DBS Dream Fairy Match Girl "Nana" ("Yuna")

Started by Tasuke, May 21, 2024, 07:48:06 AM

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♥Giant Hunnie♥

Since she's a Blondie... i'll be Renaming her "Yuna Kagurazaka"
since she reminds me of the 1990's Anime/Video Game character so very much~


May 23, 2024, 08:44:53 PM #1 Last Edit: May 24, 2024, 07:46:50 PM by Tasuke
Angel Hunnie

May 27, 2024, 01:18:59 AM #2 Last Edit: May 29, 2024, 08:15:51 PM by Tasuke
It will Be at least another Day before the first of Yuna's two new Dresses arrive...
so i took the time to rework the Fit of her original Blouse and Skirt set to allow for the added bulk of her Cotton Bra and Panties.
also tweaked her Mary Jane Shoes and dressed up her previously quite minimalist Blouse some;

The Difference is Astounding. a Genuine 100% improvement, YMMV.

what's more; the Wig stays on so well all on it's own that  scalp caps (and/or double-sided Adhesive strips) are Completely Unnecessary~