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GP cadet 87:
Wow, it's actually happening?!?!

We're actually gonna see Tenchi's relationship actually move forward?! I know you said that he won't be the focus, but this is HUGE NEWS, considering that Tenchi is probably the first harem anime, and you almost never see things progress in these type of stories.

I've felt a little let down by OVA 4. Yes, it's full of easter eggs and backstory, but it's pure slice of life, and the focus has been solely about Nobuyuki's wedding. Now with the last episode of OVA 4, things are finally picking up steam.

Thanks all you Japanese Tenchi fans for making this possible!!  :bravo:

This is good news. I hope we get to see Tenchi's wedding at least. If I had to watch Nobuyuki's wedding twice, but then don't get to see Tenchi's I'll be upset.

My suggestion for OVA 5's title is  TENCHI MUYO: THE NEXT GENERATION.  OVA 5 seems to be a sequel to the Ryo-Ohki series.  OVA 5 can be the first OVA for TM: TNG.

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Darn, I was really hoping the next Ova series would focus on Tenchi getting married and stuff, this is kind of random. I hope the last episode of Ova 4 is about that than, I'll be so disappointed if they don't show that stuff :(

That's so amazing, an OVA about the next generation. I can't wait to see what they do. :bravo:


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