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Eff Efferson:
i was doing some google searching and i found these

it seems there were 3 photon light novels anyone have any idea about what these are? like an adaption or what? they seem to be done by kajishima himself

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They should be by Kajishima himself if memory serves me properly.

Eff Efferson:
even better their by yosuke kuroda, the person who kajishima has write all his novels.

and i just ordered them online. so ill be able to do translations of them when i get the time / japanise proficiency

I have to wonder if there are any clues about Photon's place in the Kajishima canon. If it's a part of anything it's Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, yes, but like, what if it's just its own thing? Fap, you translated an old doujin where MK spoke of using ideas from an old unmade story for Tenchi, and the name Koro came from the unused mascot character of that. So what if Photon was just a stand-alone title in which he explored names and ideas he would go on to re-use? I mean Tenchi and Photon both obviously involve counteractors.

Now I'm on the fence as to whether Photon and Isekai are really connected more than that.

Also, boo-ya Yosuke Kuroda! MK's main sidekick since nineteen ninety something. You can always know it's legit if his name's on it.

Eff Efferson:
i'm hoping the heseiban series explains it of the last notan but who knows...its my personal goal to find out though. finding out that masquerade was linked to attention fragile which never released was pretty enlightening. it makes sense that he just sort of abandoned work on masquerade now. since it was a pc game anime for a game that never came out


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