerful smile never breaking.
 “Still! She’s your daughter and she’s still a child!” Tenchi shouted.
 “And look at just how cute she is and imagine what a sweet piece of ass she’s going to grow up to be! Can you really blame me?” Zyggi cried.
 “YES!!! YES I CAN!!!!” Tenchi growled.
 “You’re all so mean!” Zyggi sobbed.
 ‘Sheesh. I guess that explains why Aeka has never spoken of these guys.’ Ryoko thought.
 “Well, Dear,” Aeka I went on, moving in closer to Aeka, “if Sasami won’t marry you, you’ve always got Aeka, here. If you’re married to the both of us, you’d be able to live out a twin fetish!”
 “Hmm, you’ve got a point, there.” Zyggi said, perking up a bit, “And I’ll bet Little Aeka likes taking it in the butt just as much as you do.”
 Aeka’s lip began to curl in a snarl, but she managed to keep her composure. The others determined that she must be use to this sort of thing.
 “Now, Mother, Father, you know I already have somebody in my life that I love.” Aeka said as plainly as she could.
 “Come now, Little Aeka, we all know that Tenchi loves that other woman.” the older Aeka replied.
 Ryoko snickered.
 “You see, ‘Little’ Aeka?” Ryoko chimed in, “Even your mom and pop know that I…”
 “Yes, we know that Tenchi loves Haruna.” Zyggi added.
 As Haruna began to blush, and Tenchi’s eyes grew wide, Aeka and Ryoko began to pummel Zyggi while Aeka I and Sasami laughed lightly.
 “Well, this has sure been entertaining.” Noboyuki, who until that moment had been watching the whole thing silently with amusement, said to Washu.
 “Yes, it certainly is…” Washu began to say before the sound of a massive explosion coming from outside drew away everybody’s attention.
 “Shit, I almost forgot about that little dick!” Washu grumbled.

                                                              * * *

 “Are you ready, Mihoshi?” Kiyone whispered to her partner.
 Mihoshi nodded in the affirmative, but Kiyone could see the fear in the blond woman’s big eyes.
 The pair had received a tip at where a holding of the Cult of Oryo on the Martian colony might be located, and their job was to stake it out. When they watched the compound and saw somebody carrying in a sack with something struggling inside, they knew they had to sneak in, even though back up may not come for a very long time.
 The two of them had succeeded in getting to a back entryway in the compound. With both of them prepared, Kiyone kicked down the door. She and Mihoshi had no idea what hit them before the world went black.

Chapter 3

 When everybody from the Masaki household arrived at the scene of the explosion, they all came upon the scene of Yosho lying on the ground unconscious and with charred skin, and Tenko standing over him with a grin on his face.
 ‘Geez, for being Jurai’s greatest warrior, Yosho sure gets his ass kicked a lot.’ Ryoko thought.
 Haruna, Zyggi, and the two Aekas all looked at each other and nodded. The four of them circled Tenko, while Tenko simply smirked at them all with a “bring it on” look. All at once, glowing symbols appeared on the foreheads of all four individuals circling Tenko. The Jurai Power. 
 Tendrils of energy appeared from thin air and began to wrap themselves around and bind Tenko, yet he didn’t look the least bit concerned. Just when it looked like they all had him, he stretched his arms outward, and the tendrils broke apart. His four would-be captors found themselves thrown backwards several feet by an invisible force.
 “I don’t have time right now to deal with all you bitches.” Tenko said as he began to float up in the air.
 “And I’ll see you sometime later, sweet cheeks.” the boy then told Aeka as he winked and blew her a kiss. Aeka let out and “ooo!” as she felt something peck her on her bottom with a pink heart appearing above it.
 With that, Tenko flew away and then phased out and vanished in a manner identical to Ryoko’s phase-out ability. Tenchi and Haruna (who had just got back to her senses) ran over to Yosho and Haruna held the patriarch up and managed to get him to wake up.
 “The Graygem. He’s after the Graygem.” Yosho muttered.

