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Trace Carter:
Name: Kazi 'Z' Carter

Hometown: Orange County, California

Race: half demon half human

Height: 5'9

Weight: 190lbs

Gender: male

Appearance: has black hair and one brown eye and one violet eye with a slitted pupil (like demon urd) and wears a black jacket over a red shirt and black jeans. also wears a gold and silver ring as a limiter on his middle finger.  when he removes his limiter his hair becomes silver and both his eyes become demonic.  he also gains two red triangles under his eyes and a red star on his forehead.

Age: 18

Occupation: college student, part time cashier Whirlwind

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one:) illusions

History: was born out of a relationship between hild and a human man. he was raised in Niflheim by his mother until he was sent to earth due to discrimination against halflings and because he wanted to meet his sister, Urd.

Likes: mischif, compassion, reading, hild (she's his mother), pranks

Dislikes: crime, arrogant/rude/in-compassionate people, bees

Interesting quirks: loves takoyaki and curry, has a bee phobia (includes things similar to bees like hornets and wasps)

Name: Kakarine

Hometown: None

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) :  Pah 'reeni

Height: 4' 6''

Weight: Variable

Gender: Female

Appearance: Looks like a young girl dressed as a priestess

Age: 100010

Occupation: Priestess?/ Meddler

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one): Psychokinesis

She is a part of a race of beings that when in their own dimension, can rival those of an unsealed god or demon in terms of magic. They have to use trinkets that give special powers to the wearer because their own abilites  are limited to basic energy attacks, their main ability, and teleporting.  Their strength is also heavily reduced outside their own dimension.
The race is quite skilled in creating magic items. They became so because they were afraid of being wiped out br creatures more powerful then them while they are outside of their home dimension.
The race is quite skilled with creating gems that grant special abilites. The gems have a high resistance to anyone that tries to tamper or alter them. They either explode or shock the meddler.
Kakarine is the last of her race because of a batch of trinkets using a faulty gem vein. The gems would up draining the lifeforce of the majority of her race. Because they looked down on other races, the population began to dwindle down to Kakarine.
Kakarine likes to meddle and cause trouble, like creating enchanted items that give powers to humans and giving it away. The purpose of that is waiting for a human to misuse the item, so she can claim that humans are selfish. The powers tend to be something like increased strength, being able to to create swords made of energy, Psychokinesis, and stuff kinda like that. It is one power per item and a person is unable to use two at a time. If they try, the enchanted items break and become unusable.
As for why she was sealed, too many enemies on both the Almighty's side and Hild's side, due to her pranks escalating and her pranks starting to cause serious injuries for the victims and she was unwilling to stop.
Belldandy and the others at the temple don't know about her because the information is restricted to prevent the temptation of beings wanting additional powers from Kakurine's magic items.

Likes: Pranks

Dislikes: Being made to stop her pranks.

How are you looking to fit this into the plot?

Name: Daisuke Nakamura

Hometown: Nekomi, Chiba prefecture

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : Human

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 145

Gender: Male

Appearance: Not bad looking but not handsome either, a short, average build, university student.

Age: 22

Occupation: University student, convenience store clerk, pizza delivery boy.

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one:)

History: Was a childhood classmate and friend of Keiichi. After being separated ever since they graduated from elementary, Daisuke eventually meets up with him when he transfered over to NIT. Was born into a middle-class family and is neither the youngest or the oldest of his siblings. He works 2 part time jobs to help pay for his school fees and is studying to become a Designer and engineer for automobiles.

Likes: Night markets (bustling places), festivals, helping people out, and ramune.

Dislikes: Bugs (Generally anything small that crawls)

Name: Ai Naoe

Hometown: Kyoto

Race: (Human, god/goddess, demigod, demon, avatar.) : Human

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 120

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a small frame. She is usually seen wearing light casual clothing or her kimono when at practice.

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Main Powers, (every god/goddess, demigod has one:)

History: Training in the arts of Iado and considered a prodigy, she has traveled all over the country ever since she was a child to train and compete. During her freshman year in high school, she was caught without her sword and was cornered by a small group of street thugs. Daisuke, a senior, happened to pass by and dove in to help without thinking. He was almost beaten to death if not for the police. She felt indebted to him and tried to become friends with him in return for his kindness. Before long, the two were unexpectantly going out. When Daisuke graduated and moved to Nekomi to study in NIT, she followed two years later and began training in one of top dojos there. Having already achieved kyuudan in Iado, she is now working hard to achieve the final juudan.

Likes: Flowers, bugs, art, swords, history

Dislikes: Loud obnoxious sounds/things

Haven't seen these guys in a while!  Good to have them back.


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