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Eff Efferson:
Now that i've finished proofreading and translating the first 15 GXP novels It's time we got around to summerizing them for people who don't want to read that much text...

I'm working on a big video series project that actually summerizes the entire universe and it's lore in chronological order to catch up people with OVA 5 and everything leading up to it.
If anyone wants to help It would be greatly appreaciated. even summerizing an episode of one of the shows helps immensely.

edit: I didn't expect this to be so long but meh it's an epic. so I'm compiling it on my site into sections

anyways all I have for now:
Part 1 Cosmogony:
[spoiler]At the dawn of cosmogony 3 Omnipotent being called the choushin, or Top Goddesses are created one after the other, First is Washu, Then Tsunami, and Lastly, Tokimi. 
However they understand that their life force comes from an unknown source outside of their dimension and that their must be something above them despite how illogical that is to their supposed omniscience, The compulsion to resolve this paradox in their knowlege leads them to create sub dimensions below them in order to run a simulation to try to manifest a solution to their paradox. 

Tsunami and Washu descend to their creation to test their theory on how to manifest this thing while Tokimi stays ascended and creates chaos to try to make it appear.
Washu plans to try to learn everything she can from step 1 to see if she can find a solution.
Tsunami meanwile plans to tries to birth a solution genetically.

Also some form of Akashic records exist in the form of an extra dimensional thing called the Astral Sea which is separate from the Choushin. It's nature is never fully clarified.
So TLDR, The trimurti, or primal trio, realized the Brahman must exist and created the tree of life to force it out of hiding.

Part 2 The Bioroid War:
A bit over 100,000 years before DUAL! Parallel Trouble Adventure a story happened which can be found in the goodbye 21st century doujin.

As life progressed and advanced in their experiment eventually an ancient and advanced civilization, The galaxy's oldest in fact, managed to stumble upon a giant 3 dimensional Washu floating in space.
She was busy trying to shrink down when they found her as she had manifested far too large. They sealed her to keep her from regaining consciousness and took the three jewels that contained her power as a goddess.

They managed to make 3 bioroid clones of her. B1 B2 and B3. They were combat androids intended for War. Each was given a jewel. B3's jewel should have been in her left wrist but was misplaced into her chest on accident, this allowed her to gain free will.
She escaped from the civilization that created her and ran away into space where she befriended a boy who helped hide her. The other two were sent after her to destroy her.

B3 was found by B2 and after a battle B2 died. But B3 was close to death already and B1 came and finished her off.
Acquiring all 3 gems, B1 tried to kill Washu, but b3's dying scream alerted Tsunami's physical self and she arrived and finished off B1.
Those who were left were given the first line of Royal tree seeds by Tsunami.
However enemy nations found out about the bioroids from their pursuit of b3 and this caused interstellar war to break out.
This war drove most of the civilizations that were around in the era either to extinction or an unrecoverable decline. This was the end of the Pre-great historic Civilization era.

Part 3 Stranded on earth:
The next entry in the timeline comes from Heseiban 3

Those who had received the royal tree seeds from Tsunami fled from the war and the inhabited parts of space to find a new place to live. They went into cryo sleep as the ship searched for a new place,
 Near Earth an incident occurred that fried most of their engines and power generators and killed all their engineers. They settled on earth and built monolithic cities and used the humanoids they found there for labor.

They built giant mechs for construction because it caused the humans to worship and fear them and they cross bred with them and bred the humans to be more intelligent. How ever human men had a tendency to be able to use the machines with far too much power making them very dangerous so they built in a limiter to keep men from operating them. They feared the humans rebelling and them out, but they couldn't maintain their civilization without them.

Ultimately a schism broke out among the aliens, some wanted to go back to a sterile technological existence, the other side wanted to go back to a simple naturalist lifestyle. Many were killed or injured in the fights that broke out between the two including a woman who we only know as D.
 D had to be revived through technological means, but she was on the naturalist side.
Her real body had to be preserved in the core computer of the mother ship. Finally the leader of naturalists had enough and decided to unleash the ultimate weapon ZINV on the other side.

D objected and went and stole ZINV and brought it in a smaller ship to meet with the mother ship to reconcile with the science faction but instead they released HIMC a robot designed to take out the naturalist side.
The fight between the two robots killed everyone of the aliens but D. She sealed the mother ship herself, the smaller ship, and Zinv and went into stasis.

Note: The Mechs ZINV and HIMC appear to be named after Japanese occult historical figures Emporer Jinmu and Shaman princess Himiko respectively and this section, Dual and Evangelion to which Dual is thought to be a copy both borrow themes from Annunaki and similarly related occult Esoterica.

Part 10:Meanwhile back on Airai
[spoiler]Airi was pregnant with Minaho when she arrived back on Airai.
Her father faced ridicule for his own daughter being pregnant out of wedlock and her arranged marriage fell apart. She faced multiple attempts to kill her child over the years but much of what happened on Airai is never fully disclosed.

What we do know it that shortly after Minaho was born, A dangerous mass murderess named widow arrived and manipulated the discord that was caused due to Airi's pregnancy.
Widow is a psychopath who has bad luck that only effects others and she can drive the collective consciousness of those around her into a chaotic downward spiral, especially through the use of cult mentality.

She made a disaster break out among the entire country and it was wiped out, many went mysteriously missing, there was some kind of mass suicide event and Airi's father was taken out in the ensuing chaos. Thanks to her aunt Keira, Airi barely managed to make it to the academy where she took refuge.

