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What the title says. A bit of an explanation for those of you who have read my other stories (what few of you have)- this story is something of a revision and/or expansion of my earlier story "Sasami's Heart". It is also a direct follow up to my OAV 3 story

Anyway, discuss away.

I prefer the other version so far.  :staredog:

جبريل 無道:
I wish there was a garbage disposal for literature because then I'd knew where to put your stories.  Oh wait, it's called the shredder!  And that's where I put them after print them out and edit them with red ink.  I mean bathe them in some small animal's blood.  Maybe Gaston's.

جبريل 無道:
I also have to ask how many more times you're going to make Tenchi into a loser?

جبريل 無道:
Mr Rogers read this fic and comments:

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