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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires custom content by yours truly!

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Figured that I'd start a thread to share my custom content for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires as I upload it.  Right now there's nothing here except the outline for my first batch of projects, but rest assured I will be uploading them as I finish each project.

Tenchi Muyo Warriors (Base game)
Will mostly include edit officers of major characters from the OVA, both TV series (Universe and Shin / Tokyo), the three movies, GXP, and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari along with a few from the manga.  Also includes logos that can be used for the game's custom banner option.

Tenchi Muyo Warriors XTreme Legends
Will mostly include edit officers of the missing characters from the manga that were not present in the "base game" as well as alternate versions / costumes for pre-existing characters.  And no, I will not be doing Ai Tenchi Muyo themed content.  EVER.  Don't even think of asking or you'll get frogged.  :emot-frogout:

Tenchi Muyo Warriors DLC Scenario 1 - The Night before the Apocalypse
Every villain from the Tenchi multiverse have joined together into one faction - it is up to Tenchi, Seina, Kenshi and the other heroes who make up the other faction to stop them.

Tenchi Muyo Warriors DLC Scenario 2 - The Night after the Apocalypse
The battle between Tenchi and the villains has neared its conclusion... but now a mysterious third faction has joined the battle with intentions that are as of yet unknown and a young man claiming to know how to end the war once and for all has sided with Tenchi and his friends.  The third faction will consist entirely of fanmade characters which I will be asking for everyone's input on their designs, personalities, and so forth once I am ready to work on this scenario.

Would love to see this.

Quick notes and a batch of preview screenies incoming.  The first thing would be the notes...

-These are being made with the Japanese (NTSC-J) PS3 version.  Fortunately, it is easy enough to convert Japanese DW8E edits to be usable with the NTSC-U and PAL PS3 versions of the game, so I will be able to provide saves for all three.  However, you will have to change the character names yourself or risk the names displaying improperly in-game if you're not playing the NTSC-J version.

-I don't have any of the DLC yet, so certain characters may be inaccurate as far as appearance goes for the time being.  If you see any mistakes that can be corrected via DLC (Or any mistakes at all for that matter), be my guest once you've imported the characters. I feel as if I've rambled for too long.  For now, I leave you all with links to preview pics of Tenchi and the original five girls.  These are currently marked as work in progress (Especially Ryoko and Washu who don't seem to have 100% matching haristyles without DLC), so don't shoot the messenger or you're going to get fined... but constructive criticism is always encouraged, tough guy! :emot-smugdog:

Washu (Chibi)

You have the JP version?

Sorry for not replying for a bit folks.  I've actually been working on this on and off over the past few days, so I may be able to release something soon - just managed to get Kagato done recently, so expect the first release to have the characters I showed previews of along with our favorite OVA1 villain.  I also did some fine tuning to Ryoko's eyes to give her a tougher look.

Dr Soviet - Correct!  I was originally going to get the US version but after it and the PAL version got delayed I said "to heck with it" and went straight for the JP version.


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