While she was at the academy the followers of the Airain religion that were left tried to kill her and Minaho, Eventually and through experiments sometimes conducted on Minaho,
she managed to create some impressive technology and managed to (Assumably with Seto's help) rise to the top political position at the academy. Once there she abused her power to take out everyone who opposed her.

Eventually Yosho called Kanemitsu and Airi was their to witness it, Seto found out about Yosho's location as well this way. The two began seeing each other again and some of Yosho's descendants began coming into space through Seto.
under the guise of being Funaho's sister's descendants. Somehow Funaho never caught on that they were Yosho's children. [/spoiler]

OVA 4 summary:
[spoiler]3 months after OVA 3 in October While Seina is recovering from bioenhancement and the death of Miki, Nobuyuki goes and marries Rea.
The family gathers together for the festivities, but as usual it's used for political business too. Tenchi finally meets his mother's sister whom reminds him of her and she helps him get over the death of his mother and resolve the conflict in his mind between the mother he knew and the mother everyone else knew.

Minaho also brings with her some Juraian silk, which has a code in it saying who it's for, Ayeka reads the fabric and sees that in fact, she has been declared as Tenchi's fiance instead of Yosho's by the fabric which is intended to be used to make formal dresses. This possibly extends to all of the girls.

Meanwhile Minaho uses the trip to co-ordinate the delivery of Widows astral to Washu, this is her soul for lack of a better word, Washu uses it to make Fuku as a gift for Seina as per Widow's final wishes. 


Tenchi finds out from Minaho that his father and grandfather are faking their age and that he will have to as well eventually if he wants to keep living on earth and that there's a possibility he might have to leave Earth someday.

During the pre wedding party Rea reveals to the Masaki's that she is actually a bioroid from the parallel world of Geminar, she was sent back to have a child to send back to save the planet fro Gaia, a runaway overpowered mech, she had thought everyone already knew this but Kiyone never told anyone before she died.
Rea and Nobuyuki get married the next day. Over the next few years the family decides on, their child, Kenshi's fate.

Eff Efferson:
GXP 13 Summary:
Seina arrives at the original Earth from Dual's Solar System where the Hoystoke has taken Fuku and the Kamidake to the planet Equivalent to mars which is in an off limits sector of space because of it's borders and lack of useful resources. The area is specualted to be the origin of the Great prehistoric civilization. Kirche speculates that the system may be lacking in evidence of civilization and resources because they were simply all recycled to make the seed project.

Dr.Clay is shown to his lab in Tarrant's hideout after failing to get full access to the computer systems in the base. Instead the GP army has to bring him more equipment. He explains to tarrant that keeping Fuku is probably not the best course of action for Tarrant who has cloned Fuku a few times. Tarrant Decides cabbit murder to be the best way to dispose of them.  Clay alerts the pirates to seina's concealed presence in orbit. Clay quickly sets up a fake surveillance feed and strikes a deal for the access code with Miki who he noticed hiding in the computer system. Meanwhile The girls are formally arrested by Misao.

Seina is attacked by pirates suddenly and has to fight them off while crash landing to the planet below. When he lands D is awoken from her sleep and gets the news that everyone of Kazuki's Harem has returned to the planet. Miki causes tarrant's base to malfunction destroying tons of equipment, this distracts the pirates as she works to get transferred into a clone cabbit body.
The girls are unexpectedly taken to the kuramitsu's academy estate to be held on house arrest where they find they have been left in a room with access to super computers with highest level of security clearance. 

Seina and Kirche spot two Wau children being hunted by pirates and they go to rescue them. Seina stands on a cliff ahead of the pirates to use his powers. it obviously collapses underneath killing the pirates.
He checks on the two waus. one is a common male wau the other is a female with golden hair. They tell him that their parents are in a cave and they had to find healing herbs to save their mother but they haven't found them yet. This trope just never gets old for Kajishima. but the pirates approach so kirche hurries and gathers the herbs and then she stays behind to distract the pirates while Seina takes the kids.

Kirche transforms into the wau girl and tries to kill the pirates looney tunes style with a bolder, they dodge it and realize going after her is a trap, but one of them goes after her anyways cause he wants money.

 Dr. Clay, having gotten full access to tarrant's network from Miki finds out about The PKW, The wave that took out the original J by bypassing and destroying it's light hawk wings. Clay isn't impressed by this or any other data he finds so he demands more from Miki. So Miki drains tarrant's bank account and gives it to Clay.
The Wau children,Kusuro and Acha, take seina through a tunnel system to get to their hidden settlement and on the way he learns that the pirates on the planet are Tarrant Shank's men and that the tunnel system has an exit that leads outside their base. When they get to the village Seina is thanked for getting herbs for acha's mom who is the shrine maiden to the village Idol, and the village elder declares Seina to be a prophesied hero. They throw him a welcome party, Meanwhile Trarrant's men excavate seina's buried ship and decide to destroy it.

The three pirates report about the wau chase back to tarrant who realizes they were chasing seina's NB and orders a scan of the area for it. Acha's mother kachak recovers and decides that since the idol has awoken it's time for Acha to take her place as shrine maiden. Kusuro, who has a crush on Acha says his goodbyes to acha and gives her an aquamarine.

The village throws a party for Seina and the young village women try to get some hero sauce out of him, but he manages to keep them off of him.
Acha does a dance formalizing her becoming a shrine maiden, and Seina accidentally ends up participating in a way that binds her to him as the Hero of legend so he's stuck with her now forever.

