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"Heart of the Moon" (NSFW)


This is a Brighter than the Dawning Blue/El Hazard/Tenchi Muyo! crossover.                           


 At the end of the 21st Century, the humans of Earth began to colonize the Moon. At first these colonies were under the dominion and rulership of nations back on Earth. However, by the mid-22nd Century these lunar colonies threw off the yoke of their ruling terran nations, and formed a single independent nation called the Kingdom of Spheres.
 Tensions between the terran nations and this new lunar kingdom were high for decades. Then, when the lunar people adopted a religion dedicated to an obscure moon goddess named Shaorin, things took a turn for the worse. Christians and Muslims alike back on Earth refused to accept this new religion of the lunarfolk, and sought to stamp out all of Shaorin’s faithful.
 The tensions between Earth and the Kingdom of Spheres finally escalated to all out war in the 23rd Century. Called the Oedipus War, after the man in Greek mythology who killed and dethroned his own father, it was the most horrendous war that had ever taken place in Earth’s history. For the first time since the mid-20th century, nuclear weapons were used in conflict. Entire cities on both Earth and the Moon vanished in nuclear fire. And despite the calls for peace from the priestesses of Shaorin, the religious fanatics on Earth decided they would rather die than see peace with “pagans”.
 However, this war did not go unnoticed by outside forces. Unbeknownst to the terran and lunar people, the rest of the galaxy was teeming with extraterrestrial life and civilizations. One of the most powerful of these civilizations was the Empire of Jurai. Not only did the people of Earth and the Moon not know about the Juraians, but they didn’t realize that the Juraians were human, or distant cousins of humans, and that the humans of Earth were actually the descendants of Juraian colonists who fell to barbarism in their early history.
 For the entire history of human civilization on Earth, the Juraians watched over them from a distance. However, when the Oedipus War broke out, the Juraians decided to remain neutral to the conflict. But there was one figure who would not remain neutral. Her name was Sasami. Sasami was a former Juraian princess who had become an incarnation of Jurai’s patron goddess Tsunami. As it turned out, Sasami/Tsunami was the mother of Shaorin, and couldn’t sit back while her daughter’s people were slaughtered, nor could she let the homeworld of Tenchi, one of her spouses, get annihilated.
 Not wanting to reveal herself openly to the Earth and Moon peoples, Sasami called out to her allies, the Saurian people of Reptilon (a world on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth) to help stop the fighting. The Saurians were actually a multitude of different races living as one. Each one of these races evolved from a species of dinosaur or prehistoric reptile on Earth, their ancestors leaving the planet when a asteroid nearly wiped out their number.
 The Saurians quickly revealed themselves to the terran and lunarfolk. Using an energy burst similar to an EMP, the Saurians rendered the human warships on both sides inoperable so neither side could continue fighting, even if they wanted to.
 Having effectively ended the fighting, the Saurians then convinced the terran and lunar governments to start peace talks. With their forces essentially beaten, many Christians and Muslims lost faith in their religion, and those two religions would be quickly abandoned. With Saurian aid, the United Nations was reinstated on Earth, and reconstruction on the Moon was quickly underway.
 500 years would pass, and peace remained steady between worlds. However, there was still plenty of bad blood on both sides, with some people unwilling to forgive the sins of the past. Some feared that, even with the Saurians overlooking things, that war could erupt again someday.
 But all was not lost. Born in the Kingdom of Spheres was a princess named Sephira Earthlight. During her teen years, Sephira took it upon herself to be an emissary of peace between Earth and the Moon. To symbolize a possible union between worlds, Sephira even married an Earth man who would take the throne with her when she became queen. They would have a daughter named Feena.
 However, just when peace seemed over the horizon, something unforeseen occurred. Lunar explorers excavating on Mars discovered evidence of a non-human alien race that once inhabited the planet, only to get wiped out. Activating an ancient relic of this dead civilization, these explorers unwittingly drew the attention and ire of the alien race that destroyed the civilization.
 The Mosura they came to be called, named by the lunarlolk for their moth-like appearance. The Mosura were a race of extra-dimensional aliens who wanted the technology of their ancient enemies buried, and didn’t look too fondly upon the lunarfolk for uncovering it. They staged a series of raids on the Kingdom of Spheres, though oddly not on Earth (the Mosura apparently distinguished the difference between the terran and lunar cultures) The Kingdom of Spheres warded them off again and again (the Mosura apparently degenerated technology-wise since the days they wiped out the Martian civilization, and weren’t as powerful as they were back then). So discreet was this conflict that the terrans never even knew it was happening
 Then, tragedy. When Queen Sephira’s escort vessel was transporting her to a peace conference on Earth, the Mosura made a surprise attack. Her ship was destroyed, with everybody onboard, including her, presumed dead. People on both Earth and the Moon were devastated by the news (the lunar government covering up the true perpetrators of the wreck, making it seem like an accident). People wondered if peace could survive without Sephira.
 However, hope survived. Sephira’s daughter, Feena, not only grew to be the spitting image of her mother appearance-wise, but sought to carry on what her mother had started. The road ahead for her seemed long, but she was determined to make her mother’s dream come true. She would never know that help would come from an unexpected source…..