                                                                     * * *

 Kiyone gradually regained consciousness. ‘What happened, and where am I?’ she wondered. She looked over and saw Mihoshi, who was out cold, lying in a chair next to her.
 “Good to see you awake and well.” came a voice that Kiyone soon realized was quite familiar. Sure enough, she looked up and saw Nagi’s expressionless face looking down on her.
 “Wh...where…” Kiyone began to say.
 “You are aboard Ken-Ohki. Long story short- I rescued you and Mihoshi from that cult. It was quite a close call for both of you.”
  “There is a huge bounty out for Daa’goth, the leader of the Cult of Oryo. It’s a bounty that I’m determined to collect. Recently, I was following a lead that suggested Daa’goth may be in that compound you were trying to raid. The lead turned out to be false, but it was indeed a compound held by the cult, and when I got there, I found them about to do some….unsavory...things to you and your partner.”
 Kiyone rubbed her head, which she found to be aching rather severely.
 “Where are you taking us?” Kiyone asked.
 “Back to Earth. I need to confront a certain old rival of mine about something regarding this cult.”
                                                                       * * *

 “So just what the hell is this Graygem?” Ryoko demanded to know.
 Yosho was resting in his bed. He had finally recovered from his injuries, thanks mostly to a drop of water from Aeka’s tree-ship, Ryu-Oh. The elder Masaki now realized that he had some explaining to do.
 “This story goes back far into Jurai’s history.” he began to explain. “Centuries ago, an emperor of Jurai, my ancestor, received a strange visitor. He was an unusual creature, looking mostly human, but was very short in stature and very stocky. The creature called himself a dwarf, and he claimed to be from a world called Krynn in a different universe from our own.
 “We do not know how this dwarf managed to cross over into our universe, nor how he returned to his own universe once his task was finished, but he came to us with an item that he said was of great importance. He called it the Graygem of Gargath. This gem was said to contain the essence of a powerful and evil entity of otherwise unknown nature. The dwarf said that the gem was too dangerous to be kept on his own world any longer. Because he sensed great power in the Juraian people, he wished to entrust the gem to us.
 “Fully confident in our Jurai Power, the emperor agreed to take the gem from the dwarf’s hands, after which the dwarf disappeared, presumably to his home universe. However, what we didn’t know, and the dwarf may not have, either, was that the gem had tiny, barely visible cracks. The cracks were just enough so that the evil entity inside could seep out tiny fragments of its essence and being. Centuries after we had acquired the gem, one such small fragment of the entity escaped the gem and formed itself into a creature of pure darkness that began to ravage the entire galaxy.”
 Yosho paused to allow that last part to sink in.
 “You mean…...Kain?!” Tenchi concluded aloud.
 “Indeed.” Yosho continued. “Even worse, it appeared both we and the dwarf overestimated the Jurai Power. As you know, the last Jurai Emperor, my father, did finally capture and imprison Kain with the help of the Galaxy Police. But he did so at the cost of his own life. My Jurai Royal Council soon realized that if a mere tiny fragment of the evil entity in the Graygem could tax the Jurai Power to such an extreme, that the full power of the entity would be far beyond what the Juraians could contain. So, it was decided to take the Graygem to a remote part of the galaxy and bury it.
 “Because I was in a state of grief over both the loss of my father as well as the loss of my former friend Kagato, I volunteered to take the Graygem with me and go into voluntary exile. Together, I and my fiance’, Haruna, left Jurai with the gem and came to Earth.”
 “However, the Graygem was not finished causing devastation and grief.” Haruna interjected. “Around the time Yosho and I came to Earth, I fell terminally ill. Both Yosho and I knew that the power of the gem was the thing that was killing me. It could be that the entity inside the gem was trying to reap vengeance on us for trying to bury it.”
 “And it didn’t stop there.” Yosho continued. “You may remember, Tenchi, that time when you and your friend, Seina, were children, and Seina got himself lost in a nearby cave, and then when we found him, it seemed like he had an aura of bad luck surrounding him. What I could never bring myself to tell you was that Seina had accidently stumbled upon where I hid the Graygem and touched it. His aura of bad luck was due to a curse brought upon him by the gem.
 “At that point, I realized that I could not let the gem endanger my family and our friends any longer. I managed to find a special place to keep the gem where I’m certain its power cannot harm anybody any longer, nor can it ever be found again.”
 “And speaking of people who are trying to find it, what’s the deal with that handsome little asshole?” Ryoko asked.
