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Started by Kokoro, January 26, 2023, 03:43:10 PM

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I know I read on here somewhere today that we have a Wiki?  I need to do some serious catching up to do, so, where can I find the Wiki?



It certainly has gaps and occasional questionable areas, but all reasonable requests are listened to... We even take reasonable advice from unreasonable people. 

There's technically a second wiki but... no there's not a second wiki.
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... Right..... ..... .

That makes perfect sense!  LOL

Ah!  It's nice to know that trusty souls are in charge of the Wiki over there!  I've visited a few times in the past.  Great job, folks!

As someone who dabbled in some wikia updating when the True Tenchi novels landed in English, your remarks are most appreciated.

You're welcome! :)  I know how difficult it is to maintain an infobase.  I used to have to do that when I worked computer help desk.

Yes, Ned and Knight are doing a great job.

I unfortunately mostly only have the time to do occasional edit-patrolling nowadays, due to being so busy with taking care of another enormously more active wiki.
Please help out with improving the Tenchi Muyo wiki:


Quote from: Kokoro on January 26, 2023, 08:33:32 PM
... Right..... ..... .

That makes perfect sense!  LOL
Yeah, don't concern yourself too much about that "other" Tenchi Muyo! wiki. It's simply a vanity project by its owner as a means of projection onto his little clique in the fandom. The fandom wiki is for all fans of the series and we welcome anyone who wants to work on it. 

:)  I read your story.  That's quite a situation.  I'm glad you're here!

I just thought about this after yesterday's site outage. Would it make sense to include an article or at least a link pointing back here to the Useless Tenchi forums? One of the criteria for publishing to Wikipedia, which inspired much of Fandom's terms of use, is to ensure that the topic is noteworthy. Because we are editing the contents of an encyclopedia, notability is important. The wording on /wiki/Help:Your_First_Article is any article published "must have already been the subject of publication in reliable, secondary, entirely independent sources that treat the topic in substantive detail."

So, how widely known is UTF? Has it received coverage in the media?

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UTF is linked to in the welcome page of the wiki, at the bottom of the featured news and it's not super noticeable. Maybe we could add it to the sidebar to get a little more visibility (but not much).

[edit]I liked the idea, so I just ran with it. - Not sure it will really make any difference, but a link to the site wasn't really "news" either.
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Some meta tags to help google index content would be good. I don't see any meta tags here at all.