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DeusChex ^////^:

--- Quote from: Harls on December 07, 2016, 04:48:32 AM ---This is the current front page.

--- End quote ---

ah, I just google "uselesstenchi" and first link bypasses it and sends me to the main page.  my bad.

Yeah I would just change the image to the new OVA's. So people instantly know the site's active. 


--- Quote from: Warmaster on December 26, 2016, 10:35:28 PM ---Yeah I would just change the image to the new OVA's. So people instantly know the site's active.

--- End quote ---

I'll do that this weekend

Hey guys and gals. I wanted to recap some of the points Dr. Soviet mentioned through Discord about maybe expanding the front page to include more functions.

* Combine ALL the top-level / pinned threads into one "Weekly Updates" section on the front page.
* Post other media to make the site more of a news / fandom hub.
My two cents: Shoutbox embed, with 'Are you 13&Up?' prompt for people not signed in / registered yet. Perhaps in a sidebar, like those livestream YT videos.

 :parrot: This is where it gets a little crazy: Embed the general & anime categories into a wall post where users don't leave the front page, they just scroll down. Site navigation would have to be streamlined.

Hey again! Did you all survive round one of the lockdowns? If you're reading this, my hope is you retain some kind of roof over your collective heads.

Anyhow, I would rather 'necro' this top-level thread instead of posting about the very same in its own thread if that's all right with OP.

I like the splash page, that it sits dead center with crisp 1080p resolution like someone embedded a YT video about Geminar. However, part of me wonders why there is a severe lack of jiggle.

In all seriousness however, I want to bring the following idea to light:

1. Post an announcement regarding archived Tenchi content, not necessarily on the top splash page, but at least some visibility beyond the 'what we support' thread in Tenchi subcategory. Only because a lot of image aggregators are going 'premium' or otherwise letting links expire.
2. Develop a template for site redesign in conjunction with other social media hype surrounding the Tenchi 30th ( & BGC 35th?) and whatnot.
3. Catch up to the Tenchi Fandom site in not only aesthetics, but overall traffic numbers. If that requires raising monies, funding thermostat right out of a sick Tenchi's mouth with Fuku mopping up sweat from his forehead.*

*Fan art commissions from Tenchi aficionados over at DeviantArt or Pixiv sold separately.


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