 Washu began to whistle and turn her eyes to the side. An obvious gesture telling everybody that she had the answer.
 “Alright, Washu, spill the beans!” Ryoko demanded.
 “Well… see….umm….” the scientist coughed out, “That boy is….eh heh, your son with Tenchi from the future, Ryoko.”
  If it weren’t for her super-human Juraian stamina and constitution, Aeka would have suffered both a cerebral aneurysm and an aortal aneurysm at the same time. The princess exploded with anger and grabbed Washu by the collar.
 “Eh, sorry, Aeka, but the DNA tests confirm that he is indeed their offspring. And my quantum readings told me that he’s not from our time period.” Washu explained.
 “That would explain why he overpowered us. He has both Tenchi’s Jurai Power and Ryoko’s power as well.” Haruna remarked.
 “Well well well, I guess we now know who the better woman will be, don’t we, Aeka?” Ryoko chuckled.
 “Oh, this is so horrible!” Aeka sobbed. “That monster woman has stolen another man from me!”
 “Wait, you mean you two have fought over another guy in the past?” Tenchi asked.
  “Yes, yes indeed!” Aeka cried. “In my early high school years, there was a young man whom I came to love very dearly. I watched him from afar for so long. One day, I decided that I would visit his house to confess my feelings for him….”
 The flash of memories manifested in Aeka’s mind. She approached the house of her love, a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Just as she was about to knock on the front door, she heard an alarming sound. It was like that of a massive cry. Aeka realized the cries were coming from her love. He must have been in trouble. She quickly kicked down the door and ran upstairs to the source of the cries. She arrived at her love’s bedroom, and burst through the door.
 There was a long silence as Aeka took in the sight before her. The man she loved lay back on his bed completely naked. And he wasn’t alone. On top of him was Aeka’s long time rival, Ryoko, who was also completely naked….and riding him in reverse. Aeka realized that the man she loved was having sexual intercourse with her hated rival, and the sight of her entering the room wasn’t enough to make them stop. She had arrived just in time as the man she loved climaxed inside Ryoko……
 “Hold on just a minute!!!” Ryoko growled, interupting Aeka’s story. “That’s not what happened at all!”
 “Oh?” Washu asked.
 “Yeah! What really happened was this-” Ryoko began. “Back in my early high school years, I was torn between two different men. I loved them both dearly, but for a long time I couldn’t decide which one I would choose. Finally, I got it in myself to make a decision. These two guys were roommates, so I decided I would visit their house and confess to the one I chose…”
 The flash of memories manifested in Ryoko’s mind. She approached the house of her two loves, a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Just as she was about to knock on the front door, she heard an alarming sound. A series of cries. She realized that the cries were coming from inside the house, and that the two guys must be in some sort of trouble. She kicked down the door and ran upstairs to the source of the cries. The cries were coming from an upstairs room. Ryoko burst into the room
 There was a long silence as Ryoko took in the sight before. The two men she loved were on the bed naked. And they weren’t the only ones. Sandwiched between them was Ryoko’s long time rival, Aeka. The two men were in the middle of having double-sexual intercourse with Aeka, one guy penetrating her vagina, and the other penetrating her anus. The sight of Ryoko bursting into the room was not enough to make them stopped. Ryoko watched in horror as the two men climaxed inside the princess all at once…..
 “HOW DARE YOU TELL SUCH LIES!!!!” Aeka roared, interupting Ryoko’s story. Aeka then heard the sounds of clapping, and she turned to see both her parents giving her an applause.
 “That’s rather impressive, Aeka!” Zyggi said with a smile.
 “I’m so proud of you, sweetie!” Aeka I said with tears of joy in her eyes.
 “You see what your lies have done?!” Aeka yelled at Ryoko.
 “I just thought that maybe your mommy and daddy should know the truth about their precious little girl!” Ryoko shot back.
 “This is why it is incomprehensible that Lord Tenchi would ever have anything to do with a degenerate like you!” Aeka yelled.
 “Oh, believe it, sister! We already have plenty of evidence that Tenchi is gonna enjoy me just fine!” Ryoko retorted.
 Aeka I leaned in towards Haruna.
 “I guess they still don’t realize that, as the heir of Juraian royalty, Tenchi can marry both of them and then some.” she whispered.
 “Obviously not.” Haruna whispered back with a light chuckle.
 Tenchi sighed at the typical display before him. His thoughts then turned back to the boy from the future who is supposedly his son. Even though this boy had caused quite a bit of trouble and didn’t seem to have the best intentions, Tenchi found a part of himself hoping that the kid will be alright wherever he is.

