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جبريل 無道:
So I was browsing the internet today, trying to catch up this year (still havenít watched OAV4 yet besides episode 1 :neg:) when this Masaki Kajishima pic caught my eye.

It was on an auction site last year, since there was no date on the pic, from the art style Iím guessing itís 1990s.  This started at 100,000 yen and in a frenzy of 36 bids it went up to 290,000!  Thatís about $2600!  Nuts.

Google images tells me thereís absolutely no other places this pic is on the net, so Iím very happy to have caught it before it was taken down :)  Ryoko is dressed rather festive for the Holiday, donít you think?

Congratulations. :)

(That's quite a lot of money though.)

 :chord: That'll fetch someone a rather nice home theater system to replace those questionable rabbit ears 

I'd pay even more for it if I had any money!

Thanks for saving the pic! You're a hero!  :worship:

Read this. It made me learn a lot of useful things.


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