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Ouroboros Saga side story: Cycle part 3 (revised; very NSFW)


Forward note: You can all blame Gaston for this. He was the one who gave me the idea for this story.

  Sasami and Ifurita’s lips remained joined for what seemed like a blissful eternity. Beads of sweat rolled down both of their bodies as they held each other close. It was Heaven, as it had always been. No matter how many times the two of them made love, it never got old. They knew that the flame between them would be alive for the rest of eternity.  Eventually, their lips parted from one another. Sasami then laid her head upon Ifurita’s breasts. They continued to breath heavily as they rested.
  Ifurita looked down and admired the young girl who had been her wife for a number of years now. Sasami had filled out quite nicely as she had grown. Ifurita was use to everybody admiring, even obsessing, over her own beauty and her nice body, but she believed that Sasami was her equal in those regards. Sasami even rivaled Ifurita in having an extremely nice posterior, which Ifurita reached down and cupped with her hand, making Sasami blush.
 Thier happy moment was soon interrupted when Ifuirta sensed somebody in the room with them. Any fears she might have had subsided when two familiar figures stepped out of the shadows.
 “Tsunami! Jazirian! What are you two doing here?” Sasami asked the pair. The newcomers looked at each other and chuckled playfully.
 “Well, we’re not just Tsunami and Jazirian.” Tsunami said. Sasami and Ifurita wondered what they meant. Then, Sasami noticed something odd about Tsunami- instead of the usual twin dot markings on the goddess’s forehead,  there were marks just like Sasami’s, only they were spread further apart.
 Sasami and Ifurita looked at each other in puzzlement. Then, Ifurita used an ability she learned from Akasha to scan the blood makeup of people she looked at. When she scanned Tsunami and Jazirian, she found that the two of them had more than just their own blood flowing through their veins.
 “Yes, Ifurita, we are you and Sasami from the future, specifically after you merged with Jazirian and Tsunami.” Jazirian/Ifurita said with a smile. Sasami and Ifurita smiled at the prospect of interacting their future selves.
 “So, then, what are you two here for?” Ifurita asked.
 “Well, you see, Sasami and I had a really funny idea of who we should have our next children with.” Future-Ifurita answered.
 “Also, for the longest time, Ifurita and I keep hearing about how we are the hottest women in the multiverse, and how great we are to make love to.” Future-Sasami explained. “We both decided that we wanted to experience just what exactly all the fuss was about.”
 The future women gave their past selves hungry smiles. They then unrobed to reveal their nude bodies. Sasami and Ifurita looked at each other and smiled excitedly as they understood the meaning of this. Future-Sasami and Future-Ifurita then got on to the bed and crawled up to their past selves. Sasami’s lips soon joined Future-Sasami’s, while Ifurita’s lips joined with Future-Ifurita’s. The two pairs embraced and lay down upon the bed.
 As she kissed her younger self, Future-Sasami reached down behind the girl and placed her hand upon young Sasami’s plump bottom. Sasami moaned a bit as she felt the hand give her buttocks a heavy massage.
 Future-Ifurita had similar designs for her young self. The older Ifurita turned the young Ifurita around. Future-Ifurita leaned down and placed her mouth upon young Ifurita’s buttocks. Young Ifurita bit her lip as she felt the other Ifurita suck hard upon her buttocks like a baby breast feeding from their mother. Then, young Ifurita felt something begin to work its way into her anus.
 “OOOOOO!!!” young Ifurita cried as Future-Ifurita’s fingers worked their way in and out of her rectum.
 Future-Sasami removed her mouth from young Sasami’s and began kissing the younger girl’s body all over. She worked her way downward until she came to the young girl’s vagina. The older girl began to lick the younger girl’s vagina gently, but with great strides as the young girl cried in ecstasy.
 Ifurita received similar treatment from her older self. Ifurita was bent over on her hands and knees as Future-Ifurita licked her vagina from behind. While doing so, the older Ifurita continued to penetrate the younger Ifurita’s anus with her fingers. To the younger Ifurita, this was the most amazing feeling in the world.
 Once it seemed like the younger girls had their fill, they decided to try something a bit different. While the older woman continued to pleasure the younger ones orally, the younger ones returned the favor. Both pairs of woman found themselves in the 69 position, and pleasured their respective lovers furiously with their mouths and tongues. The Ifuritas, of course, would occasionally suck on each other’s buttockes. The finale of the 69 came when both pairs pleasured their lovers by rubbing their large breasts against their vaginas until they climaxed.
 Though they orgasmed, the girls were not done yet. It was time for the grand finale. As Sasami lay on her back, Future-Sasami got on top of her. At the same time, the two Ifuritas were locked in an embrace. Future-Sasami joined her vagina with Sasami’s, and she began to ride the girl in the cowgirl position. Meanwhile, as they held each other, the two Ifuritas began to rub their vaginas together in the missionary position. The tribbing started out slow, but gradually the older women rubbed their vaginas against those of the younger girls. Things grew more and more intense until they all felt it- it was more than a mere orgasm. The older women could feel something pass from the younger ones into themselves. They knew that the younger women had just given their older selves a part of their DNA, and knew what that meant for the future as they took that DNA into themselves.
 Their energy spent, the older women rested, holding their younger selves in a loving embrace before they all drifted to sleep.

                                                               * * *

 In the middle of the night, the two older women awoke. They smiled at each other and giggled a bit. Then, they got out of bed and grabbed their robes. They both vanished. When the younger Sasami and Ifurita awoke, they found their counterparts gone, and wondered if their experience had been a dream.

                                                                 * * *

 At a point in time in the future, Sasami/Tsunami and Ifurita/Jazirian sat in chairs by a balcony that overlooked a Sarrukh city. The two goddesses held small bundles in their arms. They both smiled at their newborn daughters as the babies suckled their breasts.
 What filled both mothers with even greater pride was how both babies looked. They seemed to be perfect copies of their respective mothers. Appropriate, considering how both girls had been conceived…..



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