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I got you guys 2 double bedded rooms. I need to know by April 1,2020 if you are going to cancel the second room.

Reservation Details:
Check In Thursday Night 5/14 3PM
Check Out Sunday Afternoon 5/17 2PM - Late Check out included because of Loyalty Tier perk

2 DOUBLE BED ROOMS RESERVED! 4 beds in 2 rooms.
If we are not going to fill both of those rooms I need to know by April 1,2020. As first night room and tax needs to be paid on 4/6/20.

224.00 +14% taxes = $255.36 per night for 3 nights, total per room =$766.08

$766.08 x 2 = $1532.16 for both rooms.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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