                                                          Heart of the Moon

 “What is that?” Tsunami wondered aloud as her censors picked up the approaching objects.
 The objects entering the Sol System appeared to be ships, yet they were unlike any ship designs from any known civilization from the charted sections of the galaxy. Furthermore, the larger ship was apparently chasing the smaller one, and the smaller one was quickly losing ground.
 “I don’t like bullies.” the Goddess said to herself, “I’ll have to find out what’s going on and defuse this situation as best as I can.”

                                                                 * * *

 Sylia, the second girl in the family to bear that name, joined her lips with those of her mother, Ifurita. They enjoyed the taste of each other as Ifurita lowered her daughter back-first onto the bed. They lay arm-in-arm like that for a good long while before they were enveloped by a blue glow of light. The light faded to reveal their clothing had vanished and their nude forms now entwined.
 Ifurita’s lips parted with Sylia’s and she took a moment to look at and admire the form of her daughter before her. Sylia had grown up to develop a figure very similar to Ifurita’s own. Sasami and all the other wives had always told Ifurita that her body and form was pure perfection, but until she saw the mirror image of that in her daughter she had never really appreciated what others saw.
 While Sylia shivered in anticipation, Ifurita lowered her face down to suck on Sylia’s breasts. She suckled both breasts one after the other for what seemed like a blissful eternity to Sylia. Then, Ifurita moved her body upward to let Sylia return the favor.
 When Sylia had her fill of that, Ifurita turned her body around and moved her mouth towards Sylia’s vagina. Sylia was in position to do the same for Ifurita in return. They licked and sucked on each other’s vagina’s vigorously while Sylia also took the time to suck on Ifurita’s highly sensitive buttocks.
 Ifurita looked up at Sylia.
 “Are you ready?” she asked her daughter
 Sylia gave her mother a nod and a smile of anticipation. Ifurita turned back around and was again face-to-face with Sylia. They wrapped their arms around each other, prepared for what was next. Ifurita positioned herself just right, and soon their vaginas were joined. Ifurita began to rub herself up and down against her daughter. They moaned in intense ecstasy as their vaginas rubbed against each other. For both of them, this was the ultimate symbol of love and affection. This was how they would mate.
 They continued on like that for several minutes. At first they took it slowly, but as the pleasure became more intense they moved faster. At last they felt a jolt in their bodies as they climaxed together. They could feel it as each other’s DNA, entered the other woman’s body. This was how women of divine or mystical heritage traded their life essence. It was how they made children with one another.
 Feeling spent, mother and daughter then lay in each other’s arms.

