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Dwarf Fortress


What is Dwarf Fortress?

This is a masterfully crafted game. All craftdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is decorated with FUN and encircled with bands of blood and magma. This object menaces with spikes of losing. On the item is an image of Toady and dwarves in ASCII. Toady is surrounded by the dwarves. The artwork relates to the founding of Dwarf Fortress by Toady in the Age of Losing in 1.

>Helpful beginner material >The game. Current version is Dwarf Fortress 2012 (34.xx) >The official forums. >The Lazy Newb Pack release. Comes with pre-installed tile/graphicsets, utilities, keybindings, and more. >Wiki for all your dwarfly needs, down to every last mineral. >The fastest way to get ready to strike the earth. Concise and simple text + images. >Great tutorial/LP. Hugely entertaining, and very informative, highly recommended for someone wanting to get into Dwarf Fortress. Set in Dwarf Fortress 2010 (31.25) so somewhat out of date.
art-1-wtf/ > Excellent web guide for beginning players.

/vg/ >Ask away, because /vg/ is generally helpful in DF threads, but it's no substitute for checking the wiki yourself. >Archive with flowcharts and guides

Strike the earth!


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