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Angel Sanctuary- Mother of the Water (NSFW)

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Angel Sanctuary- Mother of the Water (NSFW)
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First off, I should note that this story was largely inspired by the artwork of HeavenAndSky. In particular, these two pieces-  and  Now, on with the story-

                                                Angel Sanctuary- Mother of the Water

 The stranger observed the scene that was unfolding. A golden-haired boy, apparently in his teens, who was all too familiar to the stranger was getting in a fight under an overpass. He was outnumbered, four to one, but he seemed to be holding his own pretty well. That is, until she showed up.

“Big brother!” a female voice cried out.

The stranger looked up. That voice was even more familiar to her. It came from a girl standing on a walkway connected to the overpass. The sound of the girl’s voice also caught the attention of the boy fighting on his own. It made him lose his focus, and he proceeded to get a righteous ass-whupping from the four boys he was fighting with.

“Oooo, that’s gotta hurt. I wonder if I should help the poor sap out.” the stranger asked herself aloud.

Before she could decide on that, the fight was broken up by another teen with darker hair. He said something to the leader of the thugs, and when that thug got argumentative with him the dark-haired boy proceeded to knee the thug in the crotch. The thug got the message, and when he recovered he and his gang left the scene.

The dark-haired boy said something to the golden-haired boy, the latter still lying on the ground, and in the middle of it the girl who cried out earlier arrived, ran up to the golden-haired boy, and slapped him in the face.

“Interesting.” the stranger said to herself, “I suppose that for now I’ll have to keep an eye on Mother until I can find a way to get back home, though I probably shouldn’t let her see me.”

                                                              * * *

“Unbelievable!” Sara Mudo said to her brother with a bit of scorn, “Are you telling me you’d rather be a punching bag than go out on a date with your beloved little sister? You’re a shitty brother!”

Sara placed a cold towel on her brother’s bruises, causing him to wince and cry out in pain.

“Oww! Don’t make me out to be a masochist!” Setsuna Mudo yelled at his sister.

“Hey, the trains are running again. That was a pretty long blackout you had.” the dark haired young man sitting near them said.

“Kira, I hope you aren’t planning to lead my brother into a troubled path like you did in middle school! In fact…”

“Whoa, what was that?” Kira said, interrupting Sara and suddenly holding her cheek, “You wanna see my room? Sure, let’s go!”

Kira pulled an annoyed looking Sara too him. Setsuna was quickly getting enraged by this, but Kira didn’t realize that the sight of him grabbing a hold of Sara was also angering somebody else off in the distance. The stranger was preparing to blast Kira away with an orb of water for the way he was handling Mother. Only the sight of Sara pulling away and continuing to scold Setsuna caused the stranger to hold back.

“You listen, Big Brother! Even though our parents’ divorce has us living apart, we did promise to meet once a month! Today is the day!”

“I picked a fight so I didn’t have to bother with that crap!” Setsuna grunted.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” Sara yelled at her brother before proceeding to pound his head, “Damn you! Damn you!”

The stranger felt a swelling of pride as she watched Sara give Setsuna a beatdown.

“Wow. Mother never told me that Uncle was such massive jackass. I can’t believe she had an infatuation with him for so long!” the stranger said to herself.

Eventually, Kira walked off and left Sara and Setsuna alone. Setsuna decided he needed to get up and walk off some steam. As Sara was prepared to follow him, a funny feeling caused her to look behind herself. It wasn’t the first time she had this feeling. Throughout the whole day, she felt like she was being watched, though every time she tried to look to catch this watcher in the act, she saw nothing there. With a bit of unease, she walked on and tried to catch up to her brother.

“That was a close one.” the stranger said, coming out of her hiding place.

Unbeknownst to them all, yet another individual was observing these events, including the arrival of the stranger.

“This newcomer could be….problematic.” the observer said.

                                                               * * *

The stranger wrestled with her emotions. Her desperate desire to see Mother was conflicted with the fact that she could change the timeline if she did so. Yet still, things were off about this situation. Mother clearly had a thing for Uncle in this time period, and the stranger worried that if she didn’t do something, Mother could act on those feelings and the timeline the stranger knew would be lost anyway.

While the stranger pondered all this, she didn’t see somebody turn the corner and enter the alley.

“There you are!”

The stranger, caught off guard, turned to look at who confronted her now. The stranger felt the butterflies swell in her stomach as she saw Sara standing before her. She had just assumed that Sara was going to continue going off with Sestsuna, and didn’t guess that Sara would instead try to follow her.

