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Kickstarter for a Supernatural Slice-of-Life Campaign Book


The Demon Next Door

The world of Divine Blood has a lot of dark corners where heroes of all sorts of species are engaged in acts of daring to prevent the ragged world of violence from spilling over into the lives of civilians.

This expansion isn't about those heroes.

This book is about the civilians that enjoy the protection of those guardians.

The everyday world might not have threats to life and limb, but it has its fair share of adventures.

Maybe some students decide to pull a prank on a rival school and use a little psychic talent to make it happen.

Or perhaps your character is just learning that they aren't human.

Try on the joys of being the legal guardian to a reincarnated God or Demon.

You could have just discovered that the neighborhood you've just moved into is full of weirdos and mystics.

Or are you struggling with whether or not to tell your significant other about your secret?


This campaign book primarily focuses on the more light-hearted side of living in the world of Divine Blood.


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