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Episode 1: The Newcomers

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(... I know, it's the worse introduction ever isn't it?)

It was another nice, quiet, and peaceful day at the Masaki residence. Tenchi was working at the fields, harvesting carrots for Ryo-oh-ki. Aeka and Ryoko were engrossed in a Korean drama on TV. Mihoshi was off doing her own thing. Sasami was busy preparing Tenchi's o-bento (lunchbox) and Washu hasn't come out of her room since morning.

A moving truck was seen going past the house into the woods.

"Hm? New neighbor?" wondered Ryoko out loud as she watched the car drive pass their house out of the corner of her eye.

Indeed, there was a car behind it, with a red haired driver, Caucasian features.

"Mmmm...." mumbled Mihoshi as she turned to her side on her bed, book still in hand. After a meal she had wandered up to her room to read another chapter of The Hungry Game, a novel that had been all the rage in space some years ago, flying off the shelves. She had been so engrossed that she had fallen asleep, perhaps daydreaming a mix of her Galaxy Police work and the novel's contents.

That's when she heard a large "VROOOOM" sound outside from the street that cuts by the house, which was successful in waking her up somehow. She sat back up, dropping the book to the floor and rubbing her eyes.

"That was a nice nap..." she commented with a yawn, then fretting, "Oh no, I've lost my chapter."

Then her eyes drifted to the trees outside, noticing that it had started raining.


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