However, the stranger wasn’t the one who was most surprised. Sara was struck dumbfounded by the girl standing before her. There were two reasons for that. First, the girl looked an awful lot like Sara in many ways. Nearly identical face and wore her hair in a similar way. The second reason was even more important. This girl had hair and skin color that should have been impossible for a normal human being. Her hair was a pale baby blue, with the color of her eyes matching that hair, and her skin was not just pale, but pure white. The strange girl wore an equally unusual purple dress that, had it been black, could have been worn by the singer of a goth band and some manner of purple bow in her hair to match. The girl also wore a collar around her neck with a small cross hanging from it. And that wasn’t even getting into the angel-like wings that were sprouted out the strange girl’s back.

“A...are you some sort of angel?” was all Sara could think to say, as that was what this strange girl resembled to her.

“Umm, no, not exactly. Though named me after one.”

 This only confused Sara even more. Though, at this point Sara felt that this blue-haired girl was no threat.

“I know, why don’t we come back to my place and you can tell me all about yourself.”
Sara suggested

Sara took the blue-haired girl’s hand, and from that moment on they felt something connect between them.

                                                                * * *

Sara and the blue-haired girl were locked in each other’s embrace on Sara’s bed, the blue-haired girl lying nude on top of the golden-haired girl. As they held each other, the blue-haired girl moved her body up and down, rubbing her vagina against Sara’s. They continued like this, their movements growing more and more intense until at last they climaxed together.

The blue-haired girl kissed Sara on the lips and then licked her cheek a little before they rested in each other’s embrace.

‘God, what have I done?’ Sara thought to herself.

Sara’s mind was rife with conflicting emotions. She wondered if what she had done had betrayed her feelings for Setsuna, yet she couldn’t deny what she felt when she was in this girl’s arms.

Sara looked over the girl with disbelief. Djibril she called herself. Sara’s daughter. This girl said that she was Sara’s daughter from the future, and given that she looked a lot like Sara, Sara didn’t doubt it. And once Djibril embraced Sara, Sara felt so much love and warmth from the girl that Sara knew for certain that her story was true.

But, Sara would find that Djibril’s feelings for her went far beyond a normal child-mother love. The two of them would find themselves lost in more than just a parental embrace. And now Sara wondered where she should go from here. She thought about what this would mean for her and Setsuna. She also found it a bit funny that, after people seemed to think her feelings for her brother were inappropriate, that she would end up losing her virginity to her daughter. And then, the thought of having a daughter brought another question to Sara’s mind.

“Umm, Djibril? Since you’re my daughter, I have to ask, who is your father?”
“I...have no such person.”
 “What do you mean?” Sara asked, sitting up in surprise.

Djibril felt a sudden touch of amusement. She realized that this is before her mother had met her or anybody else in the family. Since Djibril felt she had already done enough damage at this point, it probably wouldn’t do any further harm to tell her mother everything.

“I do not have a father. I have a second mother.” Djibril explained, “I was sired by another woman. Her name is Ifurita. She is a sort of goddess, and female divinities are capable of reproducing with other women.”

Sara’s eyes widened. First she loses her virginity to a daughter of her’s from the future, then she finds out that the daughter was conceived in some sort of lesbian relationship. With some manner of pagan goddess on top of it all. Sara wondered what her Catholic mother would say about all this.

Djibril then had an idea.

“Would you like to see Ifurita?” she asked her mother.

“Umm, yeah, sure, I guess.”

Djibril sat up and held out her right hand. From thin air a sphere of water appeared in that hand. Sara looked closer and the image of a woman appeared in the sphere. The woman was an exotic looking beauty, with the same sort of blue hair and blue eyes as Djibril had, as well as the same ghost white skin. The woman wore an unusual headpiece with cloth that flowed down the backside of her head and neck and a strange form-fitting outfit that showed off quite a bit of cleavage (which showed Sara where Djibril had inherited her curvy body from).
‘God, save me from my thoughts!’ Sara said in her mind.

This Ifurita woman had to be one of the most beautiful women Sara had ever seen in her life. She hated to say it, given her Catholic upbringing and her long lingering feelings for Setsuna, but the idea of being with this exotic beauty at some point in the future was starting to look rather appealing.

“We have a big family.” Djibril went on, “Mama-Ifurita is married to another goddess named Tsunami, and together they have many spouses, you being among them. Sometimes it seems like a real crowd, but I love every single one of them.”