The girls find out where seina went and they escape Misao's home and go to find seina, Seto finds out but is secretly already hiding in the solar system waiting for them because she can't act on her own.
 The pirates attack the village and everyone evacuates into what appears to be a buried ship under the village. Kashak has to stay and kusuro stays with her. They evacuate to the idol's shrine and the pirates try to dig down into the ship to get them. in a last ditch effort the villagers "sacrifice seina and acha" to the idol by throwing him on a transfer pad that warps him into the idol.

The pirates attack kashak and kusuro and threaten to kill kusuro, Kashak reacts by holding one of the pirates at knife point When they don't let kusuru go she slits his neck open killing him and his brother goes to go after her when suddenly the village idol wakes up.... and he listens in horror as it proceeds to murder all of them.
Seina finds himself in the IDOL and notices that inside it seems to have a royal tree. Acha is time frozen by it.
"Good, ZINV." he hears a womans voice say in japanise.  "Is that you ... ... D?" he says unconsciously "It is just my AI, my personal data is absent...What are you called in this era?"
"Seina Yamada and you?"
"You have called me by my name already..."

After a billion years Kazuki, now called seina yamada is reunited with Zinv and D, but shortly after he senses the malice of the pirates and goes on a murderous rampage. In the blink of an eye he's viciously killed every pirate that was invading the area with zinv.

Kara Yoichi who wants to oust taima and mihoshi's father nakita from power and take their position takes the GP army and their flagship to the planet to bring equipment and get the daedelus schematics from tararant. 

The mikagami gets excited when it notices zinvs presence and Seto warns the staff of the hoystoke to evacuate the planet.
Tarrant freaks out about the rampaging mech that he thinks comes from Renza, Dr. clay lets him know that its far to old to be that and so seina is likely inside. Tarrant decides to evacuate the kamidake. Seina rushes into the base and has D hack the computer system to find fuku and the kamidake's position but she is stopped, Acording to her by Ms.Mitski her name for Mitsuki Sonada.

Tarrant communicates to the mech that if seina doesn't surrender he will kill kirche and fuku but if he dies he will keep them alive and safe.
Seina has D hide herself and acha while she keeps working on things and he leaves Zinv. Tarrant proceeds to gloat and torture Seina in front of kirche. He shoots kirche for fun and shows him the fuku clones that he has been torturing, one of which he dismembered and left dead with the rest.

He orders kirche to cut off seina's fingers in exchange for not killing a fuku clone and keeping seina alive another day. As kirche goes to cut off his fingers tarrant gets ... Excited..... but his excitement goes flaccid as kirche stops the knife just millimeters from seina's fingers and appears to leave her body. The base shakes and Tarrant is informed that the kamidake has started itself back up. As tarrant moves to shoot seina, Seina is teleported back into zinv's cockpit.

 D isn't there any more but zinv moves on it's own and reaches into the room dr clay is in and grabs the three remaining fuku clones. Dr. Clay gets his payment from miki and leaves by sneaking onto the Hoystoke. The cabbits join him in the cockpit and D comes back online.
She takes zinv to get fuku. after fuku is gotten D informs him that Kirche is in one of the clones.

he uses zinv to vaporize NB and the dead Fuku clone for safety reasons. the kamidake breaks free as tarrant launches his rebuilt deadelus. Seina decides He is going to kill tarrant and zinv heads towards his ship but a fleet comes out at him. Zinv launches a bullet which causes the ships to Compress in on themselves into a small ball destroying it the same way kiriko's father's ship was destroyed. However after using it Zinvs weapon systems cut out because they've deteriorated from age.
"We only have one remaining weapon ......" "What else is there?" "Dr.Sonada Always said that our last weapon is courage."
 Seina Tries to retreat but is informed that thanks to a feature Dr.Sonada programmed in the core is about eject leaving them doomed. D calmly counts down to their doom. but the ejection mechanism is broken too. The kamidake finally bursts out of the field containing it and rushes to defend ZINV. Fuku and Zinv Synchronize and deploy light hawk wings.

 Tarrant orders the ships to evacuate but the GP army arrives trapping them till tarrant informs them of the situation, They proceed to back them up. The plating of the kamidake disappears and is used by Zinv to regenerate and it fuses with zinv. The pirates stunned by the scene quit attacking. Seina puts his hand on the control ball and momentarily regains all his memories of being Kazuki.
 Naturally he realizes fuku is Yayoi, Kirche is mitsuki rara and Miki is Mitsuki Sonada and they have finally reunited after a billion years.
Tarrant tries to run.

zinv creates i micro black hole that takes out a large chunk of tarrant's fleet. Yoichi orders the GP army to fire on zinv again but The mikagami comes out of hyperspace right next to them and deploys the ZZZ. His fleet mutinies against him and surrenders.
Tarrant jumps into hyperspace.

 Zinv uses the light hawk wings to reach into hyperspace and drags the Deadelus out by hand and crushes it.
Taima is confronted by mikami, he resigns and minami is formally made head of the seiniwan elders association.
Back on the mikagami seto analyzes everything beforethey make there way back to the GP, Seina doesn't seem to know anything about the cabbits anymore and so seto gives them cartoon speech balloons so they can communicate. Everyone is surprised when the 3rd cabbit turns out to be miki who explains what happened to her.

