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Tenchi Muyo Picture Exchange - ~7800 Pictures - Relisted on Request

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First, this does contain hentai, and there was no attempt to segregate it from the other pics.

I'm very happy to bring you my entire Tenchi loose Picture Collection.  I have been working hard on this the last month, especially the last week, so if I owe some people PM replies and the like, just know that I was busy and I will get back to them.

I have organized it rougly by character when possible and it contains some SKT and GXP.  It's down from about 13,000 pictures, ridding it of:

  • Exact duplicates and lower quality version of pics with the help of several programs.
  • Most pics from doujin I decided to keep in full.  Many of these are on e-hentai anyway.
  • Many Okuda Manga stills, that series is easily available in it's entirety in other places.
  • Most pics where I have the full product (Eternal Memory, Gokuraku, etc.), I may upload those at another time if there's demand.
  • Most screenshots, especially of the shows I'm familiar with to recognize them off the bat (OAV, Movies, Mihoshi Special), mainly because many of the 90's and early-to-mid 00's web screenshots looked like this at best:

    When you can get this quality from the Blurays of OAV1&2, Mihoshi Special, and the movies:

    Achika, especially, is too beautiful for that old crud to stick around for no reason.  It's an embarrassment, actually.  Even the DVDs of the other products can make better stills than what's usually on the web.

That doesn't mean there is no garbage and noise left, but it's all the effort I'll give it at the moment.  But I do hope some other people can share their collections in this thread.  To that end or just to help integrate this one into your existing collection, here is some free PC software:

  • Duplicate Cleaner (Free Version).  This is excellent software to find exact byte-for-bye duplicates of any file going by checksums.  Pictures from the same source (that was never resized/cropped/reprocessed) will be found with this.  You don't need to worry so much which file it deletes because the remaining one will be the exact same.
  • Visipics.  This software will find similiar pictures.  You will want to double check what it deletes simply because bigger (file sizes/resolution) is not always better.  It will also think these two pictures

    and the like are the same and will delete one or the other if you let it.
  • Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.  Same as Visipics.  Even better at finding similar photos imo, but is slower in going through them to delete them so it's an appropriate 2nd round software.  Each similiar-picture-finding program implements it's own different algorithm that's useful in different instances, the more programs you can throw at a stack of pictures, the more identical pics you can let the computer fish out.  Same as previous 2, the least accurate of the bunch.  The previous two I considered essential, this is becoming more optional.
  • Many of the pay-for programs, from the trials, don't seem worth it.

Hopefully this software will help.  And if you decide to upload your collection to share, it will be a smaller upload as well.  (Higher quality of existing pics ALWAYS appreciated.)

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