Sara thought about the prospect of being in such a polygamous marriage as Djibril said she would be in. She was uncertain about the idea, to say the least.

“Say, Djibril, you still haven’t told me how you got here. In the past I mean.”
“Mama-Ifurita and Tsunami both have the ability to cross dimensions and universes. Mama-Ifurita comes from a world in another universe, in fact, and many of her and Tsunami’s spouses come from other worlds and universes. One day they were conducting an experiment with their dimension-jumping abilities, and said they needed my help with it. They didn’t tell me why they needed my help, just that they had a special surprise for me. In short, they opened up some sort of vortex, and I was pulled inside. I found myself here, found out that I was in the past, and just happened to come across you.”

‘Sounds a bit suspicious, like they wanted her to get sent here for some reason. But why?’ Sara thought.

“There….is something else you should know, Mother. Since I’ve told you everything else, I feel I should tell you about this as well.”

Djibril paused a moment before continuing on.

“I’m not your only child. I have a sister, an older sister. Her name is Stefani. She looks just like you, only with blue eyes. She can be a bit odd, and tends to get into trouble when looking up the other girls’ dresses and skirts, but she’s really a nice girl. The odd thing about her, though, is that I have no idea who her father or second mother is. All you’ve ever told me is that she was sired at some point before you joined the family.”

With that, something occurred to Sara, but before she could voice her thought they both heard the doorknob to the bedroom door turn. They didn’t have time to react before the door opened, and a figure very familiar to Sara walked in.

“Sara, I…”
“MOTHER!!!” Sara cried out.

Mrs. Mudo paused in silence while she took in the sight before her. Sara feared the worst while Djibril didn’t know what to expect. After what seemed to the younger girls to be an eternity, tears began to swell in Mrs. Mudo’s eyes and a large smile formed on her face.

“Oh, thank God!!!!” the woman cried out in joy.

“M...mother?” Sara asked in confusion.

“I’m so happy!!” Mrs. Mudo said.

“ aren’t angry with me?”

“No way!” the older woman said, “I’m actually relieved! All this time I thought you had a thing for that no-good brother of yours. But instead I find you experimenting in lesbianism like a normal and healthy high school girl! I feel a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

Mrs. Mudo moved closer to the bed, and looked over Djibril with excitement.

“My my, Sara, this girl is very pretty! She even kinda looks like you in some ways! Tell me, young lady, who did your makeup and hair color? It looks fantastic! And those wings on your back look so real!”

Sara and Djibril looked at each other, chuckled, and clasped one another’s hands.

                                                         * * *

Mrs. Mudo allowed Djibril to stay the night at the Mudo residence. The next morning, Sara decided she was going to take Djibril out on a date in the city.

“I want to spend some time with you now, because you might find a way to go back to your own time, and I may not see you again for years.” Sara would explain to her daughter.

Sara found herself a bit surprised at some of Djibril’s behavior. When they left the apartment, Djibril wanted to hold the door open for her, and once they were out, Djibril immediately took a hold of Sara’s hand. It was pretty apparent that Djibril’s sense of dating ettiquette was not exactly Japanese, though Sara rather liked that.

The two of them had no idea that they had just been seen by somebody close to Sara. Upon seeing his sister walk out hand-in-hand with another girl, Setsuna fell to his knees in shock and disbelief.

“So, what are we going to do for the day?” Djibril asked.

“First off, I there is a clothing store I’d like to take you to.” Sara replied, “They have a beautiful dress there which I think would look great on you.”

As they walked along to their destination, people looked at them in awe and wonder.

“Wow, would you look at that!”

“That’s a pretty impressive cosplay!”

“Those wings look so realistic!”

While Sara was a bit flustered by the attention they were getting, it was nothing new to Djibril. Coming from a family of exotic beauties, many of whom weren’t entirely human, she and the rest of them were use to this sort of thing.

Once they arrived at their destination, they immediately saw the dress Sara spoke of in the window. It was a long navy blue piece of work, without much in the way of defining markings or characteristics. Yet it was somehow very beautiful in its simplicity. Sara had her eye on that dress for a long time, as she loved the color blue. Now she believed that it would be perfect for her newfound daughter.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go in and have you try it on!” Sara said cheerfully.

                                                    * * *

Djibril stepped out of the dressing room, and Sara’s jaw dropped. She looked even better than Sara imagined she would. Despite the ballroom gown look of the dress, it turned out to be very form-fitting, and Sara liked how the top of the dress was low enough to give everybody a look at Djibril’s highly kissable shoulders.