Seina wonders where acha is and they see her on a monitor, she wants to check on her village so seto sends seina and a research / medical team down in a fancy pope-mobile.
The elder explains to seina that Acha can't return to the village because of her position as shrine maiden and the contract they made. Seina tries to convince him that the idol is just technology, but the elder actually knows this because he secretly took classes the academy offered to pirates and rural areas. he assures seina that acha wants to be there and will have a better life and education there and will be able to contact the village now that the pirates are gone.
eventually acha herself convinces him that she wants to go to the academy so he decides to quit complaining and adopt her.

D Kirche and Miki report back to Seto and the girls the fine details of what happened. D reveals to them that zinv is older then the great prehistoric civilization.
Seto then distracts the girls with news that seina is adopting Acha. The girls freak out seto sends them to talk to acha and seina and they are immediately defeated by acha's cuteness which instantly sends them into adoption mode.
Seto stays back and talks to miki who requested a private audience, she asks to see washu and washu comes in instantly and she presents The PKW Wave information she found at tarrants to them.
Washu offers her a favor for this. she requests her father become her apprentice but is told that he is already airi's. But she leaves it on the table. washu then examines how fuku was cloned. and asks miki if she was trying to change bodies.

Washu explains that the fuku cloned girls cant switch to human bodies without loosing their memories/personality and doing a bunch of complex things. but she lets her know that she is going to move them into proper ryo-ohki like bodies that can transform into humanoid forms.
washu assures her that it's her reward for saving fuku and not for the data and she agrees to it.

Hiroshi freaks out over how to introduce Raireza to miki while he is quarantined with the rest of airi's staff as the galaxy federation court sorts out what happened. Seina is not only innocent of everything, he is technically a hero and since zinc and D predate everyone else and they acknowledge seina as their master, he is technically the rightful owner of that entire solar system and it can potentially be declared an independent nation. Miki is reunited with hiroshi.

GXP 14[spoiler]
Seina goes with airi to register Acha with immigration.
Hiroshi reveals that Miki was based off of tsukiko and tsukiko introduces herself to miki as her mother.
The fuku clones settle into amane's apartment.
D tells Seina about the events of Dual! and tells him that the girls surrounding him resemble the girls from kazuki's life.
Seina Calls tenchi to ask washu about that situation. Washu explains that the groups gravitate to seina to correct his probability bias.
Airi comes by to see seina and brings miki back to amane's apartment. miki reveals her relation to tsukiko. Miki finds out about raireza from airi and then dinner is served.
Seina tells airi that nb was destroyed.

Everyone is curious as to ho  modern food is for d and d says it's mostly the same and that she really wants curry and spaghetti.It turns out her version of curry is the same as the one on earth. Kiriko agrees to make it for her the next day.
Miki decides to tell miranda and Kaliche she survived. Kirche decides to get a disguised form so she can avoid her father.
Airi Tells neiju kiriko and ryoko that they can't live together in amane's apartment anymore because of their statuses and she also brings up that if they married seina
it wouldn't be an issue.

washu visits mikumo's grave a month after his burial; with mikami and the young boy from previous chapters who is revealed to be mikumo, she gave him a bioroid body to use.
we learn that miyuki died 10,000 years ago. mikumo and the nurse got married, washu wishes them a happy marriage.
Seina reunites with his roommates who want to break out for another night on the town but seina is called by airi to her office. from there he is taken to the mikagami
where the juraian emporer and empresseses await to tell him the results of the investigation into zinv. This includes it's history which I've already covered in section 3 and 4.

They reveal that Zinv's core is an age fixed Royal tree. We learn that the place of the B's battle to the death was actually Jurai and that tsunami gave out two seeds, one of which was zinv
They can't tell but they suspect zinv is a first generation tree, they can't tell because it's sealed in a tamper proof container.
They inform seina that since zinv is a first gen tree, he is technically a member of the royal family of jurai now and 3rd in line for the throne behind Sasami and yosho.
Because he is an outsider it means that jurai technically has 5th royal family line now.
Airi leaves the room. They reveal to seina that the evil smelling rampage is something the trees can do and that going on a rampage like that can hurt the tree and it's partner.
seto had it happen when she first went and used the triple Z and it made her comatose and gave her mental issues for a year. The trees can die from fighting and it can kill the master. (like the life sympathy feedback concept that is shown in Dual!)
It's revealed that Ryoko also experiences the same rampage mode when she works with ryo-ohi.

Seina worries about the possibility of atomic level infighting between trees happening if he is ever made emperor, he is assured that he doesn't have to be emperor in the future if he doesn't want to.

Seto wishes to speak to seina alone so everyone leaves. Kuisu panta arrives half drunk with shinju sake and turns into seto and seto turns into kuisu.
She reveals herself as Seto's body double, mirror seto, she is of a species called a mirror warrior and was made after seto used the triple z the first time.
She is supposed to be like a mirror server of seto, a synchronized copy that exists as backup. Except Seina messed up that link. When seto saw seina in masaki village as a child presumably when kiriko was attacked by the bio weapon she didn't share the memory with seto. and when seto's memories of naja emerged she didn't share those with the mirror, so now they are unsynched.
her mirror has become it's own person. but she still has to live as seto's mirror, she can't become her own independent person unless they find a special miraculous thing that no one quite knows what it is. it's only been done 4 times before.
mirror seto wants seina to take responsibility for creating her, and she asks him to give her a name. but he doesn't think of one right away and instead chooses to think about it carefully.

some day later in time D eats spaghetti and curry for breakfast and it makes Miki mad so she puts up an odor shield around her. The cabbits get bioenhanced.
Kiriko amane Neiju and ryoko sit around and think about what airi said about marriage. Kiriko struggles to forgive herself for abandoning seina on earth
amane thinks about her feelings for seina and how they first met, she calls raireza to discuss her feelings about it.
Ryoko who thinks of herself in that form as being a work persona, thinks it over and concludes that she is ok with whatever her duties call for but that it's not a romantic thing. she switches into erma who she considers to be her true self and a separate ego.
it's revealed that she has kept the two egos separate only because of her obligations as a princess of balta.
Erma in contrast gets flushed in the face and her heart flutters at the thought. acha catches her indulging in this.

