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Claim your cannon character or post your OC character here.

Edit: Follow this format for OCs

Character name:



Physical Age:



Physical Description:



Special Abilities:

Can I claim Mihoshi? I promise to do interesting things :)

"Interesting things"?

I happen to like Mihoshi a lot, so I hope that doesn't mean anything bad, and she doesn't belong to any single fan of the show.

Character name: Vaseliev Romanov

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Physical Description: Very Russian in appearance but also, very royal.  (See history.)  Standing about 6'2", weighing in at 230lbs.  Thus, he is built, but slender, in the athletic and wiry department.  His size does not show his true strength, and he is as strong as an ox, but fast and agile as well.

Personality: Fond of his mother Russia, and despite being a former part of a military elite, he is rather quiet and friendly, with a thick Russian accent.  Very clever, practical and logical thinker, kind, outgoing, and likes to quote Russian sayings, or ones he thinks are Russian, but are really not.  He is proud of anything Russian, and likes to use Russian made things.

Bio: He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was too young to ever remember a Russia that was communist.  He grew up a pretty normal kid, but always wanted to be in the military.  Of course, conscription was mandatory in his country, but because he excelled in his skills, he was tapped for Spetsnaz and went through about 7 shades of hell in his training.  However, he is an expert with every Russian made weapons systems, and expert in Rubiopashni Boi, Sanbo, and Systema forms of Martial Arts.  However, he went on several covert missions, but there was only so much of that he could take, and got out when his time was up.  He loved his mother Russia, but he wanted a break from all that, and decided to take his savings, along with an inheritance he had no idea was his, (which is quite sizable he found,) and move to neighboring Japan for some rest, trying to distance himself from his military time.  He does not like talking about missions much, but will talk about his time somewhat when pressed.  However, what he does not realize is that the inheritance came because of his name--Romanov--yes, THAT Romanov.  He is of the royal family that was not in Russia at the time of the revolution.  Even though communism fell, the Romanovs have no wish to retake the crown of Czar, but that does not mean they don't have a lot of money.  Nonetheless, he is unaware of his lineage, and that could come back to haunt him someday, (perhaps in connections with events in this RP.)

He has no special abilities...that he knows of...(at GM's discretion if he wants him to have some and discover them somehow.)

Accepted and yes you may.

Edit: Just make sure you edit your character profile as he discovers them.


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