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Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) :







Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one:)




Name: Ian McGovern

Hometown: Bath, Maine, USA

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : demigod

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 235 lbs

Gender: Male

Appearance: Very handsome. Looks similar to Belldandy in a male form, but also shares his mother's features, and later forms two blue triangles on his cheeks and a "T" tapered at the ends on his forehead.

Age: 18

Occupation: College student, department store receiving department worker, amateur hockey player.

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one:) Matter manipulation.

History: Was born from a relationship between the almighty one, (Odin,) and his mother, but the all-father had greater things in mind. Though he still loves this woman--Dorothy--she had to leave them be to allow time for the boy to be able to learn life's hard lessons and become the benevolent hero he intended Ian to be. Ian has not yet had his powers blossom, but his father seeks to have them do so in the right place, namely, in Japan, with his three daughters--the norns, (or goddesses of fate)--so that they can teach him how to do it right. He has been given a free ride as a psychology and philosophy student in NIT by divine influence, but it took much in the way of convincing for his mother to allow this. She held great resentment for the Almighty knocking her up and then leaving them be. Yet, despite the best efforts of Mara to try to stop this and to get a chance to corrupt the boy, and by his father showing great humility to Dorothy, she reluctantly allows him to travel to Japan. He has no idea about his lineage, and only thinks he's going to school, and knows nothing yet about his powers.

Likes: Psychology, philosophy, hockey, Bobby Orr, kids, playing his guitar, banjo, and singing.

Dislikes: Hockey goons, bullies, hateful people.

Interesting quirks: Is always ready to teach and counsel, and often gives people something to think about when they speak with him.

Name: Deberk

Hometown: Netherworld plot no. 23

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : Demon

Height: 5' 10"



Appearance: looks like a plain-looking human in his twenties , easy to lose track of in a crowd. Has 3 triangle marking on his face signifying that he's a demon, second class.


Occupation: Assistant, Essentially nothing more than a Go-fer(As in "Get me this! Get Me that!"). On earth, got a job being a janitor.

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one): doesn't need to use much energy as others to heal injuries, either his own or others.

History: Has a crush on Mara, but too shy to admit it. Unfortunately for Deberk, Mara is a bit too dim at the moment to figure it out. Due to Deberk being a bit passive in a lot of things, Mara sees him being afraid of her.

His crush on Mara began when he saw archived videos of her arguing against her immediate superiors who weren't that higher up in rank from her.

Chibi-Hild figured it out after awhile, but said nothing. she wants to see if he'll actually do anything about his feelings. She is currently debating about helping the relationship in her own 'special way', should it ever start.

Pretty much came to earth to assist Mara and Chibi-Hild because he volunteered when Mara requested some help. (what Deberk failed to realize was that Mara simply wanted someone to boss around.) First task on earth he got was to get a job because Chibi-Hild was sick of cheap food.

Deberk has a low amount of ambition for power. His former bosses felt they could trust him for certain tasks because they were sure he would never stick the proverbial dagger in their backs. Despite the opportunities, he never betrayed that trust.Only that is why Deberk is a second class instead of a third class. One possibility Deberk considers for his low lust for power is that he's afraid to lose himself to any power he might acquire.

His jobs in Hell tended to be either delivering information or solitary ones that were out of the way.

Spent three weeks working under Hrungnir when he was younger and developed an interest in technology. He lacks most of the imagination to build anything on his own volition, preferring to make small upgrades and keep things working. occasionally, He'll try to make a replica from a tv show or video game.

Favors earth spells of the dirt and rock type, due to Netherworld plot no. 23 having business in mining. Deberk worked in one of the mines a short time because his father wanted him to learn the lesson of hard work. Deberk began to appreciate how much the earth spells did for him while he worked.

Once was in the Demon medical brigade, but left due to politics. He learned how to heal injuries, but not to cure sickness or how to alleviate allergies. regrets it every time pollen season comes around.