Acha goes to greet neiju and wonders were miki is, Neiju explains to her the best she can what happened to miki and shows her how fuku will be able to become a humanoid in the future with a simulation, then it shows her in the future and acha has it show her future appearance.
Neiju tries on acha's shrine maiden outfit with the simulator and acha giggles because it's actually a wedding dress. neiju thinks of the future

seto washu airi and mikami convene in Washu's secret lab under amane's penthouse and go over why the 4 women groups fix his probability and why his probability is biased in the first place.
 they solved the question but decided not to disclose it right away.

Airi tells the girls what's projected for the near future in her office. Seina is called in after they are dismissed and airi takes him down to her personal quarters under her office.
 she reveals to him that its where she raised kiyone and minaho with yosho, and that its been 150 years since she had another guy down there.
she tells him that renza has made in informal request to examine zinv and some to hand it over.
she lets him know that in the event another nation tries to get hostile over seina the gp and jura will back him up but can only do so if he returns to earth and if that happens and he refuses to do so
it could draw him into a war with the federation. because of his new found status she plans to give him vip preferential treatment.

he returns to his roommates at the dorm. They discuss what they want to do for the future and why they joined the GP. seina thinks back to why he joined and concludes that it was because mirror seto said he was needed there, so he decides to stay with the gp after graduation.

Airi moves all the girls into separate apartments and gages their reactions to specific things having to do with how they feel about seina.
airi takes their responses and reports to seto. seto concludes that the girls would be down for marriage with seina.

The girls all have a pajama party to celebrate seina's graduation. Sasami gives them shinju sake as a gift. Seina and his roommates take their final roll call and decide to sneak out like they did on their first day.
at graduation seiryo shows up and everyone has a bag on their face but seina. seina's name is called last at graduation to an astounding applause.  miki also secretly is there to graduate.
everyone sets out on a wacky graduation race. the prize is a kiss and a date from Miss GP seina blows up the highway and everyone ends up crashing into the ocean.

Seina returns to earth after first leaving it two years ago. a few days earlier airi had called him and his parents to her office to announce he was going to have a political marriagebe his first official mission, they then forcibly dragged him back to earth.
The cabbit girls get to bond with seina's family on earth.
Seina's father visits him at night and has a talk with him that to calm his fears of marriage and his fears that they don't want to get married to him. his mother and sister barge in and beat him up for being oblivious to the girls feelings.

the next day he gets ready and goes to racepshi which has docked on the moon for the wedding ceremony.
Seina goes to see the brides before the ceremony and is stunned by their dresses. He finds out that they are announcing the cabbit girls existence officially to and possibly washu's survival.
an employee comes and escorts seina off to a shady secluded area, his face begins to swell up and boil  off his body akira style as he proceeds to assault seina revealing that he is actually a mostly cybernetic tarrant shank wearing some dead guys skin as a suit. he tries to cut seina up into pieces that he can send kiriko in gift boxes.
by the time airi and mikami relize that the camera feed there looking at is fake the battle is over and tarrant is stuck in emergency sealant gel and mitoto is already trying to clean up the mess thanks to seina's new nb replacement called the philosophers stone that washu made for him. seto is thrilled to capture tarrant so she can punish him.

mizune rushes to tell ringo that tarrant has been caught alive by seina but fuuka stops her however ringo already knew and is busy managing the accounting for the wedding. Seina acquires the shank guilds assets and tons more money so she was busy with doing the book keeping for that too. mizune teases ringo for not going to the wedding and otoka drags her away.
seiryo is catering the event and the daruma shows up with barry and cohen and they catch up, it turns out alan ran off with loretta the hostess girl.
acha introduces herself to seina's family. Tenchi's family is kept in a waiting room till just before the event starts yoshiko and kai go to the backrooms to tell seina that they're a couple.

Hakuren and her girls come in after them in exotic outfits and kidnap him kai and yoshiko accidentally walk in a circle and stumble upon him getting kidnapped kai assumes its some kinda bondage thing. seina gets the idea to ask washu to make a device that drops wash pans on peoples heads when they say stupid things. Later on in the series she actually does make this.
The brides come out onto the stage and they when airi signals for seina yoshiko and kai come out and report that he has been kidnapped.
The kamidake rushes after him.
The seto scouts explain that they kidnapped seina because their country is overran with pirates. everyone left at the wedding watching the chase scene unfold as alchoholic drinks are handed out.
seiryo pours her a refill and reveals that the real reason he was working the event was because her birthday was on the next day and he wanted to see her, he gives her a bouquet.

ryoko cracks up at the situation as tenchi panics and asks washu for help, washu helps by using seina's philosopher stone to broadcast video of things on his end to the wedding monitors.
everyone yells at seto for hiring the seto scouts knowing they were spies.

