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Things which characters will never say.

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Ayeka-  Tenchi, the year is 2016.  You have not made your choice.

Tenchi-  Ayeka,  the year is still 1995.

Ayeka- But it feels like it is 2016.

Tenchi to Tokimi-  Lady Tokimi, can you tell me whom I will be married to in 2016?

Tokimi-  I can't tell you about 2016. Yet,  I can point out that you are going to have a very large family by 2016.

Sasami to her friend Misao-  At least, it is very hard for me to be going to school.

Tenchi to his oldest son Kazuki-  Son, you don't have to worried about being the main protagonist in your own series.

Kazuki-  Father, the protagonist should be me.

Tenchi-  Son, all you need to do is to notice when your Aunt Ryoko has a fight with your mother.

Kazuki-   At least, I understand the ideal of the female protagonist to be the main protagonist.


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