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Episode 1: The Newcomers

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Pitter tap...
pitter tap...
The rain continued to fall on the Masaki residence.

"It started raining." said Ryoko, looking outside.

"Indeed it is." replied Ayeka half-halfheartedly , too engrossed in the kissing scene on TV.

"Oh!" she said, her hand reaching out for the cookies.

"Hmm...." Ryoko pushed the bowl away and handed her Ryo-oh-ki.

"Oh thanks.... Chewy..."

The men were now unloading the stuff into the log cabin he had purchased.  His years with Spetsnaz treated him well, but he was sick of the military scene, and wanted to live his life in peace.  He had a nice two room, two floor log cabin in the woods near a lake, looking like an American pioneer's home, but with all the modern conveniences, a firing range in the back, and plenty of time to hike and hunt if he wanted.  The rain was disappointing as the men rushed in and arranged his furniture, but once they were done and the van pulled away, he grabbed some coffee and sat under the roof of the porch and enjoyed the range.  This would be a nice quiet life.

(Oh he don't know what he in for, do he?)

"MIHOSHI! Why are you still sleeping?!" exclaimed Noike, agitated at the blonde after calling for her repeatedly. Book still on the floor the woman sat up again, yawning again, noticing the teal haired woman in her room.

"Wha... What is it, Noike?" wondered Mihoshi with her airheaded mannerism, looking up at her. They had been partners, and now were housemates, as she was Tenchi's fiance.

The woman sighed, wiping her brow, "You could be downstairs helping with chores. Ayeka and Ryoko are helping to. There's dishes to be washed, potatoes to peel, futons to change...."

"Oh... those chores. Sure thing," agreed Mihoshi, stretching her arms and standing up. She had become a tad lazy since living here, but kept her figure; tight body, tan skin, long wavy blonde hair pulled back in her signature red hair-tie. She had on her usual tan khakis and a pink tank-top.

When Noike drifted back out of her room, she quickly made her way to a communication device resembling a laptop and checked her email; Nothing new, just an image of her brother and sister-in-law together that she'd already seen. She was about to click out when she received a new message; A horoscope of sorts that she had signed up for but never really took seriously. This one read:

"Don't worry about today, for tomorrow is sure to bring roses of blue and sparks of new. Threads will always wear thin before they snap."

The blonde shrugged her shoulders, not thinking much of it as she turned off her computer and hurried downstairs to help. The rain had begun to slow to a mist.

At this, the moving van again past the house back the other way, but without that car in tow.

"Guess I'll go say hi." said Ryoko as she floated out of her chair and toward the ceiling. tttccccchhhhhhh and she dissappeared, teleporting to the outside.

"Hmm.... I think he went this way...." Ryoko muttered to herself as she held her hand to her eyebrow.


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