                                                                  * * *

  Night had fallen, and there were no further appearance of the boy named Tenko that day. Zyggi and Aeka I were given a new guest room inside a dimensional pocket to stay in for the night. Yosho had completely recovered from his injuries. All seemed fine for now.
 That was not to be for long. Ryoko, sleeping upon her ceiling beam, suddenly sensed it. Her. What was she doing here now? Not wishing to get the rest of the household involved, Ryoko quietly flew down from her beam and phased out, leaving the house. She called Ryo-Ohki to her, as she might need the cabbit’s help if this situation turned ugly.
 When Ryoko appeared outside the house, she was soon joined by Ryo-Ohki. The two of them flew a ways from the house until they saw it. Ken-Ohki. Ryo-Ohki was overjoyed at the sight of the cabbit-ship she loved, but Ryoko was far more weary, knowing that if Ken-Ohki was here, then she most likely was here as well. Sure enough, Nagi soon phased into being a short ways from Ryoko.
 “What the hell do you want?” Ryoko demanded to know.
 “We have something we need to talk about.” Nagi said, “It’s about you and your relationship to the Cult of Oryo.”

Chapter 4

 “The Cult of what?”
 “I see you are a bit out of the loop.” Nagi commented. “That’s rather ironic, considering this cult has a lot to do with you.”
 “Go on.” Ryoko said.
 “What we know about this cult is that they first appeared on the scene right around the time you started living on Earth. Their leader is said to be an individual by the name of Daa’goth. For awhile, few people paid attention to them because most people were too engrossed with that whole deal of you Aeka, and the Masakis on the run from Kagato and the Galaxy Police.
 “Since Kagato’s downfall, the cult has grown in power and influence, and people are starting to pay more attention to them. Even though they practice in secret, their numbers are increasing throughout the known galaxy.
 “But what is most disturbing about this cult is that they are said to do such unsavory things as kidnap children for human sacrifices. The Galaxy Police has tried to shut them down on numerous occasions, but the capture of Daa’goth and the rest of the cult’s leadership has thus far eluded them.”
 “So, what the hell does any of this have to do with me?” Ryoko demanded to know.
 “Take a look at this.” Nagi said, pulling out a holograph cube. Ryoko looked at the cube. It displayed the image of a statue. The statue was molded in the form of a hideous chimpanzee-like monster with spiky hair that Ryoko noted was identical to her own.
 “Handsome devil!” Ryoko said cheerfully.
 “That would be a statue of Oryo, the cult’s god. I’m guessing you noticed the hair.” Nagi commented, earning a joyful nod from Ryoko. “Others have noticed it as well. It seems that the cult reveres you as Oryo’s avatar.”
 “Well, I admit that they’ve got good taste.” Ryoko remarked, eliciting a sigh from Nagi.
