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This section seems to have little life so I thought I might add some pics of a project I did a few years ago. I had wanted to make a replica of the master key for several years before but it took a while before I just decided to go do it. The whole thing is carved from poplar with satin finish. I really wanted to make it out of wood to get the authentic look since a lot of people were using clay, resin or some other plastic. I basically learned how to carve wood with this project. The wood grain markings on the end I carved in with a fine point wood burner (looked at a lot of various pics before I found the correct pattern) and with only 3 plastic gems on one side. I left the other side plain to simulate the master key before it had the gems added. I had a decent top for it made from pewter but it was dropped and broken in the making process so I had to go back and make a separate piece out of wood as well. Only that I added a few layers of lacquer and paint to remove the wood grain look from it.

After this I wanted to make Ayeka's headdress but I never did find any useful pics of it so that project never even got off the ground.

 :christ: Are you still working on such props?

Great work!  :bravo:

looks way better than this other guys I know

Vasima we need a step by step of this prop creation on the Wikia m8

By the way, the wood grain inlay on the pommel / kashira is really slick.


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