“Well? How do I look, Mother?”


“Yeah, I really like it too. I’d like to have it, except….”

“Except what?”
“Umm, well, I didn’t exactly have any money on me when I came to this time period.”
Sara sighed.

                                                               * * *

The two girls exited the store, Djibril joyously wearing the new dress. Since Sara didn’t know how long her daughter would be staying in this time period and how much longer they would get to spend time together, Sara was willing to do Djibril the favor of buying the dress.

“You know what?” Sara said, “Let me get out my camera. I want to take some pictures of you in that dress to remember you by in case you go back to your own time.”
Djibril was more than happy to oblige. They walked up to a nearby fountain and Sara took pictures of Djibril doing various poses in the dress. Sara was especially fond of one pic, which had Djibril turned to the side and bending forward while holding a sphere of water in her hand. Sara blushed at that pose because the way Djibril bent forward allowed Sara to see Djibril’s very curvy behind (something else the girl must have inherited from that Ifurita woman).

Neither one of them realized that Djibril’s small display of power was attracting attention…..

                                                      * * *

“I’m sensing it again!”

Ifurita turned her head at Sasami’s announcement. For the past 24 hours they had been searching for a peculiar energy signature. What was odd about this energy source is that it was clearly Ifurita’s, yet Ifurita had not used her power lately. Since Ifurita had not used her power in the present, Sasami said that this power must come from another time period, likely the future, as Ifurita did have the ability to cross through time and through other dimensions.

During their search for the source of this power, they would later detect the usage of another form of power, which Sasami claimed was divine in nature. Sasami also said that it was power from a source that “didn’t belong here” (making Ifurita wonder how she could know such a thing), leading to the conclusion that a divine being from another time had been sent here by Ifurita, though they couldn’t say why.

Now, this power had been sensed by Sasami yet again, and this time she was able to get a lock on its location. The two of them promptly teleported there.

                                                             * * *

“I can’t wait to get these pictures develop…”

Sara was interrupted mid-sentence by a flash of blue light. When the light faded, two women stood before Sara and Djibril. Sara’s jaw dropped as she immediately recognized Ifurita.

“Mama Ifurita! Tsunami!” Djibril cried out as she ran over and to give Ifurita a hug.

Ifurita looked at Sasami with a bit of confusion, but as Sasami took a peek at Djibril’s backside, she then understood everything.

“Well well well. It would appear that this winged blue-haired beauty is your daughter from the future, Iffy Dear.” Sasami said.

“How do you know?” Ifurita asked.

“Well, I could run a DNA analysis to be sure, but I already know because…..”

Djibril’s let out a big “oooo!” as she felt a hand press against her bottom.

“There!” Sasami said, “There is only one woman in the multiverse whom this girl could have inherited such a nice posterior from.”

As Djibril was lost in the ecstasy of how nice being grabbed like that felt, Sasami walked over to Sara.

“And since she looks a lot like you, I assume that you would be the girl’s other mother?”

“Y..yeah, I am.” Sara said with a bit of anxiety.

“I think we all need to have a little talk.” Ifurita said with Djibril’s arms still around her.

                                                         * * *

Djibril explained her story to Ifurita and Sasami. Every little detail, from how she was sent to this time, to her meeting with Sara. Sasami deduced that it may not have been an accident that her future self and Ifurita sent Djibril here.

“I believe that there might have been a purpose for Iffy and I sending you here.” Sasami explained, “For one thing, we know that Sara is suppose to join our family. Djibril coming here was perhaps the way that this was suppose to happen. After all, if we hadn’t been drawn to Djibril, what were the odds that we’d have ever met Sara in the first place?”

As the others thought about what Sasami had said, Sasami walked up to Sara and placed her hand near the lower region of the girl’s body (making Sara blush a bit). A blue glow emanated from Sasami’s hand, and then the goddess smiled.

“Ah, yes, very interesting!” Sasami said.

Sasami gestured for Sara to move closer. Sasami whispered something in the girl’s ear, and soon Sara’s eyes widened in shock.

“My God!” Sara exclaimed as she looked at her Djibril.

Djibril was a bit confused by that, and even more so when Sara quickly came over to her and gave her a big hug. Ifurita let them have this moment for a bit before she decided to speak up about something that was likely already on everybody’s mind.