 “There’s more. Apparently, you have a double out there somewhere in the galaxy.” Nagi went on. The scene in her holograph cube shifted and Ryoko looked at it to see an image of what appeared to be herself getting hammered in some alien tavern. “That image was taken two days ago on Talerus VI.”
 “Wait, I’ve been…” Ryoko was about to say.
 “I know. You’ve been living on Earth the entire time since Kagato’s defeat. That’s how I know the woman in this image must be a double. But the cult doesn’t know that. My sources say they are after this woman, thinking she is you, to try and “acquire” her as their living idol.”
 “Eh, they can have her for all I care.” Ryoko shrugged. “What exactly do you want from me in all this?
 “I came here to see if you happened to know anything about this mystery woman.” Nagi explained. “However, it appears I have wasted my time. Come Ken-Ohki!”
 Silence followed Nagi’s call. While Ryoko and Nagi had been talking, their cabbits ran off together. And now Nagi and Ryoko both wondered where they went to.
 “Ryo-Ohki, where the hell are you?” Ryoko called out.
 A short time after that, the two cabbits came out from the nearby woods. Ryoko and Nagi noticed that both cabbits had a very satisfied look on their faces.
 “God, I think I’m gonna be sick.” Ryoko muttered while Nagi gave a mild “hmph”.
 Feeling very refreshed, Ken-Ohki took to the air and morphed to his ship form. Nagi floated up towards him.
 “You may want to continue to lay low. I really don’t think you want this cult’s attention.” Nagi advised before she transported herself aboard Ken-Ohki.
 As Ken-Ohki took off, Ryoko pondered the information Nagi had given her. The more that she thought about it, the more curious she was about that mysterious double. Not only did that woman look exactly like Ryoko, but she even wore the same exact clothing.
 “Heh, probably just some wannabe imposter trying to look like me because she knows I’m so awesome.” Ryoko finally told herself aloud. “Nothing to concern myself with.”
 All that mattered now, in Ryoko’s mind, was her life with Tenchi. The rest of the universe could just stay far far away for all she cared.

                                                                   * * *

 Morning came as usual to the Masaki house. Since Sasami was no longer in charge of preparing breakfast, she decided she would do some morning chores at the shrine. While she was sweeping away dust and leaves she heard the sound of footsteps coming up the shrine stairway. Her heart raced as she recognized those footsteps, and then she saw him.
 “Hey, Sasami!”
 “Sai!” She dropped her broom, ran to the boy and put her arms around him. The boy was quite bishonen, with an almost girlish face, blue eyes, light brown hair that bordered on blonde that was short and slightly scruffy. The two of them remained in a tight hug for several seconds.
 “Well, now, isn’t he a cutie.” Sasami looked up to see her mother’s warm smile looking down on them. Her face suddenly turned as pink as her eyes as Aeka I came over and patted them both on the head.
 “I came out here to tell you that breakfast is ready,” Aeka I went on, “but now that I see you’ve got company, why don’t we invite him to join us?”
 Sai’s eyes widened, and he smiled brightly. “I’d love to!”