                                                             * * *
 Sylia rested her head against Ifurita’s breasts. The feeling of being this close to her mother always warmed her heart, but now she felt troubled. Ifurita could sense it, and knew exactly what burdened her daughter’s thoughts.
 “Still thinking of Feena, huh?” Ifurita asked rhetorically.
 That Sylia couldn’t answer told Ifurita all she need to know. Feena Fam Earthlight, the princess of the Kingdom of Spheres, a colony-turned-independent nation on Earth’s Moon. For a long time Sylia had a crush on Feena, but could never bring herself to even meet with the famous  princess, let alone attempt to start a relationship with her. Despite being the daughter of goddesses, and despite the fact that her older sister, Shaorin, was the Kingdom of Sphere’s patron goddess, Sylia still humbled herself with the thought that she was below Feena’s station.
 There was even a bit of a scare for Sylia. Feena made a diplomatic visit to Earth not too long ago, and it was rumored that she had found a new love on this trip. Sylia was heartbroken at the news of these rumors. However, they turned out to not be true (though, the same rumor mills claimed that the man Feena had fallen for had actually fallen for another girl instead), and Feena returned to her home on the Moon. While Sylia was relieved, it was also another missed opportunity for her.
 However, there could be more opportunities. Feena’s visit had opened the way for more diplomatic talks between Earth and the Kingdom of Spheres, and it looked like Feena may make more visits. It was just a matter of getting Sylia motivated.
 “Would you like me to tell you a secret?” Ifurita asked her daughter.
 Sylia nodded for Ifurita to continue on.
 “You aren’t the only person who has a tremendous crush on Feena.” Ifurita explained, “I’ve fallen in love with her, too. In fact, everybody in the family, even your second mother, has fallen in love with her.”
 Sylia was more than a little surprised.
 “But….why haven’t any of you ever approached her or tried to start a relationship with her?” Sylia asked.
 “For your sake.” Ifurita replied, “We all know how you feel about her. Sasami and I have done enough to bring new members into this family. For once, I wanted my little girl to have a chance to make somebody she loves one of us. You just have to have confidence in yourself and approach Feena on your own terms.”
 Sylia quietly pondered this. Her mother made it sound so easy to do. But really, how could she, a person who never even met Feena, win the princess over so easily? What did she even have to offer to break the ice or win her heart?
 While she thought about this, a voice chimmed in. It was Sasami/Tsunami, Sylia’s second mother, and the spirit of the ship they were aboard.
 “I’m sorry to interrupt any..personal...activities.” Tsunami said, Ifurita and Sylia knowing those words were directed at them, “I am about to intercept an unknown and potentially hostile ship. I do not expect this ship to be any real threat to us, but anything is possible. Everybody should be prepared.”
 With those words, Sylia and Ifurita were out of bed and readied themselves for a possible attack on the ship. Little did Sylia know that the solution to her troubles would soon present itself.

                                                              * * *

 Tsunami appeared in orbit around Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The chase between the two unknown ships had ended here. She arrived just in time to see the pursuing ship shoot down the smaller ship, the latter of which crashed on Europa’s surface.
 Tsunami opened up communications with the larger ship, but she was ignored.   Acting quickly, Tsunami positioned herself between the ship in orbit and it’s target. She tried communicating with the attacking ship one more time.The ship was still in space for a moment before it turned away and flew off into hyperspace.
 With that problem apparently out of the way, Tsunami’s concern was the occupants of the crashed ship. She tried to communicate with the crashed ship, and it wasn’t long before she got a reply.
 “Please, you must save her.” came an inhuman, almost buzzing and insect like voice from the crashed vessel, “For the future of this solar system, mother and daughter must be reunited.”
 Then the signal ceased.
 Tsunami’s human form, Sasami, manifested on the moon near the crashed ship. She brought Ifurita, Tenchi, and Bronto Thunder with her to help search for any survivors.
 They sifted through the wreckage until they found the ship’s pilot. As the sound of the pilot’s voice suggested, it was not human or even humanoid. The creature most closely resembled a moth from Earth, albeit slightly larger than a human being. Sasami told the others to continue looking for survivors, as the pilot’s words suggested somebody else was aboard the ship.
 Then Ifurita found it. A stasis pod of some sort. She called for the others. As they gathered around, Ifurita rubbed away the fog from the pod to see who or what was inside.
 They all gasped at what they saw. The woman was identical in appearance to Princess Feena Fam Earthlight in almost every way. The same pale purple hair, nearly identical facial features and all. But there was subtle differences to tell them that it wasn’t Feena. They were sure of who it really was, and Tsunami would examine her to confirm it.
 Sephira Earthlight. Former queen of the Kingdom of Spheres, and the long lost and presumed dead mother of Princess Feena.