His devil is a red-haired and female. Deberk considers her a bit pushy and temperamental. He learned to play the guitar because she forced him to.

Likes: Mara, pizza, Coffee, miniature figurines, and video games.

Dislikes: Seeing people argue without a cause, really violent and bloody fights, watching sports by himself, cruel plots against children.

Interesting quirks: Musical weakness is bagpipes music, it makes him cry. Unless told to stop, he continues on a task until it is done, regardless of his health. Doesn't take much for pollen to make his allergies act up. Travel medium is light bulbs and recharge medium is pizza.

Name: Malek

Hometown: Netherworld plot no. 23

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : Demon

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 230

Gender: Male

Appearance: short black hair,  jeans, long sleeve white shirt, brown duster coat, fedora, full beard.

Age: about as old as Hild.

Occupation: Demon, first class; Overseer

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one): disruption ability - able to disrupt spells and electronics for a little bit.

History: Father of Deberk, currently divorced. The current overseer of Netherworld plot no. 23. Its main business is mining and it is also home for several species that are affiliated with Demons.

When he was younger, he was friends with Hild. He still kinda is. He never pursued anything beyond being friends with her. At first, it was just because he was too worried that he might wreck his friendship with Hild. Now he is also worried that it might be seen as a powergrab of sorts.

Malek was once part of the security forces under direct control of Hild. He specialized in information gathering. While he did have a high rank when he was in security, he retired from that about 100 years ago. He wanted to keep watch over his home, mostly out of sentimental reasons. But he currently is bored with his job, to the point that he will ask if he can temporally go back into spying every once in awhile.

Back when he trained people, he was very selective for anyone that wanted to be his personal student, to the point where he trained only three people. He did not choose on ability, but on personality and a few other traits. However, anyone that wanted to merely learn from him, with him being a tutor, he was happy to teach.

A firm believer in making all paths lead to victory for him. This belief was somewhat passed on to Deberk.

Malek did his best to insure that Deberk would not hate those of heaven when Deberk was growing up.  One reason was that Malek felt it was foolish to hate without a good reason. There may be more.

As for weapons, Malek favors the sword. he is a bit disappointed that Deberk chose the mace. The specially-made cane that Malek often carries with him can change into a hand-and-a-half sword, once he focuses some energy into it.

He undertook a procedure that reduced his power, but removed his musical weakness when he was younger.

Likes: wine, music, competition.

Dislikes: traitors, slackers

Interesting quirks: tends to give off the impression that he is about to fall asleep or is simply bored. Tends to act childish when he has no current goals to work to.

Name: Ace

Hometown: Heaven

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : Animal familiar - dog

Height: roughly about a Great Dane

Weight: roughly about a Great Dane

Gender: Male

Appearance: A black-furred Great Dane mix

Age: 145

Occupation: protector, former hunting dog

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one): N/A

History: Raised by Odin and was an animal familiar to him until recently. Ace's personality is a bit grim, but loyal. He will face beings far stronger in order to protect others, even if the odds are impossible. Doesn't speak much. He had asked Odin to let him come down to Earth to continue protecting Ian. Due to training, is quite strong, capable of throwing an adult male quite a distance for his size with only his mouth.
His dislike of Hild stems from his first meeting with her. It was at one of the talks to decide on a treaty. Ace was outside and Hild decided to see what kind of dog Odin had brought along. Ace growled at Hild and she warned him to stop that. Ace growled some more and began to slowly walk towards her. She warned him to stop that too. When Ace had come too close, Hild grabbed him and threw him through a wall.
Once was one of the animals sent to protect Ian when he was younger. Ace was taken off after he began to stand out a bit by throwing some thugs into a window at one point.

Kinda sounds like Patrick Stewart when he speaks.

Likes: Ian, Meat, solitude

Dislikes: Hild, cold, cruelty

Interesting quirks: Ace's face looks naturally mean, even when he's trying to look nice.


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