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Nonsuch Ned:
I tried to explain the billion years thing here:!_Parallel_Trouble_Adventure#Connections_to_Tenchi_Muyo.21_GXP_-_The_Great_Prehistoric_Civilization

I mean, it's bizarre and a bit silly, but he's tried to fit it all together the best he could. They lived on an "Earth" the "original" - they did such a good job seeding the galaxy that they were able to replicate humanity and even culture and tech (curry, handset telephone), and somehow- even replicating another Earth that is functionally identical.

Something in one of the newer novels makes me wonder if they've done it other times too... The planet in Renza where they found all the discarded mecha, including 5 tree seed mecha (like Zinv- but 3rd gen), is called "Terra." ---seems like a clue to me, "Terra"is another word for "Earth."

...that's another way to switch things up. Renza is the place where they love Mecha.


--- Quote from: deadspacepirate on December 05, 2020, 11:41:24 PM ---So I'm working on a Tenchi/Macross Crossover.  I'm curious about earth/galactic politics and how'd things work between earth and jurai after the sdf-1 crash

--- End quote ---

Just to revisit this concept deadspacepirate, we see how relics from Dual Parallel show up in the arguably more comprehensive Tenchi verse of OVA/GXP not just in equipment or abandoned facilities but personalities.

Would it make sense for some of the mirrored Dual cast (quoting from the Fandom article Ned linked earlier) to be the key characters sent as an expedition to investigate the SDF-1 crashlanding?

* Mitsuki Sanada reflected many times: Kiriko, Karen, Tsukiko (& more)

* Mitsuki Rara as Ryoko Balta, Suiren, Ringo (& more)

* Yayoi Schwael reprised by Amane Kaunaq, Gyokuren, Mikami (& more)

* D shows up again as Neju Na Melmas, Hakuren, Kuis Panta (& more)
Just for kicks at least. Depending where the crash occurs, it might involve the Paradise War folks as well.


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