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とことん魎呼 (天地無用!キャラクターブック) 'Completely' Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo! Character Book)


kikai ninjin:
とことん魎呼 (天地無用!キャラクターブック) 'Completely' Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo! Character Book) is a "fun booklet dedicated to Ryoko. Contains character info, design sketches, an interview with seiyuu 折笠 愛 Ai Orikasa, a short story, (two) post cards, a small poster and more". It has 64 pages and some really cool artwork inside. Afaik, it is the second character book out of a total of 5, by ドラゴンマガジン編集部 Dragon Magazine Editorial Department and published by 富士見書房 Fujimi Shobo. I tried my best to remove the wrinkles of the poster and some pages, but I ain't no professional. Scanned and leveled by me. Enjoy!

Scan info:
600dpi color: covers, dust jacket, poster, post cards & pages 01 to 32.
600dpi gray scale: the rest.
All exported as JPEG 60%.

Download link (book+poster+post cards)


Post cards (60% JPEG):

Poster (60% JPEG):

Poster in a bigger resolution (lossless)


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