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"AIC, Toei Agency Sign Deal to Co-Own Megazone 23, Tenchi Muyo, etc"

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Re: "AIC, Toei Agency Sign Deal to Co-Own Megazone 23, Tenchi Muyo, etc"
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I am worried about that this will allow Sony to censor and control the content of the vast majority of anime series though. They are already doing that to video games since they moved their main office to California, and are selling far worse in Japan because of it.
There actually isn't a reason to panic about that. Sony Computer Entertainment's main office is in California, yes, but the offices for Sony's other divisions (Such as those involved with anime) are still in Japan. This is something that I have seen mentioned many times when other people have voiced the same concern. Unless those divisions also move to California for whatever reason (Which shouldn't happen), this won't affect anime.

Granted, it certainly doesn't change the fact that what SCE is doing to a lot of Japanese developed video games on PlayStation platforms (Which is why so many Japanese third parties have at least partially jumped ship to Nintendo lately; heck, even Aquaplus, who were super loyal to Sony since day one until this whole debacle, has actually put out a game on the Switch by this point, specifically Dokapon UP!) is completely unfair... but that would be going off-topic.

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