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Agga Ruter: Kei becomes Washu-chan like in this picture

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Eff Efferson:
I waybacked that now dead link and attached a saved copy for posterity, Agga ruter interests me, anyone know why it was only 4 episodes? it didnt seem done... it really interested me cause it looked like it was going to go in depth into the prehistorical civilisation... whether that was duals earth or the ones before it i dont know but seeing as how it's a look at how fucked up either duals earth or the rest of the galaxy got because of washu's  bioroid clones  i was interested.

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I assume it got cancelled due to poor sales. I really enjoyed Agga Ruter and would like to see if finished eventually. Maybe once Kajishima's done with the GXP novels he could write an Agga Ruter novel.

Eff Efferson:
Hesei three confirmed kei is the same thing as zero but a cheaper model. thats why she can't copy memories like zero can. also i got into the visual novel games files and with 7-zip and was able to get the voice clips out... they just need to be renamed .wav to work i use a bulk file renaming program to do that. if anyone ever wants to pursue that in the future that is how


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