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I don't wanna be the guy who signs up to immediately ask for something but this has been bugging me lately.

I've been looking for in-game images, original cels, cutscenes, or a complete playthrough for a Sega Saturn Tenchi Muyo game called Mimiri Onsen (天地無用!魅御理温泉 ~湯けむりの旅). I've done a lot of Googling lately partly in response to some more successful searches a few months ago when I managed to find some video footage that has since vanished from Nicovideo. All I can find now are a few very small low-res and random screenshots.

At some point I also thought I saw that all of the cutscenes had been ripped and uploaded onto a Useless Tenchi Youtube channel, all of which have also seemingly vanished.

This is admittedly mainly driven by wanting to check out some hard to find fanservice, but also just to compile some seemingly rare Tenchi Muyo content from the 90s to go in my reference folder (which might lead to me manually redrawing some in a higher resolution if I so desire).

If anyone happened to rescue, already possess, or has the means to get this material back into the world, it would be very appreciated.

As an aside, in searching also I found a Tenchi Muyo game for the PC-Engine with 16-bit graphics, and in checking it out there seemed to be a bunch of cels in the hands of collectors that the games images were based on. This lead to me learning of a PC-FX port where all of the graphics were replaced with the actual cel art. So if anyone knows if there's a port of Mimiri Onsen with way better art then that would also be cool.

Nonsuch Ned:
There's a  guy  on one of the Tenchi Facebook groups who said he had videos of his game playthroughs taken off YT and for months he's been teasing their return. But he's being a little weird about it. Pretty sure English is not his first language.

I lumped together the harder to find imagery I saved that a quick Google search doesn't throw up, just in case anyone has it but isn't aware what name applies to which game.

NSFW but nipple-less

I have no idea about Saturn emulation or if the ROM is even available if that's another route.

edit: It was the Tenchi Forum Youtube channel (dead) that had them, apparently:

Eff Efferson:
i have a modded sega saturn and normally id be the first to jump on here but life stuff goin on right now that keeps me from that so sorrry


--- Quote from: Eff Efferson on February 12, 2021, 10:49:33 PM ---i have a modded sega saturn and normally id be the first to jump on here but life stuff goin on right now that keeps me from that so sorrry

--- End quote ---

Don't worry, this is more an intense curiosity for something that shouldn't be as rare as it is (mainly because the work had been done then disappeared), the content probably isn't really worth anyone going out of their way for. I'm sure someone has/knows something.


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