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Things which characters will never say.

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Washu- "Of course, I canfind out which of us will married Tenchi first."

Ayeka-  "It is 2013.  Masaki Kajishima has not determined who will become Tenchi's first wife."

Katsuhito- "What you meant by wanting to have another child?"

Tenchi-  "Father, all I know about 2013 is that I am going to have more than two children.."

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Sasami-  "Ryo-Ohki, Cabbit stew is made from rabbit and carrots. Ca for carrots. Bbit for Rabbit."

Sayuka-  "If there is gong to be an OVA 4, then I want to be the perfect rival."

Kiyone Makibi- "It figures that Nokie is the one who is engaged to Tenchi."

Misaki-  "Ayeka, Sasami, you are going to have two little sisters.'

Nobuyuki to Katsuhito- "Father, I think that Airi's reproductive clock will play an important role in OVA 4."

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Ryoko to Misaki-  "The person who should be paying all of the damage which I had done 700 years ago is Kagato."

Nobuyuki's Aunt- "Next time when you visit, please don't fool around  with any of your *$#% powers, Ryoko."

Ryo-Ohki-  "I amm glad that I didn'tt got addictedd to Wasabi radishess."

Tenchi -  "Dad, I have always wondering what happened to your father.

Nobuyuki-  "Tenchi, I hate to tell you. My father is your Great Aunt and the owner of the onsen which we like to go, on occasion."

Lady Seto to Tenchi-  "Tenchi, I have recommend to the Kuramitsu Family that you become the fiance of Mihoshi's kid sister Sayuka."

Shank- "Seina-san, I should have listen to my father's advice of becoming an Airian Priest."

Seina- "Kenshi, I do wonder why you want to trade places with me."

Sasami-  "It could have been worst if my mother didn't taught me how to cook."


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