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$2600 Ryoko Pic!

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I guess that's money well spent?

I mean, if collecting all TM merchandises through out all years, then how much is that gonna cost?

*look at wallet*

 :stonk: I just realized how expensive those inks are. He was drawing pure currency notes there.

I saw that. Man, that is a beautiful piece of work. Its a one-of-a-kind original piece made by Masaki Kajishima. I certainly would have bid on it if I had known about it back then.

edit: holy crap I found one of Sasami on tumbler. Might have to scroll a little bit. But it's clearly related. I wonder if he did a whole set, maybe as promotional work?

I think it was promotional different shops had other pieces posted to the front of the store

That's the one I posted in a nother thread. I think I saw a couple of the others floating around on the interwebs. Mihoshi and Sasami iirc.


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