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So I'm working on a Tenchi/Macross Crossover.  I'm curious about earth/galactic politics and how'd things work between earth and jurai after the sdf-1 crash

Well it might help to look at the works that coincided (first half of 1990s). Macross Plus was a major visual update on par with Muyo's space battles and then around the same time Irresponsible Captain Tylor further provided some insights on intragalactic struggles. However, my particular favorite was the Germanic Galmilas in SBY (1973).

Definitely considering the timeline after Space War 1. This story's kinda set right after OVA 5. I'm a I'm sure Jurai might support Earths advancement into space but would give them a friendly reminder where the Galactic Federation boundry was.

Well, for accuracy's sake might want to poke anyone here who has read the Tenchi GXP light novels, particularly with Seto's tour of the cosmos discussing the political sphere, that she apparently gives Seina or Kiriko at one point?

Who would I poke?


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