                                                          * * *

 Feena listened carefully to the conversation between her father and the strange men in his throne room. The king did not realize his daughter was listening from a hiding place. He certainly would not have wanted her to hear the news he was receiving in the way she was about to.
 “The ship was completely disintegrated in the enemy attack, Your Majesty. There were no survivors. I’m sorry.”
 This news hit Feena like a punch in the gut. The ship they were describing was the ship her mother was suppose to be returning home on. Feena hit the floor before a sharp cry came out of her mouth.
 The sound of the girl’s scream drew the quick attention of everybody in the throne room. The king quickly ran over to the source of the cry and found Feena’s hiding place. The girl was lying with her body face down, screaming and crying uncontrollably. The king lifted her up and held her to him.
 “I’m so sorry, so sorry.” he kept repeating to her, not knowing what else he should say.
 It would be days before Feena herself could say anything to him or anybody else.

                                                             * * *

 It was the dreaded tenth anniversary of that horrible day Princess Feena had overheard the news of her mother’s death. She always dreaded it. For her that day was still fresh in her mind as if it had happened mere moments ago, and it was still just as shocking and surreal as it was back then.
 But, as much as the horror of that day still lived with her, she knew she couldn’t let it show. As the princess of the Kingdom of Spheres, she had a higher duty to perform. Being the spitting image of her late mother, Feena had taken it upon herself to continue what her mother had started, and finally create a true peace between the Kingdom of Spheres and the United Federation of Nations on Earth. Over the years she had hidden her grief behind an image of grace and serenity, that grace and serenity being the sure sign in people’s minds that she was indeed her mother’s daughter. She could never let those people see what was inside.
 As she looked down to the Earth below her from her escort ship, she pondered just how far things had come since her mother’s time. Even though peace still seemed far off, Feena sometimes felt she was gaining ground in her efforts. Yet, somehow, it all seemed hollow to her since she knew her mother was no longer here to see it all.
 Feena touched the blue jewel piece on the collar around her neck and closed her eyes. It was something her mother had given her as a small child, though she never understood it purpose
 “Are you okay, Princess?”
 Feena looked up at her servant and escort, Mia. Feena suddenly realized that a tear was flowing from her eye.
 “Yes, Mia. Thank you for your concern. It’s just that I’m starting to get tears of joy that Mother’s vision is finally coming about.”
 With that, Feena realized that she needed to be more on guard with her emotions. She couldn’t let her inner feelings get the best of her and put her mission in jeopardy. Her people depended on her.
                                                                         * * *