The scouts tie seina to gyokuren so he cant escape without hurting her/brushing up against her.
People in the wedding start to realize that miki and kirche who are supposed to be dead are on the kamidake and get confused.
amane launches an emergency plan and uses acha's cuteness to try to persuade the scouts to stop and come home.
then she sends fuku after them to plea for them to give seina back. this distracts them enough that the kamidake can get them caught in a tractor beam.
everyone starts betting on the outcome. the mothership for racepshi comes out of hyperspace in front of them both ships manage to make it into the racepshi before it jumps off.

Seto decides to turn the ruined wedding into a federation conference and to announce washu's survival.

The story flash forwards to a year later in renza, Seina asks karen if she is ok with firing on the vessel their fighting because it belongs to her nation. she's just a rebel baby and she don't care that's just how she do.
captain kamui kashuruna declares her a traitor for destroying some pirates and announces that she should prepare to face the knights of HIMC. they decide to settle things with a mech dual.
Miki bribes d with curry so she can be copilot in zinv this time. "Did you just bribe her? "" curry is justice!" a female humanoid zinv emerges from behind him and briefs him on the enemy they're facing. zinv roars and heads into battle.

the after story is kiriko's experience of the night before the wedding, her mother warns her that she needs to be careful in the future because maybe the first 3 rounds of wives will know seina well but after that it might not be so tight knit or concerned about him.  she proceeds to playfully taunt her with the idea of taking her place. but like in an encouraging way. this cheers up kiriko and she is able to get to sleep finally. When she's asleap she seriously ponders if she should re-use kiriko's wedding dress or have a new one made.

Eff Efferson:
GXP 15:
The seto scouts abandon seina for a bit once he is on the racepshi, he gets a call from airi who let's him know that she can't do a damn thing to help him.

she warns seina to be on his best behavior because they have no diplomatic relations with renza.airi suggests he get a drink in while he still can and mikami takes over for her

his kidnapping is being disguised as a special dispatch mission. the kamidake has to remain a secret.

Seto joins the call and says the scouts aren't fired but they have their pay cut and this counts for their paid vacation days...which they have two entire years of. she also tells seina to consult "that traitor behind you"

if he needs more details. behind him is kuisu panta who is there because she doesn't want to have to take over for seto who is taking flack for hiring the scouts.

she lets him know that she'll be there to help him out but the boundary between enemy and ally will be ambiguous for everyone while he is there. maya asks seina to come speak with her.

the girls are kept vip level prisoner in the fanciest hotel in racepshi half a planets jog away from seina.

neiju points out that zinv had free reign of space like the racepshi due to its age so ironically if they had chased seina in zinv they wouldn't be in this mess. The girls angrily speed chug cup after cup of soothing herbal tea.

Makihi comes in to check on them she informs them of the scouts real identities and names. they are princesses of 4 of the 5 countries of renza. hakuren is a first princess, karen a 3rd suiren a 5th, gyokuen is supposed to be the queen of her nation.

She is the 13th princess and her nations.... spooky.... Their names are (blue) Shirohana kihaku (red) Shein kasen (green) minamo suire and (white) shinjyu makyoku. she ran away with the others before they could crown her.

Kiriko makes makihi specify that they aren't being detained or under arrest and that they are totally unwilling to do anything to stop seina's delivery to renza.

kiriko accuses them of knowingly smuggling them into jurai and they deny it and point out that it was before seina came and their plan was so asinine it had no realistic way of working.

Makihi tells them the classes of humanoid weapons used by renza, Weak earthy aqueous heavenly and a fifth special class godly Knights

Renza was founded by 5 people who found 5 3rd generation mechs on planet terra, the former central planet of the GPH civilization which is in renzan space. Something is creating royal trees for the pirates. They speculate that it may be AHRA who according to D was the second first gen royal tree that was used made to breed more 2nd gens. D tells the girls about the events of her people settling kazuiki's earth. When they went back into space they found no sign of the other royal trees and she assumes they were destroyed in the war.  Makihi sees a picture of terra and is  creeped out by it but doesn't say way.

on terra Prince Sansui waits for a federation meeting to begin,  they deliberate on the seina situation, The man standing in for gyokuren insists that zinv belongs to renza. He brings up the next matter of business, whether or not to give the seto scouts back their inheritance rights. he seems against it because he would loose his position. the others are for it and against his taking zinv proposal and they decide to assign two people from every nation to zinv. Sansui hates watching this because he's a representative and they actually have no say.

Seina is taken by maya to see Ekushito racepshi who proceeds to try and convince him to fuck his wife or at the very least his daughter. This shocks seina and so he proceeds to give him a lecture on cultural relativism and points out that up to this now seina has only been a puppet of other peoples will and never his own and warns him that if he doesn't start exercising his own will this situation with renza could easily blow up and suggests he do so by having sex with his daughter... with his wives permission of course.

The girls are told of this proposal the girls initially object, until makihi brings up the matter of who gets to go first. they argue but come to the conclusion that fuku and acha missing seina is a bigger issue because fuku might hijack the kamidake and go see seina. the cabbit girls learn that they cant prevent this if it happens because their transforming into cabbit abilities are disabled but they should still be able to stop together if they need to. The girls decide, there not ok with makihi X seina. but if seina wants maya, they are fine with it. as kiriko watches the massive amount of people being sent to escort zinv to renza she accepts that women aren't going to stop being paired with seina any time soon. Kiriko worries she will be cut off from seina once racepshi leaves, but makihi assures her it will stay because the operations base is on the racepshi and gives them information on renting office space on racepshi so they can stay in an official capacity.