“I know it’s nice learning about a daughter I will have in the future, and meeting the woman who I will eventually have that daughter with, but if the timeline is to play out properly, that means one thing- we’ll have to send Djibril back to her own time.”

Ifurita suddenly hated herself for what she just said. Sara had gone from crying tears of joy from whatever Sasami had just told her, to tears of anguish. Djibril put her arms around Sara in consolation. The two of them had obviously grown quite close in the short time they spent together. And yet, much to Ifurita’s surprise, Sara did not protest Ifurita’s declaration.

“I..I..understand.” the golden-haired girl said, wiping tears away, “Djibril, sweety, if you don’t go back to your own time, who knows how the timeline could be changed. But, while it’ll kill me to see you go now, you have to remember that I will meet you again someday.”

With those words said, Djibril smiled and came to a decision.

“Mama-Ifurita, I’m willing to return home. However, Mother-Sara and I are still on a date. Before I go back, I wish to spend the rest of my day with her.”

Ifurita and Sasami looked at each other and smiled.

“Very well, then.” Sasami said, “When you are ready to go back, just use your power to summon us to you. We’ll be waiting.”

With that, Djibril and Sara clasped hands and made off to enjoy the rest of their day.

                                                              * * *

Mother and daughter would spend the day doing various activities such as shopping, dining, and catching a movie. All the usual date activities. Eventually, they decided that it was time to go back to Sara’s apartment and spend what time they had left there. They rented a few DVDs of a couple yuri anime. As they watched these anime, Djibril found some elements of them troubling.

“Mother, why do these yuri stories always end tragically? Why can’t they ever let these girls have a happy ending?”

“I don’t know, sweetie. I guess that kind of love still isn’t accepted in our world quite enough.”

“Perhaps…...perhaps one day we can change all that.”
 They then took each other’s hand and looked into one another’s eyes.

                                                          * * *

In Sara’s bedroom, Sara and Djibril embraced each other’s naked bodies.

“Djibril, since this is our last night together for a long while, why don’t we take it slow this time?”

Djibril smiled in acknowledgement and the two of them kissed before falling back on the bed.

                                                          * * *

For the two lovers, the time passed far too quickly. Soon, morning had come, and they realized that they needed to summon Sasami and Ifurita.

In the meantime, since it seemed like Sara’s life was going to change drastically from this point on, Sara decided to let her own mother in on the truth about Djibril and where she had come from. Mrs. Mudo seemed oddly okay with it all.

“Mother, I don’t understand.” Sara said, “Isn’t it your belief that it would be a sin to have that kind of relationship with another woman?”
“Sara, my dear, you need to read your Bible more.” Mrs. Mudo explained, “The Old Testament says that a man may not lie with another man. It never says that two women can’t get jiggy with each other.”

When Sasami and Ifurita arrived, the three generations of Mudo ladies were there to greet them. As the preparations were made to open a time rift, it was time for Sara and Djibril to say their goodbyes.

“I’m gonna miss you terribly, sweetheart.” Sara said as she put her arms around her daughter, “I look forward to the day we meet again. But until then, I want to tell you a little secret….”
Sara whispered into Djibril’s ear, and the blue-haired girl’s eyes widened. Suddenly, a longtime mystery in her life had just been solved.

“Oh, Mother, I’m so happy!” Djibril said, “And I want to let you in on another secret. This will be a shock to you, but I want you to know that my wings and my power over water do not come from Mama-Ifurita. I inherited all that from you. You have a special power that you have not yet realized, and one day you will use it to help Mama-Ifurita and her family change the world.”

As Sara was left dumbfounded by her daughter’s words, Djibril gave her one last kiss.

“Farewell, Mother.”

Djibril then parted from Sara and walked up to Ifurita. To Ifurita’s surprise, Djibril gave her a kiss as well.

“I look forward to seeing you again, as well, Mama-Ifurita.”

Djibril then made her way to the time rift, and in an instant entered it and was gone from Sara’s life (for the time being, anyway).

Tears swelled up in Sara’s eyes. Mrs. Mudo, Sasami, and Ifurita all took turns giving Sara a hug. When Sara felt the embrace of the latter, she thought about the future. At the moment, she knew very little about Ifurita or her family. But, she was willing to give things a try with the woman. When her emotions had calmed a bit, she finally asked Ifurita what she had been wanting to ask.

“Miss, Ifurita? Wou...would you be willing to go out with me sometime?”