 “It’s her.” Sasami announced, “Definitely her. Not a clone, not a double, but the real Sephira.”
 The group gathered in the infirmary, composed of Ifurita, Sylia, Shaorin, Tenchi, Botan, and Bronto Thunder,  was silent in shock. They all learned long ago not to question Sasami/Tsunami’s ability to learn a person’s true identity with the touching of her forehead to that person’s forehead.
 “There, you see? I’ve been telling everybody she’s still alive for ten years now!” Botan declared.
 Indeed, after Sephira went missing, Sasami and the rest of the family searched for her soul, as Botan, the universal spirit of Death, had not sensed the queen’s passing nor had the queen’s soul arrived in the afterlife created by Shaorin. They were unable to find her in any of the countless afterlifes across the universe. Shaorin even sent visions to her priests announcing Queen Sephira was likely alive, but he Lunar people had grown faithless in these times.
 “She should be coming to soon.” Sasami said, “I’ve also removed that thermonuclear device from her body.”
 At the confused looks she was getting, Sasami had to explain further.
 “Whoever had been holding her all these years planted some sort of thermonuclear device within her body that would have been powerful enough to blow up a planet. My guess is that the pursuers deliberately let us find her, which is why they didn’t put up much of a fight when we came to her rescue. Most normal forms of surgery wouldn’t have been able to remove it without killing her. But such things are no match for a divine being like myself.”
 “Abominable!” Sylia cried out.
 News of Sasami’s find traveled quickly throughout Tsunami-fune, and Sylia had to come see the truth for herself. And there she was, Sephira Earthlight, laying on a bed before her.
 And there was a reason why Sylia had to find out the truth. Because Princess Feena Earthlight was not the first person in that family that Sylia had loved from afar. Long before that, Sylia had loved Sephira, but never got a chance to meet the object of her affection. When Sephira was believed killed, Sylia was devastated. Though she never admitted it to her own family, a large part of why Sylia never built up the nerve to talk to Feena was because she worried that if she got to close to Feena, whatever took Sephira away would take Feena, and Sylia didn’t know how she would cope.
 As everybody in the infirmary still reeled from the information Sasami gave them, Sephira’s eyes began to open. Feeling a bit woozy, she looked around the room in confusion. Before she could ask the obvious question “where am I?” she caught sight of a familiar figure standing at the foot of the bed.
 “La….Lady Shaorin?” Sephira asked, immediately recognizing the face of her people’s patron goddess, “So, I’m dead, then?”
 “No, no,” Shaorin began to explain, moving closer to Sephira and taking her by the hand, “You are aboard the ship Tsunami, a manifestation of my mother. My mother found you in stasis aboard some unknown alien spacecraft.”
 Sephira then recalled it all. Her ship, which was on it’s way back from a diplomatic mission to Earth, was attacked by a Mosura ship. The Mosura were a race of moth-like aliens from an uncharted section of the galaxy who were old enemies of the Kingdom of Spheres, though the lunar nation kept the existence of this alien menace a secret from the people of Earth because the lunar people had a belief that Sephira found irrational that the Earth people would join with the Mosura to tip the balance in the Cold War between Earth and the Moon and not even the people of Reptilon could stop them this time.
 However, once the realization that she had been rescued hit her, another more important concern raced through her mind.
 “Feena! I need to see her! I need to see my family and tell them I’m alright!” Sephira cried out, trying to get up from the bed.
 Shaorin calmed Sephira down and had her lay back on the bed. Everybody there knew what had to be said next was going to come as a shock to the queen.