Neiju says she misses her husband seina and makihi uses that to inform them that in fact, they aren't married yet because they left before the wedding ended.

The girls talk about ways to maybe camouflage mizuki or  flying the kamidake around in a shipping vessel makihi confirms that that will be allowed and gives them access to the kamidake.

makihi comes back to announce she was able to get the girls an office area and introduces them to their personal butler marci diplos who has renzan citizenship and so she's able to act as the girls stand in in matters on renza. The girls are now free to roam about racepshi as long as they avoid the scouts and seina.

Amane wonders if they should trust marci but kiriko recognized her as a former member of seto's staff. she worries though that she might be a double agent for renza. marci informs them of all the amenities and parties they can go to. D is told that many people will be inviting her to parties, she agrees on the condition that they are curry parties because curry is justice.

Maya gives seina a private nude exotic dance that he enjoys and she is surprised when he doesn't immediately want to have sex with her afterwords. he tries to escape  maya is disappointed because she failed her courtship dance. he apologizes but assures her it's because doesn't want to cheat on his wives with her not because her dance was insufficient. she informs him that they aren't his wives. she briefs him on the situation with renza and takes him to the renzan command base.

Seina is surprised by all the fantasy creatures there especially the fairy cats

he's introduced to kaguya, the head of the ogres who commands the mech units.

Then he meet Sajyu, a dryad who captains their fleet who proceeds to flirt with him. Gyokuren repetitively threatens to burn her to death every time she does.

Seina finds out that gyokuren is derogatorily referred to by many as the witch queen but hakuren keeps him from finding out why. She distracts him by introducing him to the cat faeries.

after he meets them they bring out Souren the elf who is still sleeping.

Seina is stunned by the sight and then stunned to learn that Souren is biologically male despite appearing to be female.

Kaguya shows seina the fleets flagship, the burst squirrel, seina is told that he has to learn how to disembark from the flower passage with honor and

 seems confused because a flower passage is a kabuki theater stage entrance.

Souren takes him to the bridge to see sajyu and erects a privacy barrier. Hakuren formally apologizes to seina. seina moves to an empty case for the plants that are found inside the ship, he asks what it's for and told it's for a royal tree.

he asks if renzans know they are sentient, they don't because the ones in renza are all lower generations the people in renza don't know that they are sentient.

seina explains the tree's nature to the staff and vows not to use zinv without restraint. He is told that some in the kaou nation still sense the will of the trees and know this on some level.

he finds out that in rare circumstances they will actually explode the trees in a self destruct sequence if their ships are destroyed  to keep others from getting the units.

they do this because the units and technology is a secret and they even have 5 companies make the parts so no one company has all the info on how to do it.

trees below the 10th generation are loosely regulated so one of them thinks that might be how the pirates are powering their mechs.

He's then briefed on how payment will work and told he will need to find someone to manage it for him, so he leaves it to racepshi and the MMD to manage the money.

He's shown the amount... It's about 100x his base salary at the academy... seina tries to insist that it's to high but hakuren prevents him from doing so.

They drop the privacy shield and go over seating positions on the bridge...  he's told of the fleets capabilities and that the battles are generally one on one and that they borrowed this fight style from the GPH civilization.

some of the foreign pirate who came over aren't playing by the rules though and some are using composite mechs made of several fused together with magic and kzm alloy.

seina is confused by the term magic and they explain that the plants on the ship are magic plants which produce magic substance that can be used to do thinks like teleport.

seina is excited so they explain how relatively boring magic is.

After the day is done they all decide to celebrate. sajyu breaks out a bottle of suicide liqueur

 once their drunk kaguya teases souren about getting a rumor that he is going to get a sex change and tease that he could probably join seina's harem if he did, They talk about how Hakuren has abandoned her right to secession and how they hope that a mysterious shadow guild said to rule the pirates and the nation behind the scenes doesn't exist. this organization is known as the knights of HIMIK and supposedly they operate a super strong legendary humanoid machine.

Souren gets blackout drunk and wakes up in seina's bed, This sends seina into a panic as he has trouble accepting that souren is really a man. they both shower separately and souren makes him breakfast, at this point seina abandons all effort to see souren as anything other then a girl.  He makes him a dessert with the magic plant's fruit and seina wonders if he would be able to grow them on the kamidake.

Souren then informs him that although he has no formal power as kaou royalty if seina needs anything to help defeat pirates he will try and do what he can about it. he then formally asks that seina help save them from pirates, Seina develops feelings for him.

They both go to the command center together and sajyu and kagya crack up because they sent faeries to wake souren up and were told about him in seina's bed. were the ones who snuck souren into seina's bed. The faries have a sort of extremely dumb collective consciousness so everyone on the base knows. It turns out that they snuck him into his bed to find out if he would be an acceptable bodyguard for seina, since seina claims that its ok since he is a guy they formally make souren his bodyguard.

Hakuren's girls find out about this and rush in to take vengeance on sajyu. A while later things are cleared up and they agree that souren is a good fit as a body guard.

They begin to discuss strategy because hakuren is worried about what would happen if they had to fight the 3rd generation ships in the knights of himik. they are worried about Himik because of D's stories about the fight between zinv and Himc who is confirmed to be a second gen mech. because gyokuren's nation has reported that it himik is currently active, they are worried that they will encounter it on their first mission.

