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Ayuko! Parallel Trouble?!

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shades of blue:
I just got my hands on the Dual! Ultimate Fan Guide and found an interesting snippet within:

BTW Dual! UFG appears mostly worthless, thou the last 20 pages contain character details for use with the BESM RPG system and sketches.

Wow all suddenly make sense. Except...if Ayuko is accidentally in the other world, how Mitsuko knew her mother is with another man ? Is Ayuko can return to her original world ?

shades of blue:
Part of that is actually mentioned near the bottom; "Mitsuki Sanada's comment that Ayuko ran off with another man could be an assumption to explain a mysterious disappearance".

As for her being able to return to the original world, by herself, I'd have to say no. Because she would first need Sanada to build or repair the machine, in the parallel timeline, before she could travel back. Thou at the end it would not matter much, since she & the rest of the alternative timeline cast are pulled into Kazuki's timeline.

Interesting hypothesis.

shades of blue:
You know what, there just might be something to it. I was looking for a scene to screen capture in EP14 and I just noticed that in there scene where Ayuko & Hiroshi Rara are trying to make Mitsuki & Kazuki a couple, she audibly becomes flustered, when Ken & the gang burst in. Right then Ayuko blurts out "Sa-sanada-kun~!", in a different pitch from normal, as she was caught off guard and it sounded much in the way you'd expect someone with a closer character relationship to respond. Prior to that, it did not seem like Ken & Ayuko had much positive character interactions, in the alternative timeline. At least not that I can recall anyway. And normally I would have overlooked such a detail, but with the possibility that Ayuko Sanada traveled over and became "Ayuko Rara", my ears were more in tune with such easily overlooked detail.


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