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Mega Millions Jackpot at 1 BILLION DOLLARS!


If I am the sole winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot, I will fly to Winter Comiket this year and try and contact Kajashima's people.

I would fund (4) 26 episode seasons of Kajashima's work.

(1) Redo of GXP to be more accurate to the novels
(2) Renza Federation Arc of GXP
(3) ISM Season 2
(4) Tenchi's wedding/ Paradise War (given the 3 novel length of Paradise war, it doesn't deserve a full season. Tenchi's Wedding can be sprinkled into the 2 GXP seasons since it would flow timeline wise.)

Given that estimates for the cost of a season were around 5 million USD, I figure that time and the Gaijin up-sell would put us at $7 million per season or 24 million total.

What are your thoughts?

Nah. A waste of money there, I would think, but if that's what you like.  discoursechef
5) You should use some of the money to bring your ideal harem into reality.
Or, at least, hire people to assist you in creating your very own manga and anime.
While you're at it, make some cool video games. Then, go to Hollywood and make some documentaries or movies.
Next, buy some land, build a secret base, have own personal army, and bring great minds together to form a secret circle. . .


Honestly you can't make a harem in the West. The girls will take your shit on the way from divorce court.

24 million would be cheaper as I would have after taxes about 600 mil to play with for the rest of my life.

didn't win spends

If it's all the same, there's always next megamil. Time to spin the  :question:


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