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Nonsuch Ned:

--- Quote from: deadspacepirate on December 05, 2020, 11:41:24 PM ---So I'm working on a Tenchi/Macross Crossover.  I'm curious about earth/galactic politics and how'd things work between earth and jurai after the sdf-1 crash

--- End quote ---

Actually, the very latest OVA episode (on Crunchyroll) might give you an idea of how Jurai and the Galaxy Federation would react to a ship crashing on Earth. They wouldn't like it and would try to cover it up. But really, they would never let a ship crash on Earth at this point. Between Tenchi's crew, The Galaxy Police, and Banjo Island, they are well aware and ready for infractions. idea, you could set it up as a Dual/Tenchi/ Macross crossover. There is this HUGE blank canvas to work with there. In the Tenchiverse, Dual's Earth existed a Billion years ago and SOMEHOW the Earth becomes the heart of a Galactic Dynasty. If you have the SDF-1 crash on that Earth, you could say that Macross was the basis of the past civilization. To bring Tenchi into it, I'd say good ol fashioned time travel. The location of the old Earth is known and is ready to be explored. Have Seina summon Tenchi and your pick of characters to the old barren planet and discover a device to bring them there.

In this way, you can focus on Macross politics and just use Tenchi, etcs. powers as you like.

Mmm.  Not reallllly keen on time travel sorry to say. DO you stop a immediate defold and crashlanding ala the ASS-1 crashing down on South Atria island.  Unless if they involve the Godesses, to wave the ship away, thats highly unlikely. :P

Nonsuch Ned:
I haven't watched Macross in 20+ years, man.

All I know is the current Tenchi situation does not support "adding" either one to the other without erasing the effect of one of them. You seem to know Macross better, with a healthy respect for the other, but play to your strengths.

Jurai + Galaxy Federation  does not want Earth artificially accelerated with alien tech.  So, even if it did crash, The Tenchi crew are still well within their abilities to deal with it. Last episode, Tenchi himself whisked away a "Borg Cube" with a swish of his sword. Even if they couldn't stop it, they could transfer it to the subspace of one of the multiple tree ships around.

What I still don't understand, and is mentioned briefly throughout the latter half of the True Tenchi! GXP novels by Kajishima, is how Dual! Earth is supposedly a billion years BEFORE modern day Tenchi OVA Earth.


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