                                                                     * * *

 The meal was set, and everybody welcomed the new guest.
 “I’m really pleased to finally meet all of you!” Sai greeted them cheerfully.
 “And we’re all glad to finally meet you.” Tenchi said warmly.
 Only one individual in the room seemed displeased with the newcomer. Zyggi sat across the table, his arms crossed, a scowl upon his face, and a vein about to pop out of his forehead.
 “Umm, is something wrong, Mister Jurai?” Sai asked nervously. Zyggi then stood, slammed his hands on the table, and looked at Sai menancingly.
 “Look here, kid, you may have charmed Sasami with your girly face, but I’m telling you right now that I’m gonna be the one to induce my little girl’s first queef!”. His outburst earned him a spank across the bottom from Aeka I.
 “Now, dear, we’ve discussed this before. Sasami is free to choose whomever she wants to be with. However…..” Aeka I stood and walked up to Sai. She put her arms around him and began caressing his hair. “....if you need any...special training….in the bedroom, I’ll be more than happy to show you a few of my special moves.”
 “Hey! I’ve got an idea!” Zyggi announced. He rushed over to Aeka and pulled her from her seat and brought her to Sai. “Here, you can have my oldest daughter instead! I have it on good word that she knows just as many “special moves” as her mother does!”
 The others at the table sweatdropped as Aeka began to savagely beat her father. Sai, still in Aeka I’s embrace, smiled at Sasami awkwardly. Sasami just returned his gaze and giggled lightly. Sai now realized that all the wild stories Sasami told him were true.
 “So, Sai, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself.” Yosho said, finally breaking the awkwardness.
 “Well, one thing I’d like to say is that I enjoy inventing things.” Sai said cheerfully. “In fact, I actually came here this morning to show Sasami something I whipped up last night.”
 The boy pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small metallic figure molded in a vaguely humanoid form.
 “Allow me to introduce my new A.I. system!” he announced cheerfully.
 “Bah, that’s nothing!” Washu scoffed. “Let me show you some true genius, kid!”
 Washu’s computer console manifested before her. The door to her laboratory opened, and something walked out and strolled into the dining room. The thing was the spitting image of Washu.
 “Allow me to introduce my latest and greatest achievement, Mecha Washu Mark 3!” Washu proudly announced. “Sorry, kid, this is how a truly great scientific mind roll!”
 “You are a genius Washu!” said her A bot, appearing on the her right shoulder.
 “You are magnificent, Washu!” said her B bot, appearing on her left shoulder.
 The pleasant and cheerful smile that Sai had been sporting most of his time there suddenly turned to a wicked grin. He quietly pressed something inside his pocket. The eyes of the small metal figure turned red. Then, it began to break apart. More than just breaking down into tiny pieces, the figure began to break down and form a grey cloud. Then the cloud grew larger as it approached Mecha Washu.
 The robot had no time to react before the cloud entered its ears. The robot then clutched the sides of its head, as if in pain. It cried out, and then sparks began to rain out from its head. Finally, Mecha Washu fell to the ground, smoke rising up from its body.
 “You see, my A.I. is actually a cloud of nanomachines.” Sai explained. “Upon my command, they can come apart to do any task I give them, from repairing computers and machinery, to even dismantling machines, as I have just demonstrated.”
 “Oh, Sai, you’re so smart!” Sasami cried out happily as she hugged Sai (joining her mother, who never let go her embrace of the boy).
 “You are a genius, Sai!” said Washu’s A bot, appearing on Sai’s right side.
 “You are brilliant, Sai!” said Washu’s B bot, appearing on Sai’s left side.
 Washu fell to her knees. “It….it isn’t fair!” she cried.
 “Tell me about it!” Zyggi, who had also fallen to his knees sobbing at the realization that Sasami’s new boyfriend was much cooler than he was.

                                                                    * * *

 Kiyone and Mihoshi stood before Director L’sar as he took in the information they gave him. Shortly after Nagi had rescued them, the bounty hunter was kind enough to drop them off at the nearest Galaxy Police headquarters, and now Kiyone felt she had to face the music for her failure. However, what she heard next surprised her.
 “I have a new assignment for you two that I think you will find interesting.” the Director announced. Kiyone and Mihoshi looked at each other in bewilderment. “Our latest intelligence suggests that the Cult of Oryo may have gained a foothold on Earth. And not just anywhere on Earth. They are reported to be in Japan.”
 There was a long silence as the two officers processed the information. Kiyone realized that things were going to go to Hell soon.


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