                                                                        * * *

 Sephira stood at a balcony and looked out in wonderment at the city before her. The city belonged to the Sarrukh, an ophidian race she had never heard of originating from a universe she could have never dreamed of existing. The snake imagery displayed by all the buildings was beautiful and breathtaking to behold. However, to her this all paled in comparison to what confounded her now.
 ‘Ten years.’ she thought to herself.
 Sephira then heard a loud thud behind her, interrupting her from her thoughts. She saw a young-looking girl on her hands and knees in the balcony entrance behind her. It appeared that the girl had either tripped over, or had been pushed. She recognized this girl as one of the people who were in the infirmary when she awoke. 
 Sylia, the girl on the ground, turned around in frustration to see her mothers, Ifurita and Sasami, smiling at her and gesturing her to go ahead and talk with Sephira. Sylia’s face grew pink with embarrassment as she realized that Sephira now saw her and was walking towards her. There was no going back now.
 “Are you okay, young lady?” Sephira asked as she reached down to help Sylia up.
 Sylia’s heart raced as Sephira took her hand. She found that she couldn’t even speak up to answer Sephira’s question. But, Sephira was undeterred by this and helped Sylia up anyway.
 Just as they both nearly stood upright, something invisible (probably the work of her second mother, Sasami, Sylia would later realize) caused Sylia to trip forward and fall onto Sephira. Both of them hit the floor, with Sylia now completely on top of Sephira.
 And then it happened. Their foreheads touched, and a glowing light passed from Sylia’s forehead to Sephira’s. In the real world, they were only together like this for a minute, but in each of their minds a lifetime had passed. They saw everything about one another, the entire life of one girl being an open book to the other. And in all this Sephira now knew how this girl, Sylia, felt about both her and her daughter.
 “I told you it would work.” Sasami said to Ifurita with a wink as they watched what was unfolding.
  When the light on their foreheads faded, Sylia and Sehpira slowly sat up, and Sephira helped Sylia get to her feet (this time without any awkward falls). For a while then Sylia joined the lunar queen in gazing out over the balcony. They would occasionally look each other over.
 For Sylia, Sephira was even more beautiful in person than she could have ever imagined. With that pale purple hair, brilliant green eyes, and fey facial features, the lunar queen, just like her daughter after her, had a beauty that compared even to Sylia’s two mothers.
 Sephira also couldn’t help but admire the girl next to her. Pale blue hair that almost complemented Sephira’s own pale purple hair, adorable baby blue eyes and a delicate looking face. The girl also had an angelic radiance about her that seemed to be a paradox when compared to the apparent awkwardness the girl displayed, an awkwardness that Sephira found cute and rather endearing.
 Sephira then thought about what she had just shared with this girl. With that psychic link, Sephira now knew Sylia better than anybody she had ever known before. And not only did she know how the girl felt about her, but she understood that such a link couldn’t have happened if they weren’t meant to be soulmates of a sort.
 But what could she do? While lunar laws allowed a member of royalty like herself to have more than one spouse, even one of the same gender, she knew her husband probably wouldn’t go along with it. His beliefs about marriage were of the more conservative Terran type, him having originated from Earth, and he always dismissed the idea of him or Sephira having another spouse.
  “So…’ll have to go away soon.” Sylia finally said, showing some initiative for the first time in this situation.
 “Yes. Everybody back home needs me. Especially my dear Feena.I know Feena has been doing her best to continue what I started, but I think she would appreciate whatever help I could give her. Plus…..”
 Sephira paused, a sudden sadness overcoming her.
 “Poor Feena.” the queen continued on sadly, “I can’t imagine what all of this must have been like for her. Growing up without her mother, and then having to take such a great responsibility onto her shoulders.”
 “She will be overjoyed to have her mother back.” Sylia tried to reassure the queen with a smile, “As I….as we all are.”
“Not everybody will be happy about my sudden return.” Sephira said, her mood growing darker, “I had a lot of enemies from both Earth and even on my home on the Moon. Some people on each side simply didn’t want peace. I’m sure Feena has had to deal with these people as well. I can’t even contemplate what these enemies will do when it is revealed that I’m still alive.”
 “I...I won’t let anything bad happen to you or Feena!” Sylia suddenly announced, taking Sephira by surprise, “If anybody tries to harm either of you, I will protect you in any way I can! I know that Mommy Sasami is weary about revealing herself and her inner world to the people of Earth and the Moon, but I’m still sure she and everybody else in our family will help you and Feena however we can!”
 Sephira smiled and took Sylia’s hand.
 “We can start by finding Feena and telling her I’m still alive.” Sephira said, “It will be a shock to her, but I can’t hide here any longer, and she needs her mother more than ever now.”
 Sylia understood and nodded in agreement.
 Several feet away, Ifurita and Sasami were still listening.
 “I guess that’s as good a start as any.” Ifurita said.