                                                                   * * *

Djibril came out from the other side of the vortex. Once she was out, she found herself greeted by Sara, Ifurita, Sasami, and her sister Stefani.

“Welcome home, sweetie!” Sara said.

They all took their turns giving Djibril a welcome home hug. Stefani was the last to do so, and Djibril embraced her the tightest. After her journey to the past, Djibril now looked at Stefani in a new light.

“Welcome back, Mommy!” Stefani said to Djibril.

                                                                  * * *

From a realm outside our own, an entity watched the unfolding events in disbelief. How could everything have gone so wrong? His plans had been going so well up to this point.

The Archangel Michael pondered this whole turn of events. Dissatisfied with the state of humanity, he felt it was time to wipe the slate clean once again, as had been done in the past. In ancient days, when humanity had become wicked and debased, the Elohim decided to reap destruction upon them. To this end, they had a plan. There were two spirits of water, the Water of Heaven, which was male, and the Water of the Abyss, which was female. The Elohim joined these two spirits together to create the waters of the Great Flood, which destroyed most life on Earth.

Now, ages later, the humans were growing more wicked yet again, and Michael took it upon himself to do once again what the Elohim had done in the past. He discovered that the two spirits of water had reincarnated in the form of two human youths. The Water of Heaven reincarnated in a boy named Setsuna Mudo, while the Water of the Abyss reincarnated in a girl named Sara, Setsuna’s sister. The two siblings felt a lifelong connection with one another, and Michael formulated a plan to get them to fall in love and mate, which would bring back the waters of the Flood to cover the Earth once more.

However, a wrench had been thrown into Michael’s plan. A girl from the future, named after one of Michael’s fellow angels, had appeared. This girl turned out to be a daughter of Sara, and quickly came between Sara and Setsuna. As this mysterious girl had a power far greater than Michael’s, all the angel could do was watch helplessly as Sara fell in love with the girl, and was drawn away from Setsuna.

“Well, Michael, have you learned your lesson?” a feminine voice chimmed in.

The Shekhinah. Michael felt a sudden sense of shame realizing that not only had his plan failed, but that his Lord-Lady knew what he was doing all along.

“Forgive me, my Lady.” Michael said with sorrow, “I couldn’t let the humans of Earth continue on the way they were. I have watched in sorrow these past two millennia as they have turned from your true word and worshiped the false messiah Yeshua and commit horrible atrocities in his name towards the followers of the other Elohim. I thought it was time to end it all. Forgive me for being so presumptuous, my Lady.”

“Michael, my dear, you need not worry yourself on these matters. It may seem like the humans of Earth have lost their way, but it will not be long before they find it yet again. Then, all false prophets and false messiahs will be forgotten. What you have seen here today is only the beginning of that.”

Michael took in her words and felt at ease.


                                                                 * * *

Setsuna sat at a park bench and lowered his head. Sara’s words echoed painfully in his head over and over again.

“I’ve found somebody.” she told him.

His worst fears after seeing Sara together with that mysterious blue-haired girl had been confirmed. Sara explained the whole story of who that girl was to him. Her daughter from the future. He couldn’t believe it. And that’s when she told him that her destiny lie with somebody else. Never in his life had his heart sunk so much.

Now, he pondered everything alone. He wondered if he could have done anything differently to win Sara over. Perhaps he should have been more open about his feelings. Perhaps he shouldn’t have behaved like a standoff-ish dick.

“Oh, you poor dear!” came a female voice.

Setsuna looked up at the source of that voice. A very attractive young woman with deep purple hair and eyes that matched her hair color. The type of kimono she wore marked her as yakuza. Just what he needed, Setsuna thought sarcastically.

“What do you want, lady?”

“Oh, there’s no need to be hostile. I just couldn’t help but notice your sorrow. Let me guess, the girl you love has fallen for somebody else?”

Setsuna’s head cocked up a bit in surprise.

“How did you know?” he asked her.

“Call it a woman’s intuition. Listen, you’re a really cute young man, so I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Setsuna then noticed the presence of the girl’s thugs moving in on him. He tried to get away, but they were on him in no time. They held him in place as the girl walked up to him.

“You shouldn’t worry too much. If you accept my offer, you’ll realize a higher purpose in your life. I’d suggest that you not refuse.”
And so it was. Mikako Satsukitane had her new toy.


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I thought Setsuna was suppose to be Pen Pen's toy.

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I had a last minute bout of inspiration. The ending with Setsuna and Mikako is actually a sequel hook for another story I plan to write.

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