They are worried HIMIK might be able to deploy light hawk wings, but Kaguya isn't worried about it because  the humanoids are made in a way that makes exploiting the weakness of the wings quite easy. She goes and takes seina to train on battle procedures and light hawk wing countermeasures.

Kaguya and seina board a ship to a satellite they rented from racepshi in their mechs, when they get there they practice combat. seina needs to learn more offensive moves

kaguya has him deploy the light hawk wings to show him how to take them out. she was unable to take them out though she lets seina know that he needs to get better at offensive fighting, kaguya observes that while zinv excelsl at wide range combat it hasn't been optimised fro close up combat and thus will be weak against the renzan mechs, she has seina contact washu to make updated parts for it. seina suggests they ass a second seat to the cockpit so she can provide backup in an emergency.

he suggests possibly coming up with a way to fuse the two units and the faries report their wanting to hook up their units to hakuren's girls who think its a sex thing and come rushing in to stop them.

Kiriko gets the external parts for mizuki from jurai delivered to her as she sets up her office, then she and the girls go to a party.

The anti pirate team embarks on their first jump out. Soon they encounter an unmarked ship they begin attacking it when and are told to stop by another ship from karen's kingdom that jumps in. they hand over the ship to him and leave. a month later and they haven't run into anything but renzan warships. seina's ability is no longer drawing pirates. The racepshi is attacked. the nights of himik hold the passengers who were located just outside of the ship hostage.

three 3rd generation mechs and HIMC challenge seina to a fight. seina sees if zinv can do anything about the situation by commanding the 3rd gens to back down. but zinv screams in agony over how the enemy trees are blind and deaf, according to zinv they are effectively zombie trees.

"I don't know how to explain it... but they aren't children anymore. HIMIK.... Was broken... Same as me... I was broken.... I broke..." "That's why...... That's why..... Forgive me.... I have to end this... "

makihi tells the girls what's going on D freaks out when she sees HIMC

"Why.... WHY IS IT HERE!?HIMIK ...... That should have been destroyed by ZINV. it should have completely disappeared!"


amane suggest that maybe its kazuki's worlds HIMC.

Kiriko begs makihi to let her send out mizuki and the kamidake to help but she refuses.

the girls watch the fight unfold on tv. as seina prepares for the stage production part of the battle he notices that himc feels off... he gives an aura of pure void. the feeling overwhelms him and he can't finish the formalities he rushes into battle.

fuku who is sleeping with acha wakes up because her connection to seina is lost. with the kamidake she finds out about the fight.

the battle's energy fries the cameras . their Battle starts to tear up space, himc tries to break zinvs light hawk wings but doesn't seem to know he can make them dissipate, suddenly himc hits zinv with the PKW wave. the kamidake takes off from racepshi, the other knights begin fighting it. the cabbit team connects to it to provide backup and it does a new maneuver which dissipated the enemy mechs light hawk wings.

Zinv disappears and HIMC appears victorious to the kamidake. makihi makes them call the ship back.

Kiriko and hakurens groups are called to meet at mahiki's residence with souren's group.

she shows them a video of what went on. Kiriko is shocked to see the PKW wave which she recognizes from being briefed on confidential juraian information. it turns out that's what the kamidake did too.

Miki is upset because she gave dr. clay the information on it. but it means someone linked to him is doing this. they analyze the footage using kirikos ship and the kamidake and it shows that one lhw of zinvs disappeared and then seina made an emergency jump. kiriko leaves things to hakuren to find seina.

Kiriko and the girls are required to turn over the kamidake and face trial immediately on renza.


seina jumps out to safety, Zinv can't regenerate his weapons are greatly damaged, a pirate fleet jumps out and seina has to use a gravity bullet to kill them all without warning.
because he's covered in the pirates paint bullets he has to eject and self destruct the exterior of zinv leaving only the core. souren's sister is stationed on a nearby planet so he decides to land there on planet barium.
he hides zinvs core in a lake and goes out to find civilization. he starts feeling sick as he heads towards the nearest city, a 3 days journey away. he;s attacked by goblins and fights them off.
seina sets up camp and sleeps as he sleeps he hears a strange noise. he wakes up and leaves he's attacked by a chimera.

he finds a dwarf who offers to help him fight it off. he and some elfs finish it off seina collapses from his cold. the dwarf bribes the others to keep them from alerting the authorities that seina has a magic cold.
he takes him back to his house. seina hears the noise again in his unconscious state. he asks the philosopher's stone what it is he says it's similar to an astral link. so he assumes its a communication. seina gets mad that the stone isn't more chatty and asks it to be more talkative. it shifts to conversational mode.
it tells him the noise has the same regular patterns one would expect in speech. the stone can't translate it but suggest seina talk to it. he jokingly asks it to translate for him.

it translates it self to tell him a message about magic. seina wakes up at barigaru's place confused.barigaru tells him he's been out for 20 days and he has a magic cold because he's developing a magic organ. he floats his bed over to the window to show seina the city outside
back at makihi's residence kiriko freaks out internally because souren's team is made up of fantasy creatures and kiriko is a fantasy book nerd. she is told by hakuren it's likely they might end up attached to seina too, and that souren is a man. Kiriko doesn't believe it.
After souren's team leaves they talk about how terrified they were by kiriko staring at them. they think she is terrifying and that she was giving them the evil eye.

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