                                                                * * *

 Feena sighed in frustration. The talks weren’t going very well. As was often the case, people on both the Terran and Lunar sides could not get over past grudges, nor could they stop blaming one another for historic crimes that one side would blame the other for. As usual, the Dinosaurians would mediate things, but they could only do so much.
 Just when she thought she needed a break, one of her aids pulled her aside for what was suppose to be an important matter. The Dinosaurian representatives called for a recess. Feena noticed that this occurred after their own aides had whispered to them. Whatever it was she was being called away for, they apparently were as well.
 Feena was led to her personal quarters. Waiting there was a striking young-looking woman with pale white skin and icy blue hair. The girl blushed profusely at Feena’s presence.
 “May I help you, young lady?” Feena asked with a pleasant smile, feeling the need to help ease the girl’s nervousness.
 “He...hello. My name is Sylia. I c..come as a representative from the realm of the Moon Goddess Shaorin.”
 Feena was taken by surprise at this, but let the girl continue on.
 “This will come as a shock to you, but there is…..somebody with me who you must meet.”
 Sylia stepped aside to reveal a robed figure behind her. The figure’s hood partially covered their face, obscuring their identity.
 And then the figure removed the hood. Feena’s jaw dropped and she covered her mouth in shock. For a while, neither Feena nor the figure before her could say anything. Tears swelled up in both of their eyes, and a warm smile was on the figure’s face. The two of them finally couldn’t take it anymore and ran into each other’s arms.
 Sylia smiled at the scene, tears forming in her eyes as well. Mother and daughter had finally been reunited.

                                                                      * * *

 When the recess ended, Dinosaurian representative returned to the meeting hall. Feena strangely did not appear to return with her. Nobody could have guessed at the news they would bring.
 “People of Earth and the Kingdom of Spheres, I have an announcement to make.” the Saurian, a female ichthyosaur said, “This will come as a shock to everybody. Queen Sephira has been found alive!”
 As could be expected, there were gasps and sudden chatter all throughout the room.
 “Lies!” one Terran shouted.
 “It is no lie.” came a female voice that many people found all too familiar.
 Side by side with her daughter, the long presumed dead queen entered the room. The chatter turned to an uproar. And it wasn’t just in the room. The meeting was being broadcasted all over both Earth and the Moon. The shock resonated throughout both worlds.
 “But, how could this be!?” one Lunar representative asked, a question obviously echoed by all who saw what was unfolding.
 Sephira began her story. She told them all that she knew regarding what happened to her. She described how she was abducted by the Mosura, an alien race the Lunar people had been fighting in secret for years (and which she now said the Terrans should know about), how she was apparently kept in stasis for those ten years she was missing, and how a family of deities that included the Lunar Goddess Shaorin rescued her from her captors.
 “Outrageous!” one Terran said.
  “This is obviously a bag of lies!” another said, “The Saurians must have been hiding her as a trump card!”
 The Saurians tried to calm the uproar. When it died down a bit, they called the conference adjourned, as obviously this new development will have both sides rethinking their plans.
 Sephira sighed at it all. It was pretty much as she had expected. Rather than see this as an occasion of joy and celebration, people on both sides were going to use it as an excuse to continue their bickering. While she knew peace would come someday, it was still a ways off.
 Then, the queen looked at her daughter, who looked back at her, both with a smile on their faces. While the two worlds may continue their bickering for now, the mother and daughter now had something that was just as important to them personally to do now.

                                                              * * *

 The moment that Feena and Sephira returned to the princess’s quarters, Feena could not contain herself any longer. To the queen’s surprise, Feena not only embraced her once more, but with blind passion joined her lips with her mother’s. As much of a surprise as this was, Sephira did not find it unwelcoming and she returned her daughter’s passion.
 As they stood lost in one another, the jewel around Feena’s collar suddenly detached and fell to the floor. Feena was surprised by this, but Sephira knew what was coming next. The jewel lit up, and then projected an image. The two of them immediately recognized the image of Sephira being projected. Before the image spoke, Sephira understood what this meant.
 “My dearest little Feena.” the image of Sephira said, “If you are seeing this image, it means that you have found your true love, the one whom you are destined to be with forever. I left you this message because I wanted you to know that it is you, Feena, above all else that I treasure. I hope and pray that whoever you have found love with will give you the same sort of joy that having you in my life has brought me. Be well, my dear child, and know that whatever the future may bring you and your love, I will always be there for you, even when my life has ended.”
 When the image faded out, Sephira looked at her daughter with a mixture of surprise and joy.
 “Does this mean….?” Sephira asked.
 “Yes!” Feena finally said, “It is you, Mother, whom I love. When I was little, you were my first crush. And when you disappeared, I felt like my soul had been ripped from my body. All the years you were gone, my feelings for you only grew stronger, and it always anguished me that I thought I would never get to tell you how I felt.”
 To a Terran this revelation might have seemed strange  and taboo, but to Lunarian there couldn’t have been greater news. For such love between a mother and daughter was considered sacred, as the Goddess Shaorin had been known to have married both of her mothers. As the two of them held clasped hands, Sephira called out to the two women waiting in the next room.
 “You both can come out now.”
 With those words, Sylia and Ifurita came out of hiding. Feena was both a little bit confused, and also taken by the beauty of the two women that appeared, feeling that they compared to her and her mother.
 “Feena, I would like you to meet Sylia and her mother, Ifurita.” Sephira said, “They are part of the family that found me and brought me to you. On top of that, Ifurita here just happens to be the mother of our Goddess Shaorin, and Sylia is therefore the Goddess’s sister.”
 It took a few moments after the initial surprise at these women’s identities before Feena could speak up.
 “Thank you for bringing Mother back to me. I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”
 Sylia gulped a bit before her mother nudged her with her elbow to get Sylia to speak up.
 “Well, ummm,” Sylia began, nervously, “I...guess you could start with both you and your mother taking be me and my mother out on a date.”
 Feena and Sephira looked at each other and chuckled before Feena answered.
 “You’ve got it!”

                                                                 * * *

A year had passed. While talks between the Kingdom of Spheres and Earth were still hitting some rough patches, particularly after Sephira first returned, there was still progress being made. It seemed like there was still hope for peace in near future.
 However, the major event that took both worlds by surprise was the announcement made by Sephira and Feena. They revealed their love for one another, and that they were engaged to marry. The people on the Moon were overjoyed at the news, while the Terrans were a bit taken aback, though they learned to grudgingly accept the news.
 There was at least one bittersweet aspect of this news. The king, Sephira’s husband, announced that, being unable to be in a marriage to his own daughter, he was both parting ways with his wife and stepping down from his position as king. However, he also noted that he had no ill will towards his daughter and former wife, and he wanted nothing more than for them to be happy together.
 Mother and daughter were married in a grand ceremony that was broadcasted live on both Earth and the Moon. For the Lunar people it was the greatest celebration in their history, for it was the first time their people would be ruled by two queens, the queens being mother and daughter, a perfect symbolic reenactment of their Goddess’s marriage to her own mothers.
 What the people didn’t know was that after the formal wedding between Feena and Sephira, another wedding was taking place in secret. Aboard Tsunami-fune, Feena and Sephira were taking part in an even grander wedding.
 Both Feena and Sephira gave their vows to everybody in Sasami’s family. Then, they each shared a kiss with both Sylia and Ifurita, sealing those vows. While they were married to the whole family now, Ifuria and Sylia would be the ones they would be spending that night with.
 And from that night of romance, seeds for a new future would be planted. In the coming years, the people of the Moon and Earth would get to know the daughters of Feena and Sephira, two girls that looked like their mothers, yet had unusual pale skin and blue eyes. And these two girls would grow up to finally finish the work that their mothers started. Feena’s daughter would come to be the queen of Earth, while Sephira’s daughter would rule the Kingdom of Spheres. And together, the sisters finally brought the two worlds together, uniting them against outside threats like the Mosura